Updated digital Agenda #2S. 11 Algebra 2 June 1st – June 15

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UPDATED Digital Agenda #2S.11 ALGEBRA 2

June 1st – June 15th, 2012

Agenda for MATRICES

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Essential Question (s): 1. How to work with Matrices

Standard(s) from Instructional Guide: (TCRP Domains 1-3)

Algebra II 2.0: Students solve systems of linear equations and inequalities (in two variables) by using substitution, with graphs or with matrices.

Student Objective (s): 1. The students will learn what Matrices are, and how to work with matrix addition, subtraction and multiplication.

2. The students will learn how to work with Determinants

3. The students will learn how to use Cramer’s Rule

4. The students will learn how to solve Matrix Equations

Assessment and Student Reflection:

  1. Exit Slip: the material that will be collected when the students are done

Directory: ourpages -> auto -> 2012
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