Warren t. Jackson pta 2013-2014 Roles and Committees

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2013-2014 Roles and Committees
The PTA Leadership Team consists of the members of the Executive Board, PTA Committee Chairpersons and the Principal. Current issues and future development of school policies and curriculum are discussed at Board meetings, as well as plans for upcoming PTA functions and events. The General PTA Meetings are open to all Jackson parents. These meetings are the best forums for PTA members to give their input in PTA matters. These meetings may also include performances by our outstanding students and other programs of general interest. We encourage all parents to attend and participate in these general meetings.
In the winter, the Executive Board forms a nominating committee, which fills PTA Board and Committee Chair positions for the following school year. At this time, parents can nominate themselves or a friend for a specific job or a general interest to help support the PTA’s activities. There are positions for all who are interested.

CO-PRESIDENTS: Coordinate volunteer efforts; serve as primary link between PTA and the principal; conduct monthly Executive Board Meetings and General PTA Meetings; coordinate materials and volunteers for Celebration of Learning; represent the school through the Northside Atlanta Parents of Public Schools (NAPPS) organization; and work with Atlanta Board of Education and Atlanta Public Schools (APS) on any issues of importance to the school.
CO- PRESIDENT CHAIRS-ELECT: Assist the Co-Presidents at all events; participate in all Executive Board and General PTA Meetings to learn the specifics of Jackson’s PTA budgeting and other related needs prior to taking office. . The Co-Presidents Elect would give guidance to and oversee the marketing elements of our marketing/communications team consisting of directory and database, Annual Fund, Jaguar Pause & e-blasts, photographers, public-media relations, prospective parents, website & graphic design, Jackson Jottings, Partners, room parent coordinators, spirit wear, and yearbook to ensure consistency of the Jackson brand and image and keep an eye on messaging.
1ST VICE PRESIDENT: Oversees all fundraising efforts, including the Partners in Education Program and works with the 2nd Vice President supervising the Celebration of Learning. The time commitment is ongoing throughout the school year.
2ND VICE PRESIDENT: Oversees non-fundraising volunteer efforts and family fun events, works with

1st Vice President supervising the Celebration of Learning; recruits volunteers throughout the school year.

PRIMARY VICE PRESIDENT: Helps oversee and coordinate all activities at Jackson Primary Campus throughout the school year.
SECRETARY: Attends PTA Board meetings, takes minutes for Board approval and ensures PTA Bylaws are current. The Secretary also coordinates the ordering and installation of teacher plaques and maintains the supplies in the PTA Workroom.
TREASURER: Handles the accounting of the PTA funds and the annual PTA Budget; files tax returns.
ASSISTANT TREASURER: Assists the Treasurer; conducts PTA Audit, manages Store Rewards cards and similar fundraising efforts. All above officers are members of the PTA Executive Board.
PARLIAMENTARIAN: Assists the Executive Board with past experience as a PTA Co-President.



ANNUAL FUND/PTA MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: This committee is responsible for soliciting and tracking donations from Jackson families via letters, online information and in-person presentations at Back to School events. These funds are essential in order for the PTA to provide family fun events, instructional support, cultural arts programs, teacher allotments, staff development and all the other “extras” parents expect at Jackson. The time commitment is ongoing from June to late January.
JACKSON PARENT PARTY & FUNDRAISER: The committee for this bi-annual party, formerly known as the Auction, offers our parents a festive way to raise funds for Jackson and socialize on a weekend evening with friends. Aside from our Annual Fund, this is our premier fundraiser. On the off years, this committee hosts a casual parent party for a night of fun to raise funds for the Teacher Grant Program. The time commitment is ongoing from June to late January.
BINGO NIGHT: This committee organizes a family night of Bingo in February, which includes games, snacks, and prizes.
ORIGINAL ART WORKS SALE: This committee works with the school art teachers and Original Art Works vendor to create student art and manage ordering process/distribution. Sales take place in the fall with items arriving in time for the holidays.
PARENT PARTICIPATION PROGRAMS - BOXTOPS/BRICKS/GA NATURAL GAS/AMAZON: This committee works on a number of fundraisers for the school, including motivating students and parents to participate in the Box Top drive, used device/cartridge recycling and the GA Natural Gas

program. This committee also spearheads the sale of personalized bricks to Jackson families; the bricks become a permanent fixture in Main campus’ outdoor auditorium. The time commitment is minimal, but ongoing throughout the school year.

PARTNERS IN EDUCATION: This committee develops, maintains, and coordinates relationships with local businesses in our community, invaluable partners key to the success of many activities at Jackson. The time commitment is ongoing throughout the year.
READ-A-THON: This committee coordinates our successful reading fundraiser for Jackson which occurs in January. Students will read books during a certain time frame and raise funds according to their sponsorships. The time commitment is from late Fall through Read-A-Thon in January.
SPIRITWEAR: This committee manages the design, procurement and sale of Jackson t-shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, shorts, and other Jackson supplies at school events throughout the school year, with the greatest concentration in the Summer-Fall.


BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT: This committee kicks off our school year with a gathering at Main Campus, which includes the first PTA General Meeting of the year and grade level curriculum meetings for parents. Students and parents enjoy dinner and music at the Primary Campus on a separate evening.
CELEBRATION OF LEARNING: This committee works with the PTA Board to organize the Celebration of Learning day, which is held the before school begins. This kick-off celebration allows students to meet their teachers, parents to receive mandatory APS paperwork and sign up to volunteer.
FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT: This committee coordinates a school-wide family fun night in the Fall by providing a big screen movie, pizza and snacks.
FALL FESTIVAL: This committee coordinates our grade level fun run and fall family fun day, usually in October, including pony rides, tattoos and other fall activities.
FATHERS AND FRIENDS BREAKFAST – This committee provides coffee, juice and donuts in the mornings before school for fathers and family VIPs for each grade level throughout the year.
GRANDPARENTS/VIP DAY: This committee plans and organizes Grandparents’/VIP Day which is usually held in late winter or early spring at both campuses.
HAWKS NIGHT: This committee coordinates with the Hawks and Jackson chorus to plan the date (usually in January), on-court experiences, ticket sales, distribution and organizing students for each on-court event.
JACKSON JAMBOREE: This committee organizes the Jamboree, a family fun event occurring in the spring and requiring more parental involvement than any other activity at Jackson. It is an outdoor carnival with inflatable activities, games, a marketplace, crafts, foods, and other fun activities.
KINDERGARTEN PARENT PARTY: This committee organizes an adult only party for Kindergarten Parents and Staff in a Jackson Family’s home to welcome them to the school and familiarize them with the Jackson PTA.
NEW PARENT COFFEE: This committee organizes the annual welcome reception from the Principal and Primary Administrator. The New Parent Coffee is held on the first day of school at the

Primary Campus.


COMMUNITY SERVICE: This committee coordinates school-wide community service projects such as such as clothing, food and toy drives throughout the year.
ROOTS & SHOOTS: This committee leads 1-2 initiatives throughout the year across grades 2-5 to further student reflection and action on topics relating to animals, the environment and the less fortunate in our community.

DIRECTORY & DATABASE: This committee produces the directory, which provides family addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, in addition to important school information, for all Jackson families. This committee also manages the Directory update process each Spring and Fall.
JAGUAR PAUSE & E-BLAST: The Jaguar Pause is the school newsletter published every other week to communicate important school news and PTA Board activities. This committee is responsible for compiling, editing and publishing this important communication tool. This committee also distributes school-wide emails such as important APS information, calendar updates and school reminders. The time commitment is ongoing throughout the year.
PHOTOGRAPHERS: These individuals work with the yearbook, Jaguar Pause, website and public relations committees to ensure grade level and school-wide events are captured for digital and printed publications, both internal and external to Jackson.
PUBLIC/MEDIA RELATIONS: This individual is responsible for generating press releases, contacting local media and greeting all press and broadcast reps for on-site event coverage.
PROSPECTIVE PARENTS: This committee provides information to parents of pre-school children in our school district by scheduling tours of the school for prospective parents. They also hold a Kindergarten Open House in the spring for incoming Kindergarten students. The time commitment is periodic throughout the year.
WEBSITE: This committee manages the design and regular content updates of the school website. The time commitment is throughout the school year.
GRAPHIC DESIGN: This individual will help other committees produce flyers, banner (and the like) for Jackson events and initiatives. In keeping with Jackson’s brand, this individual will produce all identity elements (brochures, letterhead, event/initiative logos, etc.), if necessary. The time commitment is throughout the school year.

BUILDING & GROUNDS COMMITTEE: This committee coordinates and works closely with the

Principal, PTA and APS to help maintain and undertake projects that enhance the building (interior and exterior) and grounds, including maintenance of all playground equipment. This committee will work at both the Main and Primary Campuses throughout the school year.

