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Paper Title* (use style: paper title)

Subtitle as needed (paper subtitle)

aAuthor Name 1, bAuthor Name 2 and cAuthor Name 3*

aAffiliation Author 1: dept. and name of organization, City, Country

e-mail address, optional

bAffiliation Author 2: dept. and name of organization, City, Country

e-mail address, optional

cAffiliation Author 3: dept. and name of organization, City, Country

*Contact author: e-mail address

Abstract—Abstract section should consist of a single paragraph containing no more than 150 words. Do Not Use Symbols, Special Characters, or Math in Paper Title or Abstract.

Keywords— List keywords covered by your paper. The keywords are composed of about five terms or phrases in alphabetical order. Capitalize the first letter of each keyword or keyword phrase. The keywords or phrases should be separated from one another by commas. (style: Times New Roman, font size 9)
  1. Introduction (Heading 1)

This conference in Computational methods in Offshore Technology (COTech) is organized by an interdisciplinary collaboration of the faculty at the Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science. The department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (with an emphasis in mechanical design and analysis, manufacturing technology and materials science) and Civil Engineering (with an emphasis in structural engineering) at undergraduate level.

At graduate level, the department offers degrees at the master's and doctoral levels in mechanical engineering, structural engineering and offshore technology, marine and subsea technology and industrial asset management. The faculty in the department conduct internationally reputed research in diverse fields including application of computational methods to solve complex engineering problems and characterization of the mechanical behavior of engineering materials. The mission of the department is to prepare the graduates to apply basic and advanced mechanical and structural engineering knowledge or applied mechanics and skills to the design, analysis and research of engineering systems, and to prepare them to compete successfully in the job market.

  1. General Information for COTech Paper Submission

All manuscripts must be in English. When receiving the manuscript, we assume that the corresponding authors will grant us the copyright to use the manuscript for the online (Open Access) publication of the proceeding. Should authors use tables or figures from other publications, they must ask the corresponding publishers to grant them the right to publish this material in their paper.

Use italic for emphasizing a word or phrase. Do not use boldface typing or capital letters except for section headings.

Authors are advised to submit their manuscript as Microsoft Word document file, without page numbers, headers and footers. Authors who do not use Word can submit the manuscript as PDF file respecting the template completely.

The finally accepted manuscript after modification based on the reviewers’ report, will be included in the conference proceeding without any modifications. The final paper should be limited to 10 pages, excluding list of references, nomenclature and appendices. This page limitation is not valid for keynote papers.

  1. Organization of paper

First, confirm that you have the correct template for your paper size. This template has been tailored for output on the A4 paper size (not the US letter-sized paper) and the page margins must be set according to the values given in the following figure.

  1. Page margin values for the final manuscript (figure caption)

The basic parts of a paper are listed below in the order in which they should appear:

  • Title;

  • Author(s), author’s (or authors’) affiliation(s);

  • Abstract and Keywords;

  • Main body of manuscript with main headings and sub-headings (maximum 3 levels)

  • Acknowledgements, if any;

  • References;

  • Nomenclature with SI units, if any;

  • Appendices, if any;

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