Tulsa Oklahoma Expanded Industries

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Tulsa Oklahoma Expanded Industries

Tulsa MSA, 2002-2011

Industry Expansions:

Company Type of Business Location Sq. Ft. New Jobs
Ameron International Steel Pole Mfg. Tulsa 75,000 65

Arrow Engine Co. Engines for Oil Industry Tulsa 20,000 N/A

Avis Budget Group Reservation Center Tulsa n/a 60
West Corp. Customer Service Tulsa N/A 90

TCIM Services Customer Service Tulsa N/A 250

ResourceOne Commercial Printing Tulsa 369,692 N/A

Primary Natural Resources III Natural Gas Production Tulsa N/A 120

CymStar LLC Eng. & Flight Training Technology Broken Arrow N/A 83

Pelco Structural LLC Mfg. Utility Poles Claremore N/A 50

FlightSafety International Mfg. Flight Simulators Broken Arrow 370,000 200

Optimum Services Data Storage Tulsa 23,000 N/A

Bearwood Concepts Millwork & Fixture Mfg. Tulsa N/A 125

Road Science Asphalt Mixes/Technology Tulsa N/A 44

Cancer Treatment Ctrs. of America Health Care Tulsa N/A 42

Geophysical Research Company Sensing Technology for Energy Ind. Tulsa N/A 35

M&M Manufacturing Machining & Fabrication Tulsa N/A 32

Parkside Psychiatric Hospital Health Care Tulsa N/A 14

State Farm Insurance Regional Office Tulsa N/A 57

U.S. Cellular Regional Office Tulsa N/A 158

Cimarex Energy Oil & Gas Exploration Tulsa 200,000 N/A

LaBarge Inc. Mfg. Printed Circuit Boards Tulsa N/A 100

Spartan Engineering Energy & Utilities Tulsa N/A 200

Enerflow Industries Oilfield Equip. Mfg. Broken Arrow N/A 500

Avery Barron Industries Manufacturer Tulsa N/A 108

Tulsa Cancer Institute Cancer Treatment Tulsa 86,000 100

Baker Hughes Oil Field Support Tulsa Metro N/A 667
Coca Cola Enterprises Business Services Tulsa 29,000 100

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance services Tulsa 108,000 N/A

Willbros Engineering Engineering Tulsa N/A 130

Heath Technology LLC Energy related mfg. Claremore 6,000 175

WorleyParsons Group Petrochemical engineering Tulsa N/A 360

U.S. Cellular Wireless customer service Tulsa N/A 80

Central Tube & Bar Transportation mfg. Tulsa N/A 8

Ely Energy Inc. Mfg. systems for synthetic natural gas Tulsa N/A 21

Flow-Quip Mfg. pipeline parts Tulsa 5,000 5

Hide-Away Ironing Boards Mfg. wall mounted ironing boards Tulsa N/A 50

Parker Plastics Mfg. plastic water bottles Sand Springs 33,000 N/A

Siegi’s Sausage Factory Mfg. sausage meats Tulsa 17,000 12

SupplyOne Distributor of shipping products Tulsa 12,000 N/A

Cobb Engineering Engineering & construction services Tulsa 4,000 13

Newfield Exploration Natural gas exploration Tulsa N/A 116

Holly Corp Sinclair refinery acquisition Tulsa N/A N/A

IC Corp School bus assembly Tulsa N/A N/A
Bronco Manufacturing Drilling rigs Tulsa 109,524 32

