What is the nature of the most basic processes in our Universe: are they purely deterministic, are some random, and is there a type of process that is neither deterministic or random?

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What is the nature of the most basic processes in our Universe: are they purely deterministic, are some random, and is there a type of process that is neither deterministic or random?
I feel:

  1. The First and most basic process in our Universe is the impulse to maximize the quality of observation of the following gestalt (figure/ground formation):

FIGURE:Time-Space-Mind-Other 1 (Relative Domain)

GROUND:Absolute: A Non-Time Domain (Unified Field 2, No Boundary Condition 3)

I will refer to the above gestalt as the Absolute Gestalt and the subjective observation of the Absolute Gestalt as Being/Time 4.

2) The Absolute Gestalt transcends the Non-Time/Space-Time-Mind Duality and is, in fact, the Non-Time/Space-Time-Mind dimension itself. The Absolute Gestalt, as a dimension, is expanded by a "formative Process" 5 which increases forms (Evolution Impulse) in the Time-Space-Mind-Other domain (increased novelty).
3) The evolution of time, space, and superstrings (The Word), the "freezing" of particles and elements after the "Big Bang", the generation of ever increasing complex life-forms and civilizations through evolution, and the formation of the "Dichotomy of Subject/Object Awareness . . . and existential ambiguity" 6 (Ego boundaries), all are being processed to create novel "relative selves" (in multi-dimensions) and to increase awareness of the Absolute Gestalt. Some objective paradigms of this state is: 1) The Physics of Black Holes: Relative Space-Time/The Event Horizon/The No Boundary Condition and, 2) Psychology of the Zen Koan, and 3) Cosmic Consciousness 7.
4) Being/Time is the awareness of the change of observed-states in time and space and referenced to the absolute ground state (Absolute Gestalt). The awareness of observed states required the storage of past observed states and the evolution of time and self-aware memory entities (Anthropic Principle). The self-aware memory entities evolve highly complex sensors for filtering and perceiving data within the dimensions they are in (sight, sound, brain, other 8) and can be in many dimensions at once (Space, Time, Non-Time, Other)
5) Being requires the creation of Time, for Being is the rate of change of a Memory-States in the time domain. So to Maximize Being/Time the universal constants must be anthropically biased to facilitate the generation of conscious intelligent life-forms with highly algorithmic compression capability 9 (such as the human brain) to maximize Figure and therefore Being/Time.
6) Since the total local available energy for doing work is limited (increased entropy), the selective process of evolution must feed on itself to form more algorithmically complex higher life forms. The built in bias towards the fittest (stable in time) implies a second basic principle in Nature: the persistence and extension of more complex forms through space in time. This extension from the absolute to the relative generates through multi-dimensions which follow infinite Universal Fractal dimensions (Mandelbrot type sets) or attractors (Lorenz) 10 from the Absolute to the most relative and back towards the Absolute—an iterative process.
7) The process of maximizing Being/Time has always been and will always BE: I Am that I Am.

On the question of Determinism and Randomness:
8) Randomness infers Probability which infers Time because probabilities must have events and events occur axiomatically in time. The summation of linear time-events will create a non-time dependent Entropy-State-Surface. This surface is like a slice of space-time.
9) To subjectively feel and perceive time requires memory. The Entropy arrow-of-time requires the conscious awareness of the change of previous Entropy-States. Without a human-brain type cognition and memory or an equivