Usgs scientist Emeritus Publications 2012-2013

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USGS Scientist Emeritus Publications 2012-2013
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Ackerman, J.T., Herzog, M.P., & Schwarzbach, S.E. (2013). Methylmercury is the predominant form of mercury in bird eggs: A synthesis. Environmental Science & Technology, 47(4), 2052–2060.

Addison, J.A., Finney, B.P., Dean, W.E., Davies, M.H., Mix, A.C., Stoner, J.S., & Jaeger, J.M. (2012). Productivity and sedimentary δ 15N variability for the last 17,000 years along the northern Gulf of Alaska continental slope. Paleoceanography, 27(1).

Al-Ameri, T.K., Jafar, M.S.A., & Pitman, J. (2013). 1D PetroMod software modeling of the Basrah oil fields, southern Iraq. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 6(10), 3783–3808.

Aleinikoff, J.N., Creaser, R.A., Lowers, H.A., Magee Jr., C.W., & Grauch, R.I. (2012). Multiple age components in individual molybdenite grains. Chemical Geology, 300-301, 55–60.

Aleinikoff, J.N., Grauch, R.I., Mazdab, F.K., Kwak, L., Fanning, C.M., & Kamo, S.L. (2012). Origin of an unusual monazite-xenotime gneiss, Hudson Highlands, New York: Shrimp U-Pb geochronology and trace element geochemistry. American Journal of Science, 312(7), 723–765.

Aleinikoff, J.N., Hayes, T.S., Evans, K.V., Mazdab, F.K., Pillers, R.M., & Fanning, C.M. (2012). SHRIMP U-Pb Ages of xenotime and monazite from the Spar Lake red bed-associated Cu-Ag deposit, western Montana: Implications for ore genesis. Economic Geology, 107(6), 1251–1274.

Aleinikoff, J.N., Slack, J.F., Lund, K., Evans, K.V., Fanning, C.M., Mazdab, F.K., … Pillers, R.M. (2012). Constraints on the timing of Co-Cu +/- Au mineralization in the Blackbird District, Idaho, using SHRIMP U-Pb ages of monazite and xenotime plus zircon ages of related Mesoproterozoic orthogneisses and metasedimentary rocks. Economic Geology, 107(6), 1143–1175.

Alt, J.C., Garrido, C.J., Shanks, W.C., Turchyn, A., Padrón-Navarta, J.A., López Sánchez-Vizcaíno, V., … Marchesi, C. (2012). Recycling of water, carbon, and sulfur during subduction of serpentinites: A stable isotope study of Cerro del Almirez, Spain. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 327-328, 50–60.

Alt, J.C., Schwarzenbach, E.M., Früh-Green, G.L., Shanks, W.C., Bernasconi, S.M., Garrido, C.J., … Marchesi, C. (2013). The role of serpentinites in cycling of carbon and sulfur: Seafloor serpentinization and subduction metamorphism. Lithos, 178, 40–54.

Alt, J.C., Shanks, W.C., Crispini, L., Gaggero, L., Schwarzenbach, E.M., Früh-Green, G.L., & Bernasconi, S.M. (2012). Uptake of carbon and sulfur during seafloor serpentinization and the effects of subduction metamorphism in Ligurian peridotites. Chemical Geology, 322-323, 268–277.

Anders, R., Mendez, G.O., Futa, K., & Danskin, W.R. (2013). A geochemical approach to determine sources and movement of saline groundwater in a coastal aquifer. Groundwater.

Anderson, R.E. (2013). On the importance of non-uniform tilt, strike slip, and hydrogeology in shaping the Neogene tectonics of the eastern Lake Mead area, Special Paper of the Geological Society of American, 499, 69–94.

Anderson, R.E., Beard, L.S., Mankinen, E.A., & Hillhouse, J.W. (2013). Analysis of Neogene deformation between Beaver, Utah, and Barstow, California: Suggestions for altering the extensional paradigm. Special Paper of the Geological Society of America, 499, 1–67.

Anderson, R.E., Berger, B.R., & Miggins, D. (2012). Timing, magnitude, and style of Miocene deformation, west-central Walker Lane belt, Nevada. Lithosphere, 4(3), 187–208.

Andrews, E.D., & Antweiler, R.C. (2012). Sediment fluxes from California coastal rivers: The influences of climate, geology, and topography. Journal of Geology, 120(4), 349–366.

Andrews, J.T., Barber, D.C., Jennings, A.E., Eberl, D.D., Maclean, B., Kirby, M.E., & Stoner, J.S. (2012). Varying sediment sources (Hudson Strait, Cumberland Sound, Baffin Bay) to the NW Labrador Sea slope between and during Heinrich events 0 to 4. Journal of Quaternary Science, 27(5), 475–484.

Andrews, J.T., & Eberl, D.D. (2012). Determination of sediment provenance by unmixing the mineralogy of source-area sediments: The “SedUnMix” program. Marine Geology, 291, 24–33.

Andrews, J.T., Kristjansdottir, G.B., Eberl, D.D., & Jennings, A.E. (2013). A quantitative x-ray diffraction inventory of volcaniclastic inputs into the marine sediment archives off Iceland: a contribution to the volcanoes in the Arctic System programme. Polar Research, 32, 11130.

Anteau, M.J., Shaffer, T.L., Sherfy, M.H., Sovada, M.A., Stucker, J.H., & Wiltermuth, M.T. (2012). Nest survival of piping plovers at a dynamic reservoir indicates an ecological trap for a threatened population. Oecologia, 170(4), 1167–1179.

Arnold, D.E., Bohor, B.F., Neff, H., Feinman, G.M., Williams, P.R., Dussubieux, L., & Bishop, R. (2012). The first direct evidence of pre-Columbian sources of palygorskite for Maya Blue. Journal of Archaeological Science, 39(7), 2252–2260.

Arthur, M.A., & Dean, W.E. (2013). Oceanographic controls on sedimentary and geochemical facies on the Peru outer shelf and upper slope. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2013-1105.

Ayuso, R.A., Kelley, K.D., Eppinger, R.G., & Forni, F. (2013). Pb-Sr-Nd isotopes in surficial materials at the Pebble Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo deposit, southwestern Alaska: Can the mineralizing fingerprint be detected through cover? Economic Geology, 108(3), 543–563.

Balas, C.J., Euliss, N.H., & Mushet, D.M. (2012). Influence of conservation programs on amphibians using seasonal wetlands in the prairie pothole region. Wetlands, 32(2), 333–345.

Balci, N., Mayer, B., Shanks, W.C., & Mandernack, K.W. (2012). Oxygen and sulfur isotope systematics of sulfate produced during abiotic and bacterial oxidation of sphalerite and elemental sulfur. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 77, 335–351.

Balistrieri, L.S., Nimick, D.A., & Mebane, C.A. (2012). Assessing time-integrated dissolved concentrations and predicting toxicity of metals during diel cycling in streams. Science of the Total Environment, 425, 155–168.

Ballachey, B.E., Bodkin, J.L., & Monson, D.H. (2013). Quantifying long-term risks to sea otters from the 1989 “Exxon Valdez” oil spill: Reply to Harwell & Gentile (2013). Marine Ecology Progress Series, 488, 297–301.

Barringer, J.L., Reilly, P.A., Eberl, D.D., Mumford, A.C., Benzel, W.M., Szabo, Z., … Young, L.Y. (2013). Arsenic in New Jersey Coastal Plain streams, sediments, and shallow groundwater: effects from different geologic sources and anthropogenic inputs on biogeochemical and physical mobilization processes. U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2013-5107.

Barron, J.A., Bukry, D., Field, D.B., & Finney, B. (2013). Response of diatoms and silicoflagellates to climate change and warming in the California Current during the past 250 years and the recent rise of the toxic diatom Pseudo-nitzschia australis. Quaternary International, 310, 140–154.

Barry, J.J., Matos, G.R., & Menzie, W.D. (2013). U.S. mineral dependence: statistical compilation of U.S. and world mineral production, consumption, and trade, 1990-2010. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2013-1184.

Bartos, A.J., Sovada, M.A., Igl, L.D., & Pietz, P.J. (2013). Indirect cannibalism by creche-aged American white pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) chicks. Canadian Field-Naturalist, 127(1), 72–75.

Bass, D.S., Beaty, D.W., Carr, M.H., Drake, B.G., & Hoffman, S.J. (2012). The importance of MSR as a precursor to the future human exploration of Mars. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 47(Supplement S1), A55–A55.

Bauer, K., Ryberg, T., Fuis, G.S., & Lüth, S. (2013). Seismic imaging of the Waltham Canyon fault, California: Comparison of ray-theoretical and fresnel volume prestack depth migration. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 103(1), 340–352.

Behrendt, J.C. (2013a). Mobile magma under Antarctic ice. Nature Geoscience, 6(12), 990–991.

Behrendt, J.C. (2013b). The aeromagnetic method as a tool to identify Cenozoic magmatism in the West Antarctic Rift System beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet - A review; Thiel subglacial volcano as possible source of the ash layer in the WAISCORE. Tectonophysics, 585, 124–136.

Benson, L.V. (2012). Development and application of methods used to source prehistoric Southwestern maize: a review. Journal of Archaeological Science, 39(4), 791–807.

Benson, L.V., Hattori, E.M., Southon, J., & Aleck, B. (2013). Dating North America’s oldest petroglyphs, Winnemucca Lake subbasin, Nevada. Journal of Archaeological Science, 40(12), 4466–4476.