Garver Engineering Engineering services Tulsa N/A 75

Limco Air Repair Aerospace Tulsa N/A 120

Society of Exp. Geo. Association Tulsa N/A 43

McJunkin Redman Piping Tulsa N/A 46

L3 Aeromet Aerospace Tulsa N/A 24

Flight Safety Simulators Broken Arrow N/A 60

M&M Manufacturing Machine shop Tulsa 45,000 80

Continental Industries Distribution lines Tulsa N/A 64

Alorica Inc. Back office Tulsa 45,000 300

Walden Machines Aerospace components Tulsa 38,000 12

Questar Corp. Gas production Tulsa N/A 25

Dish Network Customer service Tulsa N/A 200

Precise Machining & Mfg. Aerospace components Tulsa N/A 121

Kirkwood Metals Service Metal fab Tulsa 15,000 120

Arrow Engine Company Small engine manufacturing Tulsa N/A 95

Whirlpool Electric and gas ranges Tulsa N/A 100

Helicomb International Aerospace components Tulsa N/A 90

Helmerich & Payne HQ oil and gas Tulsa 22,000 76

Digital Forensics Professionals Electronic investigations Tulsa N/A 289

D&L Oil Tools Mfg. oilfield equipment Tulsa N/A 99

Anyware Mobile Solutions Software development Tulsa N/A 170

Matrix Service Co. IT and business services Tulsa N/A 86

Asphalt & Fuel Supply Asphalt products Sapulpa N/A 20

Parfab Industries General fabrication shop Inola N/A 350

Access Optics High-precision optics Broken Arrow 18,000 N/A

Cust-O-Bend Hot and cold steel forming Sand Springs 70,000 N/A

INS Specialties Oil and gas equipment Claremore 14,000 40

River Spirit Casino Gaming and entertainment Tulsa 300,000 650

S&R Compression Gas compressors Tulsa N/A 150

Sulzer Chemtech Metal fab products Sapulpa 100,000 140

AXH Air-Coolers Heat exchangers Claremore 49,000 50

Wood Group Submersible pumps Tulsa N/A 202

Apache Corporation Oil and gas Tulsa N/A 42

North American Petroleum Corp Oil and gas Tulsa N/A 25
Thomas Russell Co. Petroleum processing plants Port of Catoosa 53,000 15

Unit Corp. Oil & Gas drilling Tulsa N/A 167

Pelco Structural Steel utility poles Claremore N/A 50

Hanover Compression Natural gas compressors Broken Arrow N/A 108

Victory Energy Mfg. steam equipment Collinsville N/A 117

American Airlines Maintenance center Tulsa N/A 60

Cust-O-Fab Natural gas components Sand Springs N/A 70

Flowserve Flow Solutions Energy parts supplier Tulsa 56,000 100

Ventaire Mfg. canopies and modular bldgs. Tulsa N/A 85

Blue Bell Creameries Ice cream plant Broken Arrow N/A 50

Continental Wire Cloth Wire cloth for oil industry Jenks 30,000 15

Select Engineering Engineering for oil industry Tulsa N/A 200

Hill Manufacturing Mfg. tree saws Broken Arrow N/A 180

Crosby Group Mfg. products for lifting industry Tulsa N/A 130

Tulsa Power Material handling firm Tulsa N/A 80

LinkAmerica Corporation Trucking Tulsa N/A 167

EDS Data services Tulsa 215,000 N/A

Kanbar Properties Real estate management Tulsa N/A 80

Thermal Engineering Heat recovery steam generators Sapulpa N/A 130

Tulsa Winch Winch mfg. Jenks N/A 111

Apsco Mfg. air cylinders Tulsa 2,000 N/A

Sinclair Refinery Energy Tulsa N/A 260

Yuba Heat Transfer Heat exchangers Tulsa N/A 222

Tulsa Steel Services Mfg. structural steel Tulsa N/A 405

Norris/Dover Resources Energy products Tulsa N/A 250

Griffin Communications TV broadcasting Tulsa 50,000 N/A

Heater Specialists LLC Mfg. parts for refineries Tulsa N/A 150

Fintube Mfg. welding surface tubing Tulsa N/A 200

DP Manufacturing Winch mfg. Tulsa N/A 77

Auto Crane Company Winch mfg. Tulsa N/A 100

Ramsey Winch Co. Winch mfg. Tulsa N/A 125

American Airlines Maintenance base Tulsa N/A 100

Cherokee Casino Gaming resort Tulsa 337,000 500
Abitl Finishing Powder coating Tulsa 12,000 4 AG Equipment Co. Mfg. gas compressors Broken Arrow N/A 201

