A friend Is Another Yourself Bao Man(Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China)

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A Friend Is Another Yourself

Bao ManShijiazhuang, Hebei, China
My name is Bao Man. I’m 11 years old . I come from Shijiazhuang YouYi elementary school of HeBei Province in People's Republic of China. To be graceful, I have the chance to exchange experience with everybody face to face! I believe, no matter you are an adult or a child, the true friendship is each person's dream. How can we find the true friendship? I read a touching fairy story, which makes me realize the true meaning of friendship. Now I would like to share the story with you.

The name of the story is "A wandering Dog And A wandering Cat". It is written by a Chinese writer Yang Hongying.The story goes like this: The Rose Country Club is a place where rich people and their pets prefer. A dog and a cat often wander in the country club, because they have no homes and families. They care about each other and look after each other. The life is poor but full of happiness . Afterwards, an attractive Xi Shi dog falls in love with the wandering dog. But the Xi Shi dog's master always wants to treat her as the tool to make money, so he tries every means to prevent the Xi Shi dog and the wandering dog from being together. One day, in order to save the Xi Shi dog who will be sold in an ugly deal, the clever cat succeeds in breaking away from the evil fellows. The Xi Shi dog and the wandering dog are able to reunite happily. But unluckily, the cat is beaten to death. From then on, in front of the cat's grave fresh flower never fade, and every evening the dog couple will sing to remember their most intimate and faithful friend…

The story tells me :in order to own true friendship, you should be open, sincere and tolerant. Mum reads together with me and gives me a pair of“magic glasses”. Mum says: One lens of the glasses is magnifying and the other lens is narrowing. We should use “a magnifying lens” to look at the advantages of friends, there is an old saying that: Get a drop of water while you need, give back the bubbling spring when you have. Sometimes you should forgive the fault of others, because you should repay your friends kindness who often help you. About shortcomings, we should use “a narrowing lens”, because there is an old saying in China : no gold is pure, no man is perfect ! I think loving friends is like loving yourself. A friend is another yourself!

In order to get true friendship, you should learn to share , especially when your friends are in trouble. A friend in need is a friend indeed. You may win more cares by caring about others more. Friendship is like a big cake .If every one only wants to eat it, of course, the cake will be smaller and smaller, However, if everyone takes out the best materials to make it up while eating, the cake will be bigger and bigger ,more and more delicious. Am I right?

Reading is joyful. I have learned a lot through reading. But it needs good ways to read ,just as a good havest wants suitable management. Reading requires efficient methods. Through a lot of practice, I got three good ways: the method of enlarging reading, intensive reading and making marks, copying and making clipping. If I come across a good article, I will go to internet and search the related topic and then I will classify them and keep them. While reading, I made some symbols, such as circles, dots, straight lines and so on. I made some question marks on the difficult words, phrases and sentences, then I would look them up in the dictionary or ask my teachers or parents for help. In this way, reading, thinking and making marks happen at the same time,which made me read with my heart and soul. Up to now, I already have had over twenty notebooks and I have designed over eighty pieces of newspaper for my class. Every holiday , I even design a “self-made” book !That’s wonderful !

That’s the end to my story. At last, I want to say: Good books have no country boundary, neither do knowledge . Dear friends , let’s enjoy the happiness of growing up in the reading world! I believe through reading , everyone will become unique and everyone will become excellent!

Reading teaches me the responsibility of growing up

Zhou XiansongShenzhen,Guangdong,China
My name is Zhou Xiansong. I’m nine years old. I come from Donghai Primary School in ShenZhen city of China.
My topic is reading teaches me the responsibility of growing up.
First, I want to tell you a story about love and responsibility.
In the desert in Qinghai Province of China, the people are extremely short of water. The water is brought to the people by the local army from a far away place. One day, an old cow was very thirsty. She broke her halter and ran to the road where the water truck would pass by. As the water truck came near, the old cow rushed to the truck and stood in front of it. She wouldn’t allow the truck to pass. The driver scolded the cow but the cow would not move. The owner of the old cow came and beat her severely. The old weak cow was badly hurt and cried out mournfully. But she still didn’t get out of the truck’s way. The soldier cried, and the driver cried too.
Finally, the soldier said, “I have to will break the rules this time.”
He fetched half a bucket of water from the truck.. However, the old cow didn’t drink the water which she got by risking her life. She stretched her neck and cried out. Soon a little cow came. The wounded old cow watched gently as the little cow drank the water. The old cow licked the tears from the little cow’s eyes. The little cow also licked the old cow’s tears as they fell. Then they turned around and walked away slowly.

From this moving story I see a different way of life. It is a hard life that I haven’t known or experienced. Now I understand why my Mom is always giving me books as presents. She hopes that from these books I will learn that one should take responsibility for his family and society.

My mom once gave me another novel to read. The book tells the story of Xu Sanguan who sells his blood. Why would he sell his blood I asked my Mother? She explained and I then understood this shocking story. He earned money by sacrificing his precious blood to support his family. Later I understood why my mom asked me to read this novel. She wanted me to appreciate the happy life. So I began to help my mom with the chores around home and to help my teachers at school.
Once I read in the newspaper that some poor children couldn’t afford to go to school. I decided to donate my money to help them. I earned this money from filming advertisements. I can’t donate a lot of money but I am happy to give what I can.
I learned that even a child can take responsibility for others and care for them. As a child actor, I have taken part in filming advertisements, TV series and films since I was 3 years old. Some people think I am very fortunate. However, acting is a very toilsome career. Often I must act like the children who lived long ago. But I wasn’t sure how to represent them correctly. So I began to read a lot of books. Reading can help me to have a deeper understanding of these roles.
I remember the time when I was acting and it suddenly came a downpour. It rained very hard when we were eating. There was no place to get out of the rain. The rain quickly filled my soup bowl with water. These kinds of things often happen to us when we are acting. Sometimes I feel very depressed and want to give up. But the sense of responsibility always keeps me going.
Reading a good book just like having a conversation with a wise person. These books widen my perspective, increase my knowledge, and enrich my life. I understand the duty of growing up. I know one will not gain the pleasure from bearing responsibility unless, he has experienced the hardship of that responsibility.

Thank you for your time.I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you.

To Know India by reading adventure stories

Saawani J. RajeIndia
My Friends, I love to listen to stories. I am sure you like them too. When I was small, my grandmother used to tell me stories of the great Indian epics Ramayana, Mahabharata and the animal stories of Panchatantra.

As I started reading, lands of fairies and elves, kings and Queens took place of all those stories of animals and birds. As I further grew up, these worlds of fantasy were left far behind…Enid Blyton’s mysteries became my favorites…

When I was through with all the Famous Fives and Secret Sevens, I started looking for some more complex real life adventures. Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie had already acquired a place in my parent’s bookshelves, but they did not look very friendly as yet. So I started looking out for a friend, adventurous enough to interest me…I went from bookshop to bookshop, searching for an adventure story …I even visited the old stores selling second hand books! And in one such store, I met a book. In the book, I came across a riddle…

‘Old Man Hollow, pace to follow,People’s tree.Half ten, half again century.Rising sun,whence it’s done, can’t you see?Between hands, below them stands,yours, it be.’

Would you like to solve this riddle with me?

I thought and I thought …But could not solve it…Then I met one genius. A genius, who, at the end of that adventure, solved the riddle successfully, got the hidden treasure, too. There and then, I fell in love with the Hero of that Adventure story. His name was Feluda.

Feluda is a young detective in his twenties. He solved the ‘Royal Bengal Mystery’ with the help of this riddle…

I read this book and was hooked to all his adventures …Now, Feluda has a prominent place in my bookshelf …and in my heart.

He is a very normal Indian person. Perhaps only a few years older to me, he has the likes, dislikes, or thinking of a normal person. He is just like you and me. Do you know that even he likes reading before going to bed, just like me? This is what makes him so close to my heart, besides, of course, his mystery solving capabilities. you will not believe it; he has solved 35 mysteries with his wit, intelligence and logic!

The very names of some of his adventures are so fascinating, that you just cannot ignore them.‘The Golden Fortress’,‘The Royal Bengal Mystery’,‘A Killer in Kailash’,‘The Incident on the Kalka Mail’,‘Trouble in Gangtok’,‘The Mystery of the Elephant God’,‘The Bandits of Bombay’. And lots more. Do you find anything common in all of them? All these adventures have a very Indian touch to them… Each title will tell you about a different place in India, which shows that Feluda has roamed all over India in his adventurous pursuits.

As I started reading each of his adventures, I also embarked along with him on an amazingly adventurous journey...A journey that took me around the whole of India…Showing me things I did not even dream of …We traveled to the marshy land of Bengal …to the Sandy desert of Rajasthan from the Hilly Monastery in Sikkim up North to the world famous caves of Ellora in the West, where I stay.

He rides a boat in a delta of Sunderban….rides the Camel in Thar Desert….Roams around the lanes of Banares and drives along the show capped peaks of the Himalayas.

But one can just say that all this chasing, traveling and finding clues; everything is there even in James bond movies! So what is special about Feluda? Feluda’s Adventures is not only a detective story book, but it also gives us a very interesting slice of the culturally rich post-colonial Indian life… it speaks about the customs, traditions, costumes, food, language, thinking and lifestyle. We children in the modern world have a global dimension to our life…and so this rich regional and national fabric is really not known to us. Feluda’s adventures make us aware of our rich cultural heritage.

Feluda visits many historical monuments…

Some of his adventures take place on the backdrop of our heritage sites…In the ‘Killer of Kailash’ he reaches the Kailash caves in Ellora… in the Golden Fortress, he tackles criminals in the Jaisalmer fort of Rajasthan…

Some of his Adventures take place during the Indian festivals like Durga Puja … Where the valuable statue of the Elephant God of Wisdom is stolen …Sometimes he is an encounter with a Royal Bengal Tiger in the jungles in Terai at the foothills of Himalayas…

All his adventures show us the glimpse of the Indian Socio – Cultural fabric. We learn about the then social scenario, a few decades after independence. The advent of the hippy cult, zamindars losing out on their glory, family feuds after the enactment of the land sealing act, starting of smuggling of goods abroad and of drug rackets… which has become a nuisance to us now..

Not only the good parts of India, feluda also unravels the hypocrisy and fights against blind faith and superstitions that were prevalent during that time in India … Feluda shows us that India which you cannot find in any travel guide or on a sightseeing tour. Feluda along with solving mysteries gives us the opportunity to feel the inner lining of Indian Culture. That too not as a tourist guide, but in an adventurous way… You become the part of his adventurous journey exploring a newer India … each time…

Everywhere a new adventure awaits him …and for the reader, the reading experience is like seeing a movie. Here we understand the author Satyajit Ray’s mastery over both, word and visual Media. I have to tell you about the great creator of Feluda Satyajit Ray- a name which is respected allover the world for the classic cinema he made. Satyajit Ray was the greatest Oscar acclaimed film maker of India.

I had heard many adults say that his films awakened the senses. Now, when I read Feluda’s adventures, I know what ‘awakening of senses’ is... Smell..sound..taste..touch and vision..all these senses come alive in Feluda’s adventures .. when they are used to solve mysteries... while catching the culprit he recollects the smell of cheroot… on the Ghats of Benares,feluda takes us through an olfactory journey…the holy smell of incense…the burning oil lamp…flowers offered to the deity…the herd of goats…the cow dung….and the mixture of the scent of the earth, water, oil, sandalwood and more incense…Or Feluda’s famous thick, fat blue notebook… or the picture of him puffing away to glory on his Charminar, which is his favourite brand of cigarette, found only in India… or stimulation for our taste buds like Feluda’s continuous munching on Kalimuddin’s daalmoot, a famous Indian dry snack, or his irresistibility towards nolen godar sandesh, a Bengali sweet… doesn’t this really stimulate your senses? The stories also have a beautiful flow of visual images… it’s as if a movie is unfolding before your eyes...

Once you start reading any of Feluda’s adventures at some point you yourself step into Feluda’s shoes unknowingly. You do not understand when you yourself start solving the mystery. The same thing happened to me…I started solving the mystery clue by due…oh yes…The clue…The riddle…Do you remember the riddle?

‘Old Man Hollow, pace to follow,people’s tree.Half ten, half again Century.

Yes….We are going to solve it together ….with Feluda!

So, I was talking to you about Feluda’s adventures…

You know, in India, kings and princes had many jewels? One Emperor’s ring got lost…That too in Lucknow, an old Mughal city in Northern India… Feluda went there to get the ring …That too, in the ‘BHOOLBHULIA’ Bhoolbhulia is a life size mage made by the Mughal kings for entertainment. Once you get in you cannot get out. Only trained guides know the way…But Feluda went there, knowing that he could get lost… But look at his confidence …He came out safe. Oh! He is not Superman …He just uses his wit and intellect to solve such puzzles…like here, in the maze, he used a very simple tool…his nail marks to come out.

So friends, Feluda solves mysteries all over my country. A country which is vast…diverse … Each state has its own identity, people speak different languages, have different cultures, customs, dressing styles and cuisines. To roam around the country is a big, big adventure. At least it was; when Feluda was created in the 1960’s. The communication system was not well developed that time. Air travel was not so feasible and also not as popular. We did not have TV’s, neither were we connected to the internet.

However, Feluda traveled all over comfortably….it did not affect his movement or zeal. It was because he knew the human psyche very well…He knew that though India is diverse, it has common cultural fabric. He had the pulse of Indianness….though he was a Bengali; staying in the easternmost part of India, Feluda was “Indian” at Heart!

This adventurous, intelligent, witty and extremely logical friend still lives in the heart of Indian youth … four decades after he was created. He teaches us something new, something different in each of his adventures…. He is the one who teaches us to keep our conscience alive, through all thick and thin … He tells us to fight against superstitions, blind faith and keep the light of science, reason and logic alive…

Oh No! …Feluda is not a dry or a preachy person …but he tells us how to keep our sensibilities and sensitivities alive …

He tells us not to ignore small things in life…

This is Feluda.

What makes him so dear to us?

Now India has changed a lot. You all must be aware of the progress and development it has made in the 21st Century. But we do not really know how it was; before we were born. How people used to think, how they lived, how they traveled, what the social situation was like. It is very interesting to see how Indian society was like immediately after independence.

So Feluda’s Adventures are like a Time Machine, through which one can really go to that era …

Though Feluda was created a long time before I was born; he is very very popular to me and many children of my age. Movies are made on his adventures. He is also present on the web site.

Why, dear friends does he remain so popular even today?

Maybe …maybe because of the very personalized style in which the book is written… or is it the simple but unique plots?

On each page, a new plot develops… a new adventure crops up unexpectedly…surprise and unpredictability are the key elements of Feluda’s Adventures.

Feluda tells you so much about India, Indian youth… he himself represents contemporary Indian youth who leads a very adventurous life … A life that we lead in today’s complex and complicated world…He does not get affected by any ups and downs in his life or his adventures…

He is standing there providing clues to the young children to make the journey of life more interesting …solving many difficult puzzles.

Oh Yes! So we come to Feluda’s puzzle…do you remember it? Let me tell it to you once more…

‘Old Man Hollow, pace to follow,People’s tree.Half ten, half again century.Rising sun,whence it’s done, can’t you see?Between hands, below them stands,yours, it be.’

So this is how Feluda uncovered the treasure…so my friends…now you must be convinced that Feluda’s adventures are the biggest chest of treasures! If you want to unravel the mystery in an adventurous way, travel throughout India with Feluda…just like me….

Journey with Poems

Zeng Tian( Wuxi, Jiangsu, China)
My name is Zeng Tian, My pals call me “Xiao Libai”. Do you know why? Who is Li Bai? A great poet in Tang Dynasty. I began to follow my grandpa to learn to recite ancient poems when I was three years old. Now I can recite more than 300 poems. Now, I will give all of you a test. I say the first line, and you can give the next line. (Field interaction) “The moon shines brightly in front of my bed. It was the frost on the ground, I thought”, “Close friends remain close friends whenever they roam, even when they are separate afar, they are as close as neighbors”, “Spring wind makes the south bank of the river green again, when will the bright moon light my way home”.

Ancient Chinese classical poems are rich in diversified knowledge, long history and reflection of nice emotions. Poem is a brush in the hands of a poet, “On a day of February when grass was growing and orioles were flying, poplar and willow were waving as if they were drunk in the wind” describes the beautiful spring scenery in the south of Yangtze River; it is a pot of thick wine in the hands of a poet, “ I ask you to drink one more cup of wine, West towards Yangguan there will be no more old acquaintances” shows the farewell emotion of the poet; it is a sharp sword in the hands of a poet. “ There is no desert field in the country, Farmers are starving to death” reveals the unfairness of the society at that time. Classical ancient poems are the treasures of traditional Chinese culture, and each of us shall have the responsibility to inherit and carry forward them.

Do you believe? With the companionship of classical poems, you will become polite; with the companionship of classical poems, you will become self-confident, and with the companionship of classical poems, you will become sensible.

It was on Women’s Day last year that our class conducted the activity “Ode to Our Mothers with Poems”. The students were enthusiastic. My mother is a teacher, and I think her work is very noble, so I gave this to her, “A silkworm spins off all of its silk until death, The candle sheds all its tears before going out”. Yu Meng Luan’s mother is a policewoman. He is a great admirer of her. He sent this to his mother, “ Thought broken into pieces, it stands in no fear, Determined to make a white-washed world clean and clear ”. You Ru Chao’s mother runs private business. She become rich by depending on herself, so he sent to his mother “The edge of a sword becomes keener through honing, The fragrance of plum blossom sharpens in the bitter cold”. Proud of their mothers, the students strived to be the first to send poems to their mothers. When the teacher called Xiao Jie, he stood up with red face. For a long time, he said, “ my mother sells pan-cakes with eggs. She has received no education. She is very ordinary. I don’t know what poem I can send to her.”

At this moment, the teacher told us: Xiao Jie comes from a remote village. To look after his grandparents and do farm work, his father stays at his hometown, and his mother alone affords his learning by selling pan-cakes with eggs.

At the words of Xiao Jie and the teacher, I seemed to see her mother busy working in the cold wind. I seemed to smell the fragrance of the pan-cakes with eggs. I could not help thinking of the poem “Plum”, “At a wall corner some plum trees grow; Alone against cold white blossoms blow.” His mother is plum blossoming against the cold wind! I said aloud that this should be sent to his mother. Then, Ynag Fang stood up, “although your mother’s work is very ordinary, and she does not make much money, she is not afraid of the painstaking of life. She shoulders the heavy load of life with her weak shoulders instead, so this is for her, “ It has the nature of cold-resistance, How can wind and frost do with it? Upon his words, Miao Lin was too impatient to say, “ I feel Xiao Jie’s mother is the best. Although Xiao Jie lives a simple life, he always dresses himself clean. It is really “ Loving mother lives healthily, The little son would never be cold or hungry”…

Hearing the poems, Xiao Jie gradually felt eased and said with great enthusiasm, “ In the past, I would reluctant to mention my mother in front of other people. I would be willing to share her heavy burden by helping her collect money. I should not have done like that. Mom, this is for you, “Who says that the heart of a little grass sprout, could repay the sun for the warmth of Spring.” The activity came to an end in the reciting in chorus of Song of the Wanderer, but the classical poems left deep impression in our hearts.

It is classical Chinese poems that promote the friendship between classmates. It is classical Chinese poems that strengthen the communication between us and our parents, and it is classical Chinese poems that teach us how to understand life in proper manner.

This is my story. I am happy to share it with all of you. Lastly, I hope all of the pals to recite classical Chinese poems, feel their unique enchantment and share the limitless joy.
Reading Confucius’ works to learn to be a real Man

Hu ZijianNanjing, Jiangsu, China
Hello, everyone! My name’s Hu Zijian. I’m a student in Grade 5 in Nanjing Fuzimiao primary school, Jiangsu province, China. Today I’m going to share something that I have learned from a great man with you all.
Look! This is our school! There is a man’s statue in our campus. Who is the man? He is Confucius, a great ideologist, educationist, and statesman in ancient China! Confucius’ main thought was recorded in a book named the Analects of Confucius. This is a great book that tells the Chinese how to cultivate their moral character, how to deal with their family, how to manage state affairs and how to overcome the world. Confucius’ saying has affected for about two thousand years in China. And it affects the whole world widely. In 1985, some scientists who won the Nobel Prize, declared a well known declaration. It says, “If we human beings are going to go on living in 21st century, we should learn from Confucius and find wisdom from his thought. ”

We Chinese respect Confucius as Kongfuzi. For that reason, we’ve got our school’s name, Fuzimiao. In our school every new student will get a book named the Analects of Confucius. Although it is only a small book, it record Confucius’ main words in his lifetime. Some rules, which mentioned how to be a real man and how to dealing with things, still affect us now. I can show you examples, “shi fu mu, bi jie qi li” means we should show devotion to our parents. “wen gu er zhi xin” means if we review carefully, we can get more. “you peng zi yuan fang lai ” means we shall be warmhearted to the friend from far away.

I know many stories about Confucius and the keywords of his thought “Ren” through reading and learning the Analects of Confucius and taking part in the activities held in our school. Our teachers told us we should understand the wisdom of Confucius’s thought “Ren zhe ai ren”. through reading the Analects of Confucius. What’s “ren”? In Confucius opinion, it means “loving people, loving all the people including the white and the black, the noble and the common, the rich and the poor. They all should get love and respect.” What should we do for that? In Confucius’ words there are five kind of moral characters, sobriety, lenience, reputation, diligentness and beneficence. If you have sobriety, you can get people’s respect; If you have lenience, you can get people’s support; If you have reputation, you can get people’s trust; If you have diligentness, you can get success; If you have beneficence, you can be friend with others. So “ren” shall be our rules of being a real man and dealing with things.
The other day, it happened that calling someone a bad nickname in our class. These nicknames is bad, such as flies and bugs. It is surely bad to their friendship among our classmates. What did we do with this? Under our teacher’s leadship, we held an activity to find the strongpoint and right a wrong for the animals, especially for the boring animals. We learned to know that the flies are dirty, but if we feed the chicken and ducks with the flies, they will be stronger. There is a Chinese saying that when the weasel comes, take care of your chickens. But weasels are good at killing the field mice. If we kill all the weasels and the field mice are out of control, the plants will be in danger. So in other words the weasels are the friends of our plants! Well, every animal has its own strongpoint, so do the human being. That is what Confucius said that man and man, man and the society, man and the nature should be equal and respect each other. As we know this, we don’t call others’ nicknames any more.
Look! Although Confucius lived two thousand years ago, his thought still affects us now. His thought of “ren” teaches us to love animals, our classmates and the society, and to be a kind man.
Oh, my classmates! Let’s be friend with Confucius, a great man! Let his wisdom help us to be a man with morality and conduct.

A Good Book is Just like a Good Friend

Liang FangzhaoMacau, China
Some people say that money is the best thing in the world but I consider reading books as the best and the most precious thing one can ever have.
By reading we can get all kinds of knowledge. By the knowledge, we can make our life more enjoyable. Besides, when we read, we can only stay at home but travel all over the world and even fantastic places.
Probably reading is one of the most important things throughout my life. I love reading fables, novels and fictions very much.

Here I want to tell you one of my favourite fables. It is called, “The wolf and the Cuckoo.” I read it from the book called, “A Present from Love”.

One day, a wolf said to a cuckoo, “Goodbye, my friend. I’m going to leave here and move to a new place.’ The cuckoo was very surprised so he asked the wolf for the reason. “You know, the people and the dogs here are too cruel to me. They hate me so much that they always want to peel my skin. I can’t live here any longer.” The cuckoo said, “Where are you moving to? Are the people and dogs there really kind? Are you sure they will like you?” The wolf said happily, “Yes, I am. I heard that there is a paradise. The people there love each other. Dogs don’t bark. I think they will be friendly towards newcomers.” “Then I have a question. Will you keep living on little lambs and cocks when you move there?” The wolf laughed and said, “Ha…Ha…That’s a silly question. If I didn’t eat little lambs or cocks, I wouldn’t be a wolf anymore.” Then the cuckoo shook his head and said, “Mr. Wolf, if you keep living on little lambs and cooks, wherever you go, there’s always someone who wants to peel your skin.”
Do you think the wolf’s new neighbour would say welcome to him? I don’t think so. It is because wolves kill little lambs and cocks and sometimes even attack men. The wolf did not realize his bad habit so the cuckoo said, “Wherever you go, there’s always someone who wants to peel your skin.”
I think this is a very interesting and meaningful story. First, it told me that we should always make self-examination. We often blame our parents for not giving us this or that. We seldom think about what we should do for our parents. We only take our parents’ affection for granted. There is an old Chinese saying, “Do not do to others what you don’t want to be done to you.” If you want your parents talk to you more, why don’t you talk to them first? Second, we should always realize our bad habit and try our best to change it. Good habits follow our whole life, as same as bad habits. The difference is good habits make our life more wonderful but bad habits make our life worse. Do you want to be a wolf? Absolutely not. So don’t give yourself any excuse, change your bad habits today.
A good book may be among the best of friends. It is the same today that it always was, and it will never change. It is the most patient and cheerful friend that I have never met.
Very often, I can’t stop reading my favourite books. Once I start reading, I am not willing to put it aside anymore! This good friend helps to enrich knowledge, improve language proficiency, develop thinking skills and cultivate and open mind in me. If you want to make friend with it, it is so easy. Start reading today!

How Family Advances Children to Read Books

Zeng ChengHong Kong, China
My name is Felix Tsang. I am representing the Hong Kong SAR to attend the 30th IBBY World Congress of the International Board on Books for Young People. The topic of my speech is “Family Advances Children to Read”. It is my honour to share my personal experience on “reading” in this conference.
When I am going out, I always keep a book in my bag. I read whenever I have spare time, especially in a long journey like the one to Macao. This is the book I am reading now. The name of the book is “Famous People of China”. This book is a collection of biography of famous people of China such as Confucius, Liu Bang, Wang Xizhi, Zeng Guofan. Although I have not yet finished the book, I would love to share with you all later.
Family Promote reading at home is always the very beginning of how children learn to read, let me share my personal experience to you all! My parents have many influences on my reading habit. First of all, they like books very much too. Although there are over thousands of books in our house, my father still loves to buy books every week; I am sure we will have to swim between books in our house in the future. Living in a world of books, my father always teaches me how to make use of books as well as how to enjoy reading. He is my role model; he always brings a book with him wherever he goes, he likes to read book about politics, history and food; he shares his thought with me whenever he read something interesting. He is also my teacher; he tells me the values of reading and guides me to build up my own reading collection. He always tells me that, “books have gold; books lead to a success road”. I keep this in my mind all the time. When I grow up, I hope I will find a success road like my father.
I always think that the best birthday present is to buy me books that I like for example book about Chinese history. For the coming Christmas, I have already made up a wish list and ready to submit it to my parent. This year, of course, I have written down some books I wanted most, and I would love to have a PlayStation3 to become my new friend. I hope my wish will come true!
My family not only provided books for me, they also teach me how to select book that suit my level of reading. When I was in kindergarten, I am full of curiosity about the world around me. Therefore, my parents bought me this book ‘The Mystery in the World’. This book has included a lot of different mysteries around the world, which some of them people never able to explain it. There is a chapter about “the mystery of water”, which explain where is the water come from; and there is also a chapter about “the mystery of forty people’s village”, that village have only forty people in the past and in the present. I found all the stories were very interesting. This is the first book I love, and I believe the best book for children is the one that can fulfil their curiosity.
Although we have many books in my house, but we still spend a lot of time in the library and bookstores with my mother. We can find different kind of books and I can identify what kind of books I am interesting to read.
As my father said, “we have to make use of books in our daily life”. My parents will suggest me to read some books about the place we are going to travel. As we went to Tibet last year, I have read about the history, geography and climate of Tibet. I have gained more understand of Tibet after the process of learning. I believe this training enhances my ability to implement the knowledge from book to daily life.
This is the end of my sharing. And I hope my experience will be a reference for you and your family. Reading is not only for individual but also for the whole family. I hope students in this forum and your family will enjoy your reading life.

