Voice of Hope Youth Camp 2008 Packing Check-off List Clothing

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Voice of Hope Youth Camp 2008

Packing Check-off List


(please take clothing that is appropriate and will last you for the duration of the camp-no laundry service provided)

□ short and long sleeved shirts

□ Sweaters (for campfire/it gets pretty chilly at night)

□ Capri pants

Long pants

□ Shorts

□ Raincoat (just in case)

□ Socks

□ Favorite pair of pajamas

□ Undergarments

□ Sandals

Shower tongs

□ closed-toed shoes

□ hiking shoes

Material Things

(not in an order of importance)

Toothbrush, tooth paste, and floss

□ Mouthwash and mints (for the sake of your tent-mate(s)

Face wash

□ Face Towel

□ Shower towel

Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner

□ Shaving gel and razor

□ Mirror


□ Travel toilet paper roll (you never know)

□ Hand sanitizer and hand soap

Alarm clock

Flash light

□ Camera (extra batteries and film/memory card)

□ Bible, notebook, pencil

□ Sleeping bag

□ Blanket (for campfire and night-time)

□ Pillow

□ Air-filled mattress (for a better night sleep)

□ Tent

Sunscreen and tanning oil

□ Sunglasses

□ Bug Repellent (if you want to stay alive :)

□ Loads of Cash (this year we will have a camp store where you can buy snacks and drinks)
Optional Things:

□ Photos of your loved ones

□ ear-plugs (in case your tent-mate snores)

□ Campfire chair (with your name on it)

□ A good book/magazine for down time

Personal List:

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