Tyler Perry Foundation 3300 Continental Colony Pkwy, sw, Atlanta, Georgia 30331

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Tyler Perry Foundation

3300 Continental Colony Pkwy, SW,

Atlanta, Georgia 30331
We are truly grateful to the Tyler Perry Foundation for your commitment and dedication to helping families of Southwest Atlanta prepare their children for the previous school year in 2012 & 2013.  Greenbriar Mall’s Marketing Department truly express how grateful we are in receiving your Sponsorship for the last two years totaling $20,000.00, which has helped to purchase 1,000 Book Bags for the children of Southwest Atlanta.  

Greenbriar Mall’s Back 2 School Jam is vastly approaching and Southwest Atlanta is gearing up with excitement!!! On Saturday, July 26th 2014, one thousand students will receive a backpack filled with necessary supplies.

Our sponsors for the 2014 Back 2 School Jam are Greenbriar Mall, Women & Men of Distinction, Everest College and Radio One (PRAISE 102.5, Magic 107.5 and HOT 107.9) who to help make the dreams of one-thousand students come true.
Once again Greenbriar Mall would like to ask the Tyler Perry Foundation for sponsorship in the amount of $10,000 to help make this event as successful as it has been in the last ten years. Should Tyler Perry Foundation agree to partner with us, we’d like to have the Tyler Perry Staff once again assist with the distribution of the backpacks.
Pre-registration for Back 2 School bags for students in grades one through twelve begins at 10 am in the Mall’s South parking Lot. The supplies are available on a first come, first-served basis. The child must be present to register. The celebration will happen between 11am to 4pm and will include a vendor fair, live entertainment and lots of giveaways. A Kid’s Corner will include arts and crafts, bouncers, face painting and video game truck.
“We are again excited to present again this annual Back 2 School Jam to give back to the Southwest Atlanta community and the families we serve”. “Our children’s education is vital to the growth of our community and Greenbriar Mall takes pride in being a part of their success.”
Shelly Baker - Marketing Director

2841 Greenbriar Pkwy S.W.

Atlanta, GA 30331

Direct: 404.629.3922


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