Reading with Dad and Mum

Liang JiamingShijiazhuang, Hebei, China

Rabbits go through the river, jump! Jump! Crabs go through the river, Climb! Climb! Dunks go through the river, waddle! Waddle!

This children’s song is our family program, Dad Mum and I often put the stories into the program just for pleasure. Usually the favorite place our family likes to go is the library. Reading with my Dad and Mum is very happy. We read together, discuss together even debate. I am growing in that family. Today I will talk about our family.

Harry potter is famous among the world and I am absorbed in it. But Dad said: “it’s useless” I don’t agree! You see a debate on reading come to show.
“ Dad Harry potter is full of fantasy and imagination, it makes me to imagine!” I put it.
Dad, “Reading is good, but reading without choice brings the trouble. Like Harry Potter, the contents are not real and no scientific base.
“ Dad, Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea is also fiction, how many dreams in that book have achieved in our life? Among Chinese fable Pilgrimage to the West. The thousand eyes is telescope and winding ears is the telephone. Without imagination how can we improve our lives?”
I kept on putting my ideas with any delay, “Luxun had said that reading is like a bee, after collecting a lot flowers, it could get the honey.” Mum gave me a thumb.
Dad was surprise and said “my girl knows to quote, nice try.”
As I was walking on the air, Dad said, “ that is to say, it is useful to read classic books.”
The elder is the elder. I was almost tracked in.
At that time Mum said, “reading need some choice and need to read more fields, agree?” Sure!
Like that, with Dad I got to know Libai and Duofu, famous poets in tang dynasty, I understood the ancient culture. With Mum I got to know Helen Ketter, I understood the meaning of life. With me, Dad and Mum came near to the garden in the little pea outside the window. They admired the distingue Havid captain and they were fancy in the Harry Potter…It’s true, reading improves our family, and we get the title “ reading family” from our school.
Besides the teacher and my family, Chinese pioneers is like a friend cares for me. From that Paper.

I know a lot of reading skills. Playing as well as reciting is our favorite one.

Teacher said, books are the recourse of knowledge.

Dad and Mum said, books bring children into a big world.

I said, books are like the shining stars in the dark sky that enlighten my life.

My follows, with our Dad and Mum, enjoying the reading!

The Power of Reading

Fang LumingNanchang, Jiangxi, China
Good Morning, my dear friends! My name is Fang Minglu, call me Michelle in English. I come from China. I’m very happy to share my opinions with you on reading. My topic is “the Power of Reading”.
On my way hear,I have been asking myself a question: What leads me to this meeting? My answer is: Reading! It's reading! It is the power of reading led my way to success; It is the power of reading brought us together. Agree with me?
Yes! Reading not only increases our knowledge, but also improves our behavior and strengthens our will as well.
Now, I’d like to tell you a true story .At the first two years in school, I was not so good at my studies. I enjoyed playing games on Internet and I didn’t work hard, until one day I came across Helen ? Keller’s autobiography on campus website. I was shocked by the success story of the deaf and blind person and I just couldn’t wait to read her story to my friends Wei ? Guanchong. Why?
Wei Guanchong is a blind boy. When we first met at a reading activity, I found out that he had read a lot. But he looked lonely and unhappy. He didn’t talk much and seldom smiled. I was curious to know how he read so I had a long chat with him.

He showed me how to read and write in Braille. Then he told me that reading was very important but difficult for him. As his parents were not rich enough to buy Braille books and they were too busy to read aloud for him, he had to walk one hour to a city library on Sundays. “ How he needs help and friendship ” I thought. Since then we met more often and I would read good stories to him.

Wei Guanchong was inspired by Helen · Keller’s story. He said: “ You see, Helen had much greater difficulties than I do , she can face up to her fate with a smile. Although I can’t see, I can still read, I can at least hear and speak. Why should I complain about my fate? I should work my way out .I will learn from Helen, to live a joyful life for myself, a helpful life for others and a useful life for the world”.
I was deeply moved by his words. I thought: I’m lucky enough to be able to do what worth doing. I can read, write, talk freely, but I was so lazy about my studies and so careless about others, how I felt shameful before Helen · Keller and Wei Guanchong.
From then on, I not only worked hard on my studies but also helped Wei Guanchong in his studies.Sometimes I accompanied him to read in the library . Wei Guanchong became cheerful and we made close friends. We encouraged each other and both of us made great progress. Last year, we both gained the honors of “One of the Ten Best Young Pioneers in Jiangxi Province”. I was also awarded “One of the Ten Best Young Pioneers in China” .
That’s why I should say: It is the power of reading led me to success. It is the power of reading brought us together to share our enjoyments of reading and exchange our friendship here.
At this moment, how I hope my friend Wei Guanchong could come. How I hope more and more children, no matter poor or rich, able or disabled, would gather together through reading for knowledge ? for development ? for a better life ? for splendid tomorrow of this beautiful world!

