Traditional Hand-Drawn Animation

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This is a technique used which animators trace over realistically placed footage, frame-by-frame for use in live-action and animated films. Originally, recorded live-action film images were projected onto a frosted glass panel and re-drawn by an animator. The idea of Rotoscoping is live action that is composited over another background. It is more commonly used and has been taken over by computers. One of the problems made with rotoscoping was how the lines could be uneven from the true line and would differ from frame to frame.

Rotoscoping has actually been used to create special visual effects to be guided by the matte or rotoscoped line. One classic use of traditional rotoscoping was I the original three star wars films, where it was used to create the glow of the Lightsaber effect, by creating a matte based on sticks which was held by the actors of the films. To achieve this, editors traced a line over each frame with the prop, then enlarged each line and added the glow.macintosh hd:private:var:folders:x8:d3kcd50923d6fs00g9d1m0g4cr_r2h:t:temporaryitems:btsandersonempiresm.jpg

Traditional Hand-Drawn Animation

This is a technique of animation that is drawn frame-by-frame, touched up precisely and refine made to look at its professional quality. This animation production begins with the deciding on a story. The story looks very similar to comic books and it shows a sequence of shots as consecutive sketches that also indicate transitions, camera angles and framing. The images allow the animation team to plan the flow of the plot and the composition of the imagery. The storyboard artists will have regular meetings with the director and may have to redraw the board. I think that traditional animation definably has a future, there is always going to be the method of sketching things into an animation whether that be digitally or hand drawn

Disney traditionally created hand drawn animations just because it was a easy process and really makes the drawing quality a lot better and more fluid to put into play. Its is done by making each frame on paper, I found that most people actually prefer hand drawn animation to software that created animation just because its more skillful As an animator to not have all the resources and components of computer are able to visualize and create of their head onto pencil and papermacintosh hd:private:var:folders:x8:d3kcd50923d6fs00g9d1m0g4cr_r2h:t:temporaryitems:modelsheet_elsa02.jpg

The traditional animations consist of many different techniques to try and get the perfect animation for example. in older animations, they would get someone to do a rough drawing of the key frames, then once the rough sketch is approved by the they were given to clean up and start to do the in-between frames by the in-betweeners.

3D Animation

Mostly referred to as CGI, is an animation that uses computer-generated images to create animated scenes. Compared to 2D animation or traditional animation 3D has a lot of depth, and it looks much more realistic. An animated scene starts with one picture, which is referred to a frame.

During the production of the film Toy story, they were looking for animators with particular skills. They said it’s not just for the pay, but being able to say you took part in the first computer animated feature film ever. They needed everything to look more organic, every leaf and blade of grass had to be created. 27 animators worked on the first toy story film using 400 computer models to animate the characters each character was either created out of clay, or was first modeled from a computer drawn-diagram before reaching the computer animated design. The

motion controls and how it moves was all done by coding. This would allow the characters to move in certain ways. I think that 3D animation has the biggest future out of all the techniques mainly everything now days is made by computer imagery, and especially Disney that want every spec of detail in their work which can only be achieved from computer graphics.

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Clay Animation

Clay animation can also be referred to as ‘Claymation’ and is one form of stop motion animation. Stop motion is each frame is taken as a picture of real life models (in this case clay) and moved into individual frames, which makes the clay come to life once played at the right speed, clay animation is very effective and was used since 1897.

An example of this would be a great British classic very well know for its style of animation, Wallace and Gromit. The series consists of four short films and a feature-length film. Nick park the writer and director explains how the production methods worked best for him and how they are effective to use during the films shot at Aardman studios.
The Wallace and Gromit movies are shot using the stop motion animation technique after detailed storyboarding, set plasticine model construction, the films are shot one frame at a time, moving the models of the character slightly to give the impression of movement in the final film. In common with other animation techniques, the stop motion animation in Wallace and Gromit may duplicate frames if there is a little motion or really sudden movements for e.g. action scenes in the film. Sometimes multiple exposures per frame are used to produce a motion blur when the action scenes are taken place.
Live Action Animation

Is another form of CGI and became a major trend, it uses real life footage to animate over. The phrase ‘live action’ means and is referred to as a non-animated character. So it brings animated characters to life within the real life world.

There are lots of examples of live action films out there as it was really popular in the late 90’s early 2000’s. new films today that use computer generated special effects cannot be compared to live action films using cartoon characters because of the perceived realism of both styles combined.
An example of live action animation would be the very popular space jam which is a very well known live action film which was released by Warner bros in November 15, 1996. The story is about what happens between Michael Jordan’s carrier in 1993 as he retired and made a comeback in 1995. He is inspired by bugs bunny and the gang to help him and make him play again. Space jam opened at number 1 in the US which grossed over $230 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing basketball film of all time.

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