Wentworth Institute of Technology Cell Phone/Smart Phone Policy

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Wentworth Institute of Technology

Cell Phone/Smart Phone Policy

Updated May 22, 2012

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Who is entitled to a cell phone or smart phone?

  • Wentworth employees whose job duties require the frequent use of a cell phone, or whose duties require that they be continuously accessible by phone

  • Must be approved by Chair/Department Head (if applicable), Divisional Vice President and the Vice President of Finance

What devices are provided?

  • If access to email/data is not needed – basic cell phone will be provided.

  • If access to email/data is needed – a smart phone will be provided. Employees may choose between Apple iPhone or Android device (specific models of devices may change over time).

  • All Wentworth cell phones/smart phones will be part of a shared service plan providing for unlimited calling, messaging/texting, and data sharing.

What about employees eligible for a smart phone who are locked into their personal individual plan?

  • Wentworth will reimburse individuals who are eligible to receive a Wentworth provided cell/smart phone up to $50 per month for the duration of their individual plan as long as they are employed at Wentworth and remain eligible for a cell/smart phone (not to exceed 24 months). At the conclusion of the individual plan, if the employee desires to retain their existing phone number the employee will work with the DTS division to have their phone number transferred over to the carrier used by Wentworth. Charges for individual plans may not be charged directly to a Wentworth PCard.


  • Employees must adhere to all federal, state, or local rules and regulations regarding the use of cell phones, including restrictions on use while driving. Accordingly, employees must not use cell phones in any way that is prohibited by law, regulation, or other ordinance.

  • The cell phone/smart phone is the property of Wentworth (unless an individual transferred their personal cell phone/smart phone to join the Wentworth pan in which case the phone would remain the property of the individual). Employees must return the device if employment ends or if the device is no longer needed due to a change in job responsibilities. If an employee wishes to keep his/her phone in these circumstances he/she may purchase the phone for the phone’s original cost to Wentworth and must transition service to their own individual plan. Also under these circumstances, if an employee wishes to keep the phone number (and not the phone itself),please contact DTS to determine the proper transitional steps.

  • Wentworth will not pay for any applications (APPS), music/video downloads, or entertainment add-ons, or phone accessories not included with the original phone distribution (such as phone covers, charging stations etc.) either as direct charges to the phone bill, charges to a Wentworth PCard or reimbursement to the employee. There are no exceptions to this.

  • Employees who are eligible for a phone that would like to retain their existing personal number will be allowed to transition that number over to the Sprint plan. The phone number will be transitioned back if their employment at Wentworth has ended or the device is no longer needed due to a change in job responsibilities. DTS will assist individuals in each of these cases.

  • Smartphone Mobile Hotspots & Tethering. Wentworth will pay for mobile hotspots or tethering if it is necessary for performance of the employee’s job duties and it is approved by the Divisional Vice President and the Vice President of Finance.

To apply for a Wentworth cell phone/smart phone the employee must submit a completed Cell Phone Request Form located below and on the Purchasing Website.

In order to obtain a cell/smart phone provided by Wentworth Institute of Technology you must fill out the following request.

This is to verify that you qualify under Wentworth guidelines for the phone. A request does not guarantee approval. You must be a full time Wentworth employee. Benefits to both you and Wentworth must be demonstrated in order to justify the issuance of a phone.

Upon completion of the request, you must have the appropriate supervisory personnel approve this form. The completed form should then be sent to the Vice President of Finance. This form will then be sent to the Purchasing department and an order placed.
When the cell phone is received and activated you will be notified to go to DTS and sign out for it. A copy of the Wentworth cell/smart phone policy will be given to you at that time and any questions you may have about the use of the phone and your responsibilities will be answered at that time.


Department Name: ____________________________________________________________

Name (Please print legibly.):_________________________________________________
Wentworth Phone Number: _______________________________________________________
Department: ___________________________________________________________________
Title/Date of Hire: ___________________________________________________________
E-mail address: ______________________________________
Cell Phone being requested: iPhone__________ NEXUS Galaxy_____________
Cell phone justification: Why does the individual require a cell phone over conventional communications (office phone, pay phone etc)? How will this enhance the job being done on Wentworth’s behalf?






Requestor: ____________________________________________Date:________________
Chair/Dept. Head: ___________________________________________ Date: __________

Divisional Vice President: _________________________________ Date: ___________

Vice President of Finance: _________________________________ Date: ____________
I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand Wentworth’s cellphone smartphone policies.
PHONE NUMBER ASSIGNED____________________________________

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