Ups hard Reset Procedure – gxt4 (5-10 kVA)

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Hard Reset Procedure - Liebert GXT4 (5-10 kVA) (en)

UPS Hard Reset - Procedure – GXT4 (5-10 kVA)

1. Gently remove the front plastic bezel cover from the UPS.
2. Loosen and remove the screws on the battery door, as shown in figure 1.
3. Lay the battery door and screws aside for reassembly.
Figure 1 Removing the front plastic bezel cover and battery door
4. Gently pull the battery wire out and disconnect the battery plug and battery receptacle, as shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2 Disconnecting the battery plug and battery connector (front view)

5. While they are disconnected, press the “Enter” Button (
red highlighted
) for 10 seconds to discharge all the current voltages on the board.
6.Reconnect the battery plug and battery receptacle.
7.Gently push the battery wire and internal battery pack back into the UPS.
8. Reattach the front battery door with the screws.
9. Reattach the front plastic bezel cover to the UPS.
10. Reconnect everything and try to power it up to check if the alarm will be cleared.

Download 250.2 Kb.

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