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Wylkynson, Robert.

See Wilkinson, Robert.

Wynants [Wynant, Winant], Frédéric [Fredericus, Federico]

(b ?c1572; d after 1597). Flemish composer and singer. He is listed as one of the older choirboys in the Flemish chapel at the court of Philip II at Madrid in the second quarter of 1586; according to Becquart he very probably went to Madrid with George de La Hèle in the spring of 1582. It was doubtless he who, as Federico Wynant, published Madrigali a cinque … libro primo (Venice, 1597), of which only a single partbook is known to survive. (P. Becquart: Musiciens néerlandais à la cour de Madrid: Philippe Rogier et son école (1560–1647) (Brussels, 1967), 15, 230)


Wynberg, Simon

(b Edinburgh, 4 Oct 1955). British guitarist. He was educated in South Africa, and later studied with Narciso Yepes and at Goldsmiths' College, London. He made his début at the Newport Music Festival in 1984. Later he settled in Toronto. He was artistic director at the Music in Blair Atholl Chamber Music Festival, Scotland (1991), the Speedside Chamber Music Festival (1993) and the Guelph Spring Festival, Canada (1994). He specializes in 19th- and 20th-century chamber music with guitar, has recorded the music of José Ferrer and François de Fossa, and published editions of Napoléon Coste and Giulio Regondi. His many recordings include a set of ten discs devoted to the guitar works of Zani de Ferranti. Wynberg is not only a virtuoso performer of distinction but one of the guitar's foremost scholars, researching many areas of the instrument's neglected repertory, much of which he has recorded.


C. Cooper: ‘Digging around in Libraries’, Classical Guitar, iv/1 (1985–6), 15–20 [interview]

M.J. Summerfield: The Classical Guitar: its Evolution, Players and Personalities since 1800 (Newcastle upon Tyne, 1991)


Wyner, Yehudi

(b Calgary, 1 June 1929). American composer, pianist and conductor of Canadian birth, son of Lazar Weiner. He studied music at the Juilliard School of Music, Yale University (BMus 1951, MMus 1953), where his teachers were Donovan and Hindemith, and Harvard University (MA 1952) with Piston, among others. After a period at the American Academy in Rome (1953–6), he was active as a performer and composer in New York. His teaching appointments have included positions at the Yale School of Music (from 1963), the Tanglewood Music Centre (1975–97), SUNY, Purchase (1978–89), where he also served as dean of music (1978–82), and Brandeis University (from 1989) as well as visiting professorships at Harvard (1991–7). Among his honours are two Guggenheim fellowships (1958–9, 1977–8), the Brandeis Creative Arts Award, the Elise Stoeger Prize of the Lincoln Centre Chamber Music Society, and commissions from the Ford Foundation and the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival. He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1999.

Wyner’s early works, such as the Partita for piano, show a neo-classical influence; later, he moved towards freer forms, employing jazz rhythms and a more varied chromatic language. The Concert Duo for violin and piano reflects this widening stylistic range. Many compositions are influenced by his Jewish heritage and experience; one of the most important of these is the Friday Evening Service. Major compositions from the late 1970s onwards, such as Fragments from Antiquity and On this most Voluptuous Night, are highly expressive works for solo voice and instruments.


Incid music: The Old Glory (R. Lowell), 1964; The Mirror (I.B. Singer), 1972–3

Orch: Da camera, pf, orch, 1967; Prologue and Narrative, vc, orch, 1994; Lyric Harmony, 1995, rev. 1996; Epilogue, 1996

Choral: Ps cxliii, unacc., 1952; Dedication Anthem, vv, org, 1957; Friday Evening Service, cantor, vv, org, 1963; Torah Service, vv, insts, 1966; Liturgical Frag. for the High Holidays, unacc., 1970; O To Be a Dragon (M. Moore), female vv, pf, 1989

Solo vocal: 2 Psalms, A/B, 1950–51; Songs, 1950–71; Memorial Music (Bible), S, 3 fl, 1971–3; Canto cantabile (Wyner), S, band, 1972; Intermedio, lyric ballet, S, str, 1974; Frags. from Antiquity (Chin., Gk.), S, orch, 1978–81; On this most Voluptuous Night (W.C. Williams), S, 7 insts, 1982; Leonardo vincitore (Wyner), 2 S, db, pf, 1988; Praise Ye the Lord (Bible), S, fl, cl, str qnt, pf, 1994; Restaurants, Wines, Bistros, Shrines (Wyner), S, 2 Bar, pf, 1994; A Mad Tea Party (L. Carroll), S, 2 Bar, fl, vn, vc, pf, 1996; The Second Madrigal (A. Snir, K. Rexroth, S. Kowit, M. Swenson), S, str qnt, wind qnt, perc, 1999

Chbr: Short Sonata, cl, pf, 1950; Dance Variations, wind qnt, tpt, trbn, vc, 1953, rev. 1959; Concert Duo, vn, pf 1955–7; Serenade, fl, tpt, hn, trbn, va, vc, pf, 1958; Passover Offering, fl, cl, trbn, vc, 1959; 3 Informal Pieces, vn, pf, 1961, rev. 1969; Cadenza!, cl, pf/hpd, 1969; De novo, vc, ens, 1971; Dances of Atonement, vn, pf, 1976; All the Rage, fl, pf, 1980; Romances, pf qt, 1980; Tanz and Maissele, cl, vn, vc, pf, 1981; Passage I, fl, cl, tpt, hn, vn, va, vc, pf, 1983; Wind Qnt, 1984; Str Qt, 1985; Amadeus Billiard, 1991; Changing Time, fl, cl, vn, vc, pf, 1991; Trapunto Junction, tpt, hn, trbn, perc, 1991; Il cane minore, 2 cl, bn, 1992; Hn trio, 1997

Kbd (pf, unless otherwise stated): Easy Suite, 1949; 2 Chorale Preludes, org, 1951; Partita, 1952; Sonata, 1954; 3 Short Fantasies, 1963–71; Toward the Centre, 1988; New Fantasies, 1991; Post Fantasies, 1993–4

Recorded interviews in US-NHoh

Principal recording companies: CRI, New World, Pro arte


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