Benson, L.V., Ramsey, D.K., Stahle, D.W., & Petersen, K.L. (2013). Some thoughts on the factors that controlled prehistoric maize production in the American Southwest with application to southwestern Colorado. Journal of Archaeological Science, 40(7), 2869–2880.

Benson, L.V., Smoot, J.P., Lund, S.P., Mensing, S.A., Foit, F.F., & Rye, R.O. (2013). Insights from a synthesis of old and new climate-proxy data from the Pyramid and Winnemucca lake basins for the period 48 to 11.5 cal ka. Quaternary International, 310, 62–82.

Berhe, A.A., Harden, J.W., Torn, M.S., Kleber, M., Burton, S.D., & Harte, J. (2012). Persistence of soil organic matter in eroding versus depositional landform positions. Journal of Geophysical Research G: Biogeosciences, 117(2). doi:10.1029/2011JG001790

Bernknopf, R.L. (2012). Approaching methodologies and case studies. In 2012 Socio-Economic Benefits Workshop: Defining, Measuring, and Communicating the Socio-Economic Benefits of Geospatial Information.

Bernknopf, R.L., Forney, W.M., Raunikar, R.P., & Mishra, S.K. (2012). Estimating the benefits of land imagery in environmental applications: A case study in nonpoint source pollution of groundwater. In R. Laxminarayan & M. K. Macauley (Eds.), The Value of Information (p. 257–299). Springer Netherlands.

Billingsley, G.H., Block, D., & Redsteer, M.H. (2013). Geologic map of the Winslow 30’ × 60’ quadrangle, Coconino and Navajo Counties, northern Arizona. U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3247.

Billingsley, G.H., & Priest, S.S. (2013). Geologic map of the Glen Canyon Dam 30’ x 60’ quadrangle, Coconino County, northern Arizona. U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3268.

Billingsley, G.H., Stoffer, P.W., & Priest, S.S. (2012). Geologic map of the Tuba City 30‘ x 60‘ quadrangle, Coconino County, northern Arizona. U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3227.

Birdwell, J.E., Mercier, T.J., Johnson, R.C., & Brownfield, M.E. (2013). In-place oil shale resources examined by grade in the major basins of the Green River Formation, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2012-3145.

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Bodkin, J.L., Ballachey, B.E., Coletti, H.A., Esslinger, G.G., Kloecker, K.A., Rice, S.D.,… Monson, D.H. (2012). Long-term effects of the “Exxon Valdez” oil spill: Sea otter foraging in the intertidal as a pathway of exposure to lingering oil. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 447, 273–287.

Bonasia, R., Scaini, C., Capra, L., Nathenson, M., Siebe, C., Arana-Salinas, L., & Folch, A. (2013). Long-range hazard assessment of volcanic ash dispersal for a Plinian eruptive scenario at Popocatépetl volcano (Mexico): implications for civil aviation safety. Bulletin of Volcanology, 76(789).

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Bowen, L., Miles, A.K., Murray, M., Haulena, M., Tuttle, J., van Bonn, W., Bodkin, J.L.,… Stott, J.L. (2012). Gene transcription in sea otters (Enhydra lutris); development of a diagnostic tool for sea otter and ecosystem health. Molecular Ecology Resources, 12(1), 67–74.

Bowen, R.A., O’Shea, T.J., Shankar, V., Neubaum, M.A., Neubaum, D.J., & Rupprecht, C.E. (2013). Prevalence of neutralizing antibodies to rabies virus in serum of seven species of insectivorous bats from Colorado and New Mexico, United States. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 49(2), 367–374.

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Brabets, T.P. (2012). Hydrology and modeling of flow conditions at Bridge 339 and Mile 38-43, Copper River Highway, Alaska. U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2012-5153.

Brabets, T.P. (2013). Water-quality and flow data, Chulitna River basin, Southwest Alaska, October 2009-June 2012. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2013-1009.

Brabets, T.P., & Ourso, R.T. (2013). Water quality of streams draining abandoned and reclaimed mined lands in the Kantishna Hills area, Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, 2008–11. U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2013-5048.

Bradley, P.M., Journey, C.A., Kirshtein, J.D., Voytek, M.A., Lacombe, P.J., Imbrigiotta, T.E., Chapelle, F.H., … Goode, D.J. (2012). Enhanced dichloroethene biodegradation in fractured rock under biostimulated and bioaugmented conditions. Remediation, 22(2), 21–32.

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Bury, R.B. (2012b). Changing some of the guard at Herpetological Conservation and Biology. Herpetological Conservation and Biology, 7(1).

Bury, R.B. (2013). Addition of sea turtle editors at Herpetological Conservation and Biology. Herpetological Conservation and Biology, 8(1).

Bury, R.B., & Trauth, S.E. (2012). Pioneer of Herpetology at His Century Mark: Hobart M. Smith. Herpetological Conservation and Biology, 7(2), VII–VIII.

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