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Table of Contents

Introduction 2

Roles of a manager 2

Resource Dependence Theory 4

Utilization of RDT for Managers 4

Conclusion 7

References 7


An organization works successfully when the workforce of the entire establishment works as a singular unit. All the hustle and bustle are guided and directed towards a singular motive, aligned with the motive of the organization. To make this possible, a lot of motivation and inspiration are also required to channelize among the staff members and the workers. This is where the managers drive-in.

A manager is the one, who keeps a check on all the activities happening in an organization. Their key responsibility is to conclude the reports, maintain coordination between different sections of the company and most importantly interrelate the ability of an individual working under him with the objective of the organization (Weer, and Greenhaus, 2020). Additionally, sometimes a manager also has to play an interpersonal role, informational role and also does have a crucial role in decision making for the organization.

This essay is a critical evaluation of the role of the manager in an organization and how they can use the Resource dependency theory to develop a framework of understanding for an organization.

Download 89.13 Kb.

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