Atlantis Plastics Stretch film Tulsa N/A 4

Apache Corp. Oil & gas property mgmt. Tulsa 52,000 N/A

Cavalry Portfolio Financial services Tulsa N/A 150

Cherokee Casino Casino gaming entertainment Tulsa 20,000 500

Cooler Services Mfg. heat exchangers Tulsa N/A 210

Cust-O-Fab Petrochemical equipment Tulsa N/A 62

Elite Manufacturing Metal fabrication Port of Catoosa N/A 15

Enardo LLC Env. vapor control products Tulsa N/A 73

F&M Bank & Trust Back office Tulsa 6,875 N/A

Frankoma Pottery Ceramics mfg. Sapulpa N/A 125

GEA Rainey Corp. Heat exchangers Port of Catoosa N/A 300

Global Manufacturing Machine fabrication Tulsa 25,000 13

Hesselbein Tire Co. Warehouse Tulsa 191,000 N/A

HSBC Credit card services Tulsa N/A 115

Linde BOC Nat. gas equipment Tulsa N/A 230

Love Box Corrugated box mfg. Tulsa N/A 30

Melton Truck Lines Flatbed carrier Tulsa N/A 100

Midwest Precision Metal fabricator Tulsa 35,000 N/A

Nautilus Inc. Mfg. of fitness products Tulsa 9,000 265

Nordam Group Aerospace Tulsa N/A 360

Paccar Winch Winch mfg. Broken Arrow N/A 29

Penloyd/OFC Mfg. commercial cabinetry Tulsa N/A 100

Ruhrpumpen Inc. Mfg. pumps Tulsa N/A 66

Schwan’s Home Service Frozen food distribution ctr. Sapulpa 7,000 15

StoneHenge Partners IT service provider Tulsa N/A 55

TCIM Services Back office Tulsa N/A 200

T.D. Williamson Mfg. pipeline equipment Tulsa N/A 119

Tristar Glass Mfg. safety glass Tulsa N/A 160

Tulsa Steel Services Mfg. structural steel Tulsa 120,000 200

US Cellular Regional HQ Tulsa N/A 798

USPoly Mfg. polyethylene pipe Tulsa N/A 30

Vidoop LLC Technology company Tulsa N/A 525

Walden’s Machine Aerospace components mfg. Tulsa N/A 30

Warren CAT Regional Caterpillar Dealer Tulsa 114,000 N/A
Aeromet Aerospace defense work Tulsa N/A 88

Aeroquip Dist. of fluid power products Tulsa 18,000 6

Air Cool Exchangers Mfg. heat exchangers Broken Arrow N/A 60

Ameri-Ti Inc. Stainless steel tubing Catoosa N/A 26

Caseco Mfg. heavy duty truck bodies Claremore N/A 60

Creek Nation Casino Casino Tulsa 34,000 200

Cust-O-Fab Petrochemical equipment Tulsa 56,313 N/A

Dollar Thrifty Car Rental Back office Tulsa 30,000 N/A

E.E. Sewing Bedspreads and draperies Chelsea 10,000 10

Englobal Engineering design space Tulsa 25,000 150

Fadler’s Market Retail Tulsa N/A 12

Financial Mgmt. Services Financial services Tulsa N/A 401

Lender Services Direct Financial services Tulsa N/A 400

McElroy Mfg. Mfg. plastic pipes/fin tubes Tulsa 110,000 100

Merrill Lynch Financial services Tulsa 32,000 20

Metris Co. Financial services Tulsa N/A 322

Midsouth Technologies Mfg. mailing machines Drumright N/A 50

Penloyd/OFC Cabinet mfg. Tulsa N/A 100

QuikTrip Corp. Convenience store chain bakery Tulsa 25,000 35

SemGroup Wholesale petroleum Tulsa N/A 156

St. Francis Children’s Hospital Hospital Tulsa 155,000 N/A

Taylor Rig Mobile drilling rigs Catoosa N/A 40

Webco Stainless steel tubing Kellyville 110,000 150

Western Technologies Headquarters galv. equipment Tulsa 6,120 N/A

Yuba Heat Transfer Condensers for heat exchangers Tulsa N/A 50
Ametek-Prestolite Industrial Motors Wagoner N/A 25