BUS LIAISON/CARPOOL: This committee assists Dr. Austin by managing the bus routes from APS and supporting the carpool process on an as needed basis throughout the school year.
CHALLENGE LIAISON: This committee helps with challenge teacher / student interaction, as needed.
CULTURAL ARTS / IB LIAISON: This committee is responsible for bringing plays, performances, music programs and many other cultural arts programs to the student body. These programs are popular with the students and provide important IB enrichment. The time commitment is periodic.
DECORATING: This committee is responsible for helping the entry spaces at both campuses look their best with seasonal décor throughout the year.
FRENCH LIAISON: This person helps coordinate items needed and requested by French Teachers.
GARDENS: This committee coordinates the volunteer effort needed to maintain the garden plots in the front and back of both campuses. Each classroom is assigned a plot to plant throughout the school year.
GREENTHINK: This committee helps the school focus on recycling, reducing, reusing, and rethinking our habits to be more eco-friendly. The time commitment is periodic throughout the school year.
JACKSON JOTTINGS: The Jackson Jottings is a literary magazine featuring writings and drawings by the students. This committee is responsible for producing & distributing the publication each Spring, with planning and gathering content from January until May distribution.
LOST & FOUND: This committee collects and organizes lost items in a central location at the school. Any items left in Lost & Found at the end of the month will be donated to a worthwhile charity. The time commitment is periodic.
MEDIA CENTER: This committee acts as a volunteer source for the Media Specialist and coordinates volunteer activities that help the Media Specialist with shelving books, cataloging new books, etc. The committee is also responsible for assisting the Media Specialist in coordinating the Book Fair(s) and Barnes & Noble evening(s). The time commitment is periodic.
MUSIC LIAISON/SOUND SYSTEM: This committee coordinates with the music teachers to inform parents about upcoming musical performances, as needed.
NOTARY PUBLIC: This person and/or committee assists at various school events which require notarized signatures such as the Kindergarten Open House and the Celebration of Learning when new students are registering, as needed.
PHYSICAL EDUCATION / FIELD DAY: This committee coordinates the Spring field day for both campuses and acts as a liaison for the PE staff.
ROOM PARENT COORDINATORS: This committee coordinates the Room Parents for all the classes. Room Parents provide teachers with the support they need in the classroom for enrichment. Teachers need parents to read to the students, provide an extra hand with class projects, and organize class parties. Each teacher and grade level has different needs. The PTA Room Parent Coordinators will provide sign up genius templates classes and manage communication to room parents throughout the year. The time commitment is periodic.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: This committee works with the teachers to compile grade level lists of common school supplies needed for that grade. They assist in ordering supplies for Primary students, via Paw Packages, and online supply kits for grades 2-5. The time commitment is greatest the week before school starts and during the spring online ordering process.
SPANISH LIAISON: The liaison assists our Spanish speaking families with interpreting and tutoring as needed throughout the school year.
SUNSHINE FUND: This committee sends cards and/or flowers and coordinates meals or other assistance to any Jackson family in need or crisis.
SUTTON LIAISON: This liaison provides a bridge of communication between Warren T. Jackson Elementary School and Sutton Middle School. This liaison helps parents and students become aware of the educational opportunities at our neighborhood public middle school.
TEACHER & STAFF APPRECIATION: This committee provides luncheons and/or breakfasts throughout the year for the faculty and staff to show our appreciation for their hard work. This committee also provides snacks for faculty meetings and coordinates Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week. The time commitment is periodic, with the greatest concentration in the spring for Appreciation Week.
WELCOME DESK: Committee members manage door entry, phones, messages and visitor check-in during their 1.5hr shift. The Welcome Desk coordinator periodically recruits volunteers for shifts at both campuses.
WELCOME WAGON: This committee is responsible for reaching out to those families who are new to Jackson during the school year, ensuring that any questions are answered and that new families are acclimating to the school.
WELLNESS/LUNCHROOM: This committee will help parents to become aware of various “wellness” activities going on at Jackson, and organizes Wellness Week in February. This committee also facilitates needed communication between lunchroom staff, students and parents.
YEARBOOK: This committee coordinates photos for a school-wide album and spearheads the creation, sale and distribution of the yearbook in the spring.


COORDINATORS: Manage all 5th grade activities and a separate budget throughout the year.
ANATOMY FAIR: This person organizes an exciting day for 5th graders in February to learn about the human anatomy by bringing in physicians, nurses and health care workers to provide a hands-on experience.
CLASS GIFT: This person communicates with teachers and parents to determine and purchase the annual fifth grade class gift.
CLASS TRIP: Coordinators plan and organize annual fifth grade spring trip.
FALL FESTIVAL BAKE SALE: The bake sale coordinator solicits baked goods donations and sells baked goods at the Fall Festival.
FALL PHOTOS: These coordinators bring in local photographers to take family fall pictures offered on specific weekends in September and October.
MOVIE AFTERNOONS: Grade level after school movies will be offered as a fundraiser. This person organizes all details of the movie afternoons.
MUSICAL LIAISION: This person works with Mr. White in any needed capacity.
PROMOTION CEREMONY: The promotion ceremony is one of the highlights of fifth grade. This person plans and executes this great event that takes place around the last day of school.
VIDEO: The video coordinator is responsible for producing the fifth grade video from beginning to end.

This person markets and manages fifth grade ad sales for the yearbook. The time commitment is periodic through the Fall until the November deadline.

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