Growing up with reading

Wei GuanchongNanchang, Jiangxi, China
Hello, everybody! My name is Wei Guanchong. I come from China. I’m so excited to share my feeling of reading with people from all over the world. I’m different from you. You can read what you want. I have a lot of books. But there is no one for blinds. When I was in Grade Two, my teacher bought a book named Blind Kids Literature for me. It was the first book I read. I was very happy. I read with touching every day, even hurt my finger.
When I started to study in Blind School, I found that I was interested in braille. But I don’t know the blind how to read. I don’t think you know it too. There was no tune in the old Braille in China. I nearly made mistakes several times. For instance, it’s hard to tell the real meaning of shanghai without the tune. Different tunes of shanghai have different Chinese meanings. Shanghai is for shanghai, the biggest city in china. But another tune of shanghai is for Shanghai, which means hurt. I always couldn’t understand When I touched the words. I must guess the meaning from context. I also want to tell you a secret. The text book I use is still the issue of PEP in 1992, which tells something of the last century.
I love reading. Although my parents always read for me, they have no fixed time. Until one day, I met her, Fang Minglu. We started to discuss reading. I told her I love reading. She said: “It’s easy. Tell me the books you want. I’ll buy for you.” I can’t help laughing. She never knows that there is almost no book for people with poor sight in Xinhua Bookshop. Before long, she brought me a book named Three days to see that she had read. The author is Helen Keller, a blind and deaf woman writer of American. She read for me. I know many blind people how to conquer the difficulties. I was really moved by Helen’s story. Now I feel that I’m luckier than her. Although I can’t see, I can hear with my ears. They helped me with finishing my piano learning. I can sing with my mouth. It helped me get the first place of singing in the Art Festival of China Blind Deaf and Mute. I don’t complain that I’m not lucky any more. I want to be a strong-minded and useful person for the society.
I was deeply moved that Fang Minglu, taking the opportunity of going to Beijing with his family members, went to the China Braille publishing house and ordered a magazine of literature for kid with poor sight for one and half a year for me. Hearing this, I was so happy that I can’t help sleeping at night. Now I have my Braille book to read after school. I think I am lucky!
Now we have 8 million and 7 hundred thousand people with poor sight. But we have got few book sfor them to read. They live in dark and long for lights, reading and friendship. I hope that you can be our eyes, tell us the colorful world and read for us, be our friend and help us. I also hope that the people who in chare of publishing pay more attention to us, publish much more books for people like us with poor sight to read. That will be good!
Today, I thank the organizers of the meeting for giving me an opportunity to be with you all! You, the kind people, offer me such a good chance and let me know the friends from all over the world. We can be friend because we all like reading. Although I can’t see you, I feel the happiness of reading from your warmhearted words. Let’s be good friends with hand in hand and study together and grow happily!

What gives me courage to face trouble—reading.

Liao XingShenzhen, Guangdong, China
Good morning, everyone! My name is Liao Xing. I come from Shenzhen Nanshan Experimental School of China. I’m in grade 6. Today, I would like to show you what gives me courage to face trouble. It’s reading. That’s all about my experience and discovery of reading in recent ten years.

Before my speech, I have a question for you. Do you like my Chinese violin melody of “Spring of South”? Would you please give me some applause?

But a year ago, it nearly made me lose my courage in playing it. Then, I understood what the failure was.
When I was very young, I started to learn how to play the Chinese traditional instrument—Chinese violin. During these years, I could pass all the examinations in excellent scores. But in one of the advanced examinations, I only passed it reluctantly. I could remember that how confident I was and how fluently I played “Jiangnan Chunse” when I stood in the stage that day. In fact, I failed. I was disappointed. I was depressed. I cried. From then on, I did not want to touch the Chinese violin any more. I hated it.
Then, my teacher Ms. Deng recommended me a book. The book is “Three days to see”. The story of Helen Keller made me shocked very much. After that, I have re-read the book for several times. Every time after I read it, I have got so much new and different ideas. I was shocked that a lady was so persistent and indomitable. I was so ashamed of myself.
After that, I took Helen Keller as my example. When I met some trouble or when I was sick, I would call out her name in my heart. It’s so marvelous that I could gain power from her. Whenever I did that, the courage and confidence would come back to me; even the disease would disappear.
Eventually, I did my best in another important examination of Chinese violin. Now, I understand that destiny favors people who filled with courage.
Reading not only gives me courage, but also gives power to my life. I had a schoolmate who got the disease of leukemia. She needed the constant chemotherapy. When she knew that her hair would fall off her head, she held her hair sadly and cried. She said, “I am a girl! I like my hair! If I will lose all my hair, I prefer to die!”
Teachers and students were very worried about the girl who refused to treat her disease. Students made paper cranes and cards, which symbolized fortune to her and encouraged her to face death with full of courage. Also, some students took different kinds of books to her. “Three days to see” and “The Making of Steel” are for her to gain power and courage from them. However, the poor girl was not able to read for such a long time. So they chose some students who’re good at reciting aloud to read books out and recorded for her. The girl liked it very very much.
After this special way of reading, she finished those books. One day, she told the doctor that she agreed to cut off her hair. She said that she was not sacred at all because Helen Keller and Pavel Korchagin told her a secret. The secret was the disease wanted to test her whether she was scared about it. If she had the courage to face it, the disease would go away. Fortunately, because she cooperated with the doctor greatly, she recovered and came back school.
You see, the courage not only gave power to the girl, but also helped her to conquer the bad destiny.
Those are the stories about reading and courage of myself. Do they enlighten you a lot?
So, reading can give us courage to face bad luck. If you have courage to face your life, face unpredictable unfortunate, life will make you perfect whatever body or heart.
How Reading Influences and Helps Young People

Bai DehuiMacau, China
Participants of the 30th IBBY World Congress: I’m very glad to be here. Thank you for letting me attend and share my thoughts with you. I want to tell you how much I love reading and how it has affected me.
When I was very young, my parents bought a lot of books for me. They also read to me every day and that’s how I learned to read. When I started studying Primary School, I learned the meanings of words, and from then on whenever I read a new book, I thought about the book, all the new ideas and words I had learned, and that helped me understand the story. Even though I talk a lot, and I learn many things by talking, I learn the most by reading. Whenever I don’t understand a word, I ask my parents and the answer goes into my brain. So, reading helps me learn a lot.
Reading influences young people to think, and when you are thinking, you automatically come up with ideas, which is very useful for authors, but that’s another story. It not only helps you to learn new vocabulary words, but also learn more knowledge. Every once in a while, my parents hear me using a new word, and they ask, “Where did you learn that word?” and I answer, “I read it in a book.” So, all you need is a book, and you can learn many things. But if you don’t like a book, even though it has a lot of useful information, it is harder for you to remember the words and learn new things. If you like a book, you are most likely to learn new things without even noticing it, and you become smarter and smarter!
If you read books with imaginary characters, it helps your imagination grow. When you give someone a book they don’t like, it’s similar to giving them an orange without seeds in it. But, if you give them a book they really like, you are giving them a good orange with good seeds in it. They read the book and like it, and it’s similar to planting the seed in the soil. Then the seed grows into an orange tree, with more oranges. With good books, the imagination grows too. Remember the orange? You can count how many seeds are in it, but you can’t count how many oranges can come from each seed. The person’s imagination will never stop expanding.
Now I will tell you the difference between reading a book and watching a movie. Well, you can learn more from reading books, because when they make a movie based on a book, most of the time they cut out parts of the book, so you miss many things. Also with a book you can use your imagination more than with a movie; for example, imagining the sizes, colors, shapes and characters. With a movie, it’s already done for you, so you use less imagination.
For me, good books have adventure. Usually, in adventure books the character learns a moral, so you can learn about life - the good and bad, what to do and what not to do. Other types of books I like are those which help you learn skills, like joke books and babysitter stories. Actually, my favorite author is Ann M. Martin, who wrote the Baby Sitter Club series. Finally, I love mystery books, especially when you can think how to solve the mystery all by yourself. It keeps your brain fresh and smart. Some of the good mystery books I like are the A-Z Mystery Series, or the Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries.
Sometimes, I write short stories. Usually, I read a book, and if I really like it, I start thinking of a new story based on some of my favorite parts in the book, except it’s a slightly different story. It’s similar, and yet different at the same time. Unfortunately, I often get a lot of new ideas when I’m writing, and I get sidetracked. There are a lot of stories that I have not finished writing yet. I’ve finished writing three stories, but I have not published them. They are about a girl named Christy and the adventures she gets into as president of her babysitter’s club. My other stories are about young girls of different ages and their daily life; troublesome siblings, pushy parents, weird teachers, remarkable friends, etc. As you can see, reading also influences me to write.
So, reading books stretches your imagination, helps you learn vocabulary, influences you to think hard, helps you to learn certain skills, and many books give you a moral, so you can learn how to be good.
I hope young people like me will read more books, so everyone can be better, smarter and more skilled. Thank you.

