It’s a cover project, which accompanies any event with any complexity

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Gabriel K.

It’s a cover project, which accompanies any event with any complexity.

The basis of the project is the unrepeatable voice of the front man and exclusively qualitative performance of cover songs. There are the best musicians of Belarus with great live show experience in orchestras and bands in the country and abroad gathered in this project. The great musical experience, arrangement and songwriting experience allows to create the very good project called a cover band.

Gabriel K. project allows solving tasks of musical clearance of any event on a very high level.

Live voice and back vocals! The fine proposal for small places and limited budgets. You get the same charismatic voice and back vocals and the same original interpretation of your favorite songs for less money.

Experience: open airs (festivals, days of cities) up to 3 000 people, Minsk-Arena, Minsk cycle track, Minsk Palace of Sport up to 3 000 people. Closed events and receptions from 2 up to 100 people. Private events – we’ve played at all respectable places of our capital, from 30 up to 500 people.

We played for next companies Velcom, Atlant-M, Oriflame, Gazprom bank, BPS-Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, IBA group, EPAM, Viber, Synesis, HTC, R-Style, Sam Solution, SAP, Belarusian Railways, Russian Railways, Pixel Electronics, Dobronom, Shangri-La, Belarusian commodity exchange and many others.

Download 2.9 Kb.

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