San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music Affiliate Program 10/06 purpose

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San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music Affiliate Program 10/06


The SFFCM AFFILIATE PROGRAM encourages and assists emerging and existing chamber ensembles, individuals, unincorporated organizations and presenters who share our commitment to chamber music. Through fiscal sponsorship, career guidance, and a wide range of workshops, services and resources, the Program supports chamber music related projects created by affiliates that promote artistic excellence, education, commissioning of new works, and the awareness of chamber music as an art form.


An Applicant must be a chamber music ensemble organization or an individual that shares the goals of the Friends, which implies, at a minimum, a commitment to chamber music projects that will enhance the public's interest in and appreciation of this genre. The Applicant must have a clear, demonstrated potential to perform a proposed project (whether one-time or ongoing) at a level of high quality to be considered for affiliation. The Applicant must also demonstrate the potential to administer its project and make required reports to the Friends and to other agencies. Applicants may reside in California, but preference will be given to those whose project is intended to benefit chamber music in the San Francisco Bay Area. Applicants are approved for participation in the Program at the sole discretion of the Friends’ Board of Directors and in accordance with the mission and purposes of the Friends as set forth in its governing documents.


Application for affiliation may begin by contacting Dominique Pelletey, Executive Director, San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, 3701 Sacramento Street, PMB 357, San Francisco, CA 94118-1705 415-710-0551,
Initially, an applicant is asked to complete a Questionnaire (by email) designed to determine their goals, needs and to guide the creation of a project. The Affiliate Committee reviews the Questionnaire, and a consultation with the Executive Director or an Affiliate Committee member occurs at this time. Formal application may begin with the following steps:

  • Letter of Application The applicant must apply in writing in the form of a signed hard copy letter, which addresses the reasons for desired affiliation, goals, and includes a statement of a specific project or potential project that states why sponsorship is needed. Please include the goals and duration of the project, the background of the key organizers and participants, administrative and financial capabilities of the applicant, a potential funding source, and details of relevant previous activities.

  • Supporting Materials should accompany the Letter of Application and include a biography of the applicant, photos (digital), audio recording; contact information for each applicant member (name, address, phone, email), and a list of upcoming events or performances.

Please send your Letter of Application and Supporting Materials to: Mrs. Susan Bates, President; San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music 3701 Sacramento Street, PMB 357; San Francisco, CA. 94118-1705.

Upon receipt, the Letter of Application and Supporting Materials are reviewed and the Friends’ Board of Directors, whose decision will be final, votes to accept an applicant. The Board generally reviews applicants every three months beginning in September of each year. (Temporary and immediate fiscal sponsorship may be granted under special circumstances.) Following such approval, the applicant will be asked to sign a Letter of Agreement that states in detail the obligations and benefits of the Program and places the affiliate into a legal relationship with the Friends.

  • Use of the Friends’ corporate and tax-exempt status to facilitate the solicitation of public grants and private donations for a declared project

  • Use of SFFCM mailing list (for publicity only), and its bulk-mailing permit.

  • Periodic workshops including Fundraising, Self-promotion and Presentation, and Outreach Program Development

  • Free web site space (limited) at

(additional space at a discounted rate)


  • Access to the Affiliate Yellow Pages (available 2007

  • Use of the SFFCM online donation service


The Applicant must comply with all of the terms of the Letter of Agreement, including, but not limited to, reporting, waiver of liability, and payment of fees for donations taken through the Affiliate fiscal sponsorship program. The current charge for fiscal sponsorship is 8%. It is particularly important that the Applicant understand that, according to law, all funds received under the Friends' auspices are held and deployed at the Friends' discretion and may not be earmarked by the donor. Notwithstanding the donor's specific designations, the Friends retains ultimate discretion over all such funds and will release them for Affiliate use only against evidence that the Project is progressing as agreed. Donations to Affiliate Projects must be made out to the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music.

The Friends may request a free performance by an Affiliate at a Friends function or fund raising occasion, and an Affiliate is required to acknowledge its affiliate relationship to Friends in all publicity materials and in Applicant’s website in the following manner:
The [Name of group, organization, individual] is an affiliate of, and fiscally-sponsored by, the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the service of chamber music in California”.
Or, as it pertains to an Affiliate’s project:
[Name of Project] made possible by the fiscal sponsorship of the San Friends of Chamber Music, with funding provided by [agency or agencies]”.

PROJECT – A ‘project’ as it pertains to the Affiliate Program of the SFFCM, is a chamber music activity or event that requires the “use of the Friends’ corporate and tax-exempt status to facilitate the solicitation of public grants and private donations”.

Definition of Chamber Music: The SFFCM Affiliate Program defines chamber music as music for 2 or more performers, in which the performers play one to a part, without a conductor.

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