Books is my Vitamins Supplements

Chan Lai IengMacau, China
I love reading a lot. Reading books is my Vitamin Supplements. It helps me replenish the knowledge that I need. Reading a wide variety of books has broadened my horizons, enabled me to express myself distinctly and improved my writing skill. It helps me in answering questions in class; it also inspires me in writing, and makes me observe things from different points of view. Every night, my mother reads with me. That draws us closer and has better communication. Just because of that, I like sharing good books with my classmates. Sometimes, we have role play and rewrite the endings. That arouses my imagination and creativity. Through reading, I can know others’ stories and experience others’ lives, learn from the strengths and weaknesses of others. Reading makes me learn to care, love and treasure everything I have.
Through this precious opportunity, I would like to share a story with you.
Once upon a time, there was a poor family. Father went out and worked every day. Mother looked after her child, Tommy and did the housework. They lived happily together.
Tommy was a good boy. When he returned home from school, he helped his mother to do the housework. He loved reading a lot. He studied very hard so he was always the first in class. His classmates liked him very much because whenever they had problems in their studies, he was eager to help them. Sometimes, he taught the weak ones and shared his knowledge with them.
One day, Tommy’s father died. His mother was very sad. Since they were poor, Tommy couldn’t go to school anymore. But he didn’t give up. He kept on reading his old books and revised them. He believed that his knowledge could change his life and he could let his mother have a comfortable life one day. In order to earn their living, Tommy’s mother went out and worked. As time went by, his mother was very sick and she couldn’t work outside. Tommy was so small that he couldn’t find any jobs in his town. Every day, he spent 3 hours to walk to the nearest city to collect rubbish and sell for money. At night, he returned home and looked after his sick mother. In that city, he always found some old books in some rubbish bins. Since he loved reading, he collected them and took them home. As usual, he read and revised them every day. Later on, the president of that city knew about it. He appreciated Tommy’s spirit and learning attitude. So he sponsored Tommy to go to school again. His mother was very happy. Tommy worked very hard and he got good results. At last, he graduated from university and had a good job. His mother and he lived happily together.
In this story, the part that impresses me most is Tommy collected the old books from the rubbish bins and read them. In order to earn their living, he didn’t mind collecting rubbish and he didn’t blame anything. He just stood on his belief and tried to solve problem in a positive way.
In this modern world, the technology and living standard are high. Though it is like that, there are still poor people living in this world. Most people that I know grow up in a bliss family and so do I. We get things so easily. Therefore, we always take things for granted and seldom treasure them. Tommy’s story teaches me to care, love and treasure everything.
I hope I can read more books so as to enrich my life.

Good book is worth reading again and again

Sun MengtianHangzhou, Zhejiang, China
My name’s Sun Mengtian. I’m from Hangzhou China, the city where the beautiful West Lake located.
I like reading and always sink into the happiness from reading. Today I want to share my feelings about reading with you. That’s good book is worth reading again and again. Nice book seems like the everlasting stars in the sky which stand the test of time and coagulate the deep thought. As I grow up, there is a deepening sense I feel that a nice book is worth reading again and again because each time you may find something new. Reading in the childhood maybe is for its magic; reading when grow up maybe is attracted by its thoughts; reading when get old, maybe reader would find one’s life. So each time of reading will be a happy experience

Please let me tell you a story.

As a child , my grandmother usually told me some interesting myths. One among them is : Once upon a time, there is a young but strong man named Kua Fu. One day, the idea of chasing the sun is occuring to him. Hence, he starts to race with the sun. He turns over 999 mountains and wades across 999 rivers. He stops until he dies in midway for thirstiness. At that time, I sympathized him deeply. I think he is pity for his conducts.
Later I learn to reading and read the story by myself from which I get more understanding about the story. He chases the sun day after night. When he feels thirsty on the way, he drinks up the Yellow river and the Wei river, but still dissatisfied. So he moves north to another river but before he arrives the destination, he heavily falls down. This time I was touched. I was moved for his bravity and dedication. He dares to challenge the sun and limit of himself. I learn persistence bravity and dedication from him. Since then, everytime I meet difficulty and frustration, I would recall him, I would encourage myself that: Kuafu even chases the sun. Comparing with him, your difficulty is not worthy of mention. Then I would stay up.
In high school, I find this story again. when we discussed why the Kuafu wants to chase the sun, someone says, probably he is pursuing brightness for warming people; someone says probably he is too self-conceit to compete with the sun; even there is a saying that his main purpose of chasing the sun is to be famous. Wow, a myth can be explained into so many aspects. The comprehension is so diverse. The hero can be understood in so many sides. I sink into thinking that reading is stereoscopic, colorful and profound. I still admire him who has the firm faith the great aim and the iron perseverance which were exactly what I need. I understood Kua Fu much more.
This experience tells me that everybody is special. Different family background and living environment forms different way of thinking. Hence everyone would get different feeling from reading. So I tell myself to accept everything around me with tolerant attitude and observe the world with develop eyes and dialectical attitude, to be tolerant and comprehensive.
I believe I will have new feeling towards “Kuafu chasing the sun” as I grow up.

So today I want to tell everybody that a good story or a nice book is a source of edification whichwould give you thoughts wisdom and strength through reading and reading. So a nice book is worth reading for a lifetime.

Reading Tells Me What is Love

Hu XueHangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Hello, everybody, my name is Hu Xue from Hangzhou, a very beautiful city in China. I am so honored to visit Macao, in my eyes a city looks as beautiful as my hometown.

