What have you got planned in 2013/2014? Accept a challenge – Realise a dream – meet your potential – Blue water sailing with Waterfront

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Accept a challenge – Realise a dream – meet your potential – Blue water sailing with Waterfront

True to her name OCEAN ODYSEA (a new Bavaria 45 Avantgarde and the latest addition to our fleet) is scheduled to take on an Atlantic circuit between October 2013 and May 2014.

A choice of passages is available from weekly to monthly duration and longer, suitable for complete novices or experienced sailors.

All crew will be required to undergo a structured training programme, depending on past experience. Selection interviews and pre entry requirements will have to be met.

  1. The provisional programme includes;


Leg One

21 Oct. Brighton to Guernsey ( Channel Isles ) 140 nm.

23/31 Oct. Guernsey to Porto ( Portugal ) 900nm.

2013 continued

Leg Two

2 / 9 Nov. Porto to Funchal ( Madeira ) 800nm.

Leg Three 12/15 Nov. Funchal to Las Palmas ( Gran Canaria ) 300nm

Leg Four

16/23 Nov. Yacht/ crew race preparation, Gran Canaria

24 Nov. ARC RACE START- Las Palmas to St Lucia

Atlantic Crossing approx 2800 nm. non stop!!

15th Dec. Approx. expected arrival in Rodney Bay, St.Lucia.

21st Dec. ARC prize giving and party.

23rd December last date for crew departure- yacht vacated end of Leg 4.

23rd Dec to 2nd Jan. Yacht laid up in Rodney Bay.


3rd Jan to 31st March 2014 Opportunity to reserve holiday/training package en route between St Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe and Antigua.

Leg Five

April 1/6 Yacht and crew preparation for Atlantic return in Antigua.

April 7/25 approx. Antigua to Azores. 2300nm.

Leg Six

April 28/8 May approx. Azores to La Coruna (Spain) 1200nm.

Leg Seven

10/18 May approx. La Coruna- Bay of Biscay- Brighton. 800nm.

All passages will qualify for RYA mile building and certified log books will be provided.

All passages above 650nm non-stop could meet RYA Ocean passage requirements.

  1. Pre-passage requirements, training, experience.

Pre selection interview RYA Sea Survival, one day course

Medical fitness confirmation.

Pre-race training weekends

RYA Day Skipper practical and shore based certificates. Available via Waterfront at discounted course rates. Personal Insurance, Passport, Visas

  1. Priced Schedule

Leg One: £799 (Brighton to Porto)

Leg Two: £550 (Porto to Funchal)

Leg Three: £250 (Funchal to Las Palmas)- FREE to Leg 4 Crew

Leg Four: £2999 ATLANTIC CROSSING- Las Palmas to St Lucia

Leg Five: £2299 ATLANTIC CROSSING- Antigua to Azores

Leg Six: £799 Azores to La Coruna

Leg Seven: £550 La Coruna to Brighton

Price schedule notes:

  1. Crew competing in Legs 4 or 5 will get preference for addition of other legs at discounted rates.

  2. All the way crew price will be heavily discounted

  3. Flights are NOT included. Crew must make arrangements to arrive and depart on the designated dates. No compensation will be given for delays in passage routing.

  4. Crew competing in Leg 4 are strongly advised to join the yacht at Funchal. Leg 3 is free to Leg 4 crew.

  5. Discounts available for multiple legs.

  6. Discount of 5% for 2 person bookings.

  7. Monthly payments by Direct debit available

  8. Full payment required one month before departure. 25% deposit required with confirmed booking as initial payment.

  9. Meals and accommodation between dates of passage are provided on board. In periods when the yacht is laid up in port, evening meals will not be provided.

  10. Travel and Personal Accident insurance must be taken out and is the responsibility of the individual. We may be able to help with reduce cost flights and insurance.

  1. Crew Equipment/Clothing

Crew members are responsible for providing their own equipment/clothing. This must include but need not be limited to;

  1. Good quality offshore sailing suit.

  2. Sailing Boots or wellies. Deck shoes.

  3. Sailing gloves, thermal gloves

  4. Warm hats, sun hats.

  5. 150 N automatic Life jacket with, crutch straps, spray hood, harness and light.

  6. Head torch, hand torch ( spare batteries )

  7. Spare spectacles, sun glasses. Sun cream, lip balm, minor first aid, sea sickness prevention.

  8. Sleeping bag, pillow cases, towels, toiletries.

  9. Advisory. Personal Locating Beacon for MOB.


Duncan Smith: 07775 904122

E mail waterfront@tesco.net



Download 473.23 Kb.

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