BizJet Aerosapce Tulsa 13,000 200

Bama Cos. Bakery products Tulsa 30,500 N/A

Callidus Technologies Low-emission burners Tulsa N/A 260

Cavalry Portfolio Services Financial services Tulsa N/A 200

Cingular Customer service Tulsa N/A 120

Clear-Tone Hearing Aid Labs Headquarters Tulsa 50,000 200

DecisionOne Technical support center Tulsa 75,000 1,191

IBM Business financial services Tulsa N/A 1,000

IC of Oklahoma School bus mfg. Tulsa N/A 100

Magellan Midstream Holdings Oil & gas transportation Tulsa N/A 95

McElroy Manufacturing Pipeline fusion equipment Tulsa 110,000 100

MCI Telecommunications Tulsa N/A 1,600

Nordam Group Aerospace Tulsa N/A 60

Pryer Machine & Tool Aerospace engine components Claremore/Tulsa 50,000 150

SC Piping & Mechanical Fiberglass Wagoner 18,750 20

State Farm Insurance Regional office Tulsa N/A 250

Sustainable Solutions Textiles Wagoner 195,000 250

Taylor Rigs Mobile drilling rigs Tulsa 70,000 15

TPi Billing Solutions Billing company Tulsa N/A 150

United Recovery Systems Financial services Tulsa N/A 200

United Warehouse Warehouse & logistics Tulsa 336,000 N/A

Whirlpool Ranges Tulsa N/A 130

Aeromet Aerospace Tulsa 100,000 N/A

AG Equipment Co. Manufacturer Broken Arrow 7.2 acres N/A

Aircraft Fueling Systems Fuel delivery & storage Tulsa 10,000 200

Ameristar Fence Products Fencing products Tulsa N/A 475

Apache Corp. Oil & gas Tulsa N/A 26

Bama Cos. Bakery products Tulsa 42,000 385

Bartlett Collins Glass manufacturer Sapulpa N/A 175

BizJet Aerospace Tulsa 13,000 100

Boeing Aerospace Tulsa N/A 500

Cavalry Investments Financial data center Tulsa 21,000 100

Community Care College Education Tulsa 66,000 N/A

Cox Communications Cable service Tulsa 100,000 N/A

Creek Nation Gaming, hotel & convention ctr. Tulsa 100 acres 300

DecisionOne Customer tech support Tulsa N/A 360

Hillcrest Healthcare Hospital Tulsa 34,446 N/A

Honeywell Lori Aerospace Tulsa N/A 100

Lufthansa Technik Aerospace Tulsa N/A 500

Nat’l Steak & Poultry Food processing Owasso N/A 400

Noble Equipment Parts Heavy equipment parts Tulsa 7,000 N/A

Nordam Aerospace Tulsa N/A 100

Onyx Corporation Printing repair and service Tulsa 4,800 N/A

Poppin Glows Ice cream novelties Tulsa N/A 15

R.L. Hudson & Co. Rubber design firm Broken Arrow 36,000 6

Safety Training Systems Flight simulator Tulsa N/A 50

Samson Investment Co. Energy Tulsa 165,000 N/A

Secure Screen Mfg. retractable garage doors Broken Arrow 18,000 N/A

SouthCrest Hospital Healthcare Tulsa 80,000 N/A

TechTrol Electronic equipment Pawnee N/A 35

TPI Billing Solutions Accounting Tulsa 4,500 N/A

Tulsa Eng. & Planning Asc. Engineering Tulsa 20,800 N/A

Unarco Wire products Wagoner N/A 42

United States Cellular Customer service Tulsa N/A 100

Webco Steel tubing Mannford 80,000 40

Winston Co. Chemicals Tulsa 10,000 N/A

World Wide Printing & Dist. Printing & distribution services Tulsa 108,000 N/A
Accu-Tec Enterprises Aerospace components Coweta 17,000 N/A

Advance Research Chem. Batteries, fluorides Port of Catoosa 16,000 20

Air-Cooled Exchangers Air coolers Broken Arrow 7,000 180

Ameristar Fencing Fence manufacturer Port of Catoosa 100,000 N/A

Brainerd Chemical Chemical manufacturer Tulsa 22,900 30

Coleman Johnston Clyma Architects Tulsa 10,000 N/A

Great Plains Airlines Aircraft maintenance Tulsa N/A 40

John Zink Co. Industrial burners Tulsa N/A 323

Lancaster Colony Corp. Glassware Sapulpa N/A 100

National Steak & Poultry Meat processing Owasso N/A 30

Sagebrush Pipeline Equip. Pipeline products Sapulpa 80,000 81

SouthCrest Hospital Hospital Tulsa N/A 15

StairMaster Fitness equipment Tulsa N/A 50

Syntroleum Synthetic fuel R&D Port of Catoosa 10 acres 20

U.S. Cellular Financial/Reg. Headquarters Tulsa 18,000 100

Whirlpool Mfg. household ranges Tulsa N/A 200

The Tulsa Oklahoma Expanded Industries List is a publication of:

Tulsa Metro Chamber, Economic Development

Williams Center Tower II

Two West Second Street, Ste. 150, Tulsa, OK 74103

918-585-1201 800-624-6822 Fax 918-585-8386


Source: Oklahoma Department of Commerce, New & Expanded Manufacturers & Processors Report & Public Media, 2001-2010

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