I am happy to be here, and I am happy that I will know many new friends love reading as well. Reading bridges us together from different places all over the world to share our happiness.

I love reading and it spreads the seeds of goodness, love and spirituality deeply in my heart. The story of “Snow White” tells me about the endless battle between goodness and evil, “The Wild Swans” tells me about the power of hope, courage and happiness, and “The Cat Wearing Boots” tells me about the beauty of wisdom and friendship.

I have read a story telling about a little girl, Su Bingbing, Who is from Hangzhou. After she read a local newspaper called Chinese Teenagers News Su Bingbing found out that a river in Jiangxi Gangkou Village has taken the lives of seven youths nearby, all these children had to cross the 100-meter-wide river on their way to school. Before longer, she asked people to help to build a bridge. She also donated her money coming from author's remuneration and her money given as a lunar New Year gift to the bridge building.

Later with her parents’ help she wrote many letters asking different companies in that province to donate money to construct a bridge. Soon later, her action got responses from others. In a very short time, some warm-hearted people helped the children in Gangkou Village to build a bridge as long as 155 meters and 9.5 meters wide. Then those kids in that poor village will never need to worry about crossing over the river. 

Now, after reading this story, I think this 12-year-old Sun Bingbing is really something. She was so young, but had a golden heart to help those kids to get across the river safely. She tried everything and went everywhere to collect money for those kids who never knew her. Compared to her, I feel I did too little, though I donated some money and books to the poor children. But so I did when I saw the others around me did that kind of things.

Mencius said, “ Those who love others would win the love from others, those who respect others would win the respect from others”. In our rich, long history, loving other people is a good virtue of Chinese people. I think I must learn from her. Maybe we don’t have lots of money, but if we have a loving heart and even if we can donate only one Yuan, we also can show how much we care about others.

 I dare not say I am a very kind person because I do selfish things sometimes; I dare not say I am a very honest person because I didn’t tell the truth when I did something wrong; I dare not say I am a person with 100 percent of a loving heart because I ignore my parents and my friends because of my anger; I dare not say I am that diligent because sometimes I avoid something I can do.­ But I still can say loudly that reading leads me towards the direction of honesty, kindness and diligence. Having been reading, I have known what is true love, I have learnt to judge what is good or bad, I have become kinder and more active, I have found the best example for me… Reading is not everything, but for me, nothing can be instead of it.

So I really want to say, “ Read! Read as much as you do! Reading good books will make ourselves more clever, and it will make our world more wonderful!”

My Reading Tactic

Su Xin’enHong Kong, China
Ladies and Gentlemen. Good Afternoon! I am Simon So, representing the Hong Kong Special Administration Region to give a speech on “My Reading Tactic”. It is my pleasure to speak in front of you all.
The Hong Kong education department, the Education and Manpower Bureau, has spent over 8 millions for schools to promote reading among students. In my school, students have “literacy time” for Chinese and English reading. The purpose of the “literacy time” is to enhance student’s reading interest by different activities.
Beside the “literacy time” in school, there are also other resources provided by other organization to promote reading in Hong Kong. For example, The Chinese University of Hong Kong established a programme called “A Passage a Day”. The scheme encourages students to read a passage online everyday and complete 3 multiple choice questions. Over 600 Secondary and Primary schools are participated in this scheme and over 130,000 students have logged into the system.
My school also joined these kind of online e-learning programmes, we have “English Passage a Day”. The purpose of the programme is similar to “A Passage a Day”; students can log into the system and read a passage in order to complete the questions. Teachers can also log into the system to check the progress of students and to review any further actions are needed.
Hong Kong is a city where we can find books easily, such as in libraries and bookstores. My parents and I are typical booklovers. I have start reading when I was in Pre-school. At the beginning, I started to join a lot of reading competitions; I also won some of the awards as well. Those activities encourage me to read different kind of books, and help to develop my tactic on reading. I start love to read since then. But how can we manage “efficiently” and “effectively” to reach your goal through reading. Before I start share my reading tactic to you, I would like to tell a story to you. One of my friend, he tells me that he loves reading. During the great hit of Harry Potter, he bought the whole set of Harry Potter to read. In one very late night, he called me up and told me that he finished reading all of the Harry Potter already. I was also very happy for him since he only spent 2 weeks and finished the 6 books! I asked him about the books since I did not read any of the Harry Potter series before. But he cannot tell me any details of the story, not even any of the characters. We both hesitated. Do you know what happen of my friend? The reason is because he does not have any reading tactic.
Let me share my reading tactic to you. There are four steps in my reading tactic: “preparation”, “scanning”, “reading” and “reflection”. The first step is “preparation”, which involves in the following several areas. You should find a book that fit your reading level and interest. For the book, the print should not be too small since your eyes will be very tired when you read it. You also have to consider the size of the book that is convenient to carry around. I personally prefer paperback rather than hardcover. Nowadays, most of the secondary school students liked myself, love to read some famous Chinese novels. For some reason, most of the publishers usually condensed the version into a pocket size book. I think this is definitely a bad idea, since the prints are too small to read and this may harm the reader’s eyes.
Once you have selected your own book, you should check whether the content of the book suit you or not. The second step is “scanning” that provide a quick go thought of the content of the book. When you start scanning, you can spot out the key points and have the general idea of the book. However, “scanning” or “glancing” through your book does not mean that you have read the book. In my friend case, he might only go through the “scanning” process but not reading it. I normally will scan a book first before I decide is it worth to read.
When you come to “read” the book, we always have the problem on new vocabulary. I suggest that we should try to comprehend the new vocabulary first before you find out the meaning in the dictionary. I think this is a good way to improve your comprehension skills. In my case, I usually bring a book at my bag and read them when I am free for example in the MTR or in the restaurant. It is impossible to bring a dictionary and check every single new word. I always guess the meaning of the word first and mark a little sign beside it. When I am back home, I check the meaning of the word and add it to my vocabulary bank. Therefore, my vocabulary bank grows gradually as I read more. It come the same when I read academic books and reference books, I will drop them down in a booklet and check it later. I am sure this method will help you to improve your writing skills.
When I finished a book, I will write up a summary of the book. I think this helps me to have better understanding and practices my writing skills. Moreover, I will write some reflections on the story and review the vocabularies that I have learned in the book.
Last but not least, we have to nurture the love to read; otherwise we will not achieve much from it. Reading is for interest and for improving your ability, but not for doing homework for teachers or for anybody. We need request quality instead of quantity. Publisher plays an important role in promoting reading among the young generation. Firstly, I think the publisher should published books with print that are not too small children to read. Secondly, we should add more pictures in story books for beginners. Moreover, publishers and editors should organize more reading competitions and schemes for children; in order to encourage children to read more in the future.
Here is my sharing of today, I hope you all have a wonderful reading experience. Thank you very much.

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