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5. Moving around Dubai by Public Transport
Firstly, I would recommend coming out with lots of passport photos along with photocopies of your passport.

Dubai Metro: A clean and efficient way of travelling along the main stretch of Dubai, as well the Creek area. The most cost efficient way to use it is to buy either a Silver or Gold NOL rechargeable card. A Silver trip (main carriages) will average around 4 dirhams for two zones (less than £1!) whilst a Gold trip (first class with comfy seats!) will be about double this - still only a couple of pound though! Trains are regular, around every 4-8 minutes and run all week apart from Friday mornings. The drawback is that not all areas are serviced by the metro so you might still have a hot walk or taxi ride to your destination. The main malls all have their own metro stop.

Dubai Taxi: Easiest way to get around. Fairs are cheap compared to the UK. Expect to pay 50 dirhams to travel most of Shiekh Zayed Road, whilst local trips will average around 20-30 dirhams. Taxis now charge the Salik road toll which is 4 dirhams under each toll gate. Drawbacks will be the usual Dubai congestion at peak times, but they are flagged down or booked easily. Check the driver knows where to go before he sets off!! Landmarks and roads change frequently!!

Written by Russell Smart

Year 6 Teacher

6. How to Hire a Car

Hiring a car is a reasonably easy process, just make sure you go with the correct documents and you will be driving away your dream car (probably a Yaris). You can use your UK driving licence to hire a car until you have your resident visa. Once you have your visa you must go and get a UAE licence ASAP otherwise you will be driving the car illegally. This is what you need:

  • A credit card for the deposit (a UK credit card will be fine, just for a pre authorisation).

  • Your UK license (only the Photocard is required).

  • Money to pay for it.

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