Unit Length: 2-3 Weeks IV. Major Learning Outcomes

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Data Table of Salts in Ocean Water


  1. Read the information below:

On average, one kilogram of ocean water contains about 35 grams of salt. That is, salts make up about 3.5 percent of ocean water. Though sodium chloride is the most abundant salt in seawater, a variety of other salts are also dissolved in seawater. Your table lists the salts that a scientist recovered by evaporating a 100-gram sample of ocean water. The second column of the table lists the mass of each salt recovered.

  1. Calculate the percentage of each salt found in the 100-gram sample. Record the percent in your data table. Use the following equation to solve this problem.

Mass of Salt Recovered

X 100 = % of Total Salt
Mass of Total Salt Recovered

  1. Make a PIE graph of the “Major Salts in Ocean Water.” You can use Microsoft EXCEL or you can create the pie graph yourself using a protractor.

  1. For more information on salinity and salts in ocean water, use the following websites:


Station 7: Major Salts in Ocean Water
, Part 2

EXPLAIN, Part 2 Name __________________________

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EXPLAIN, Part 2 Name __________________________

Handout Date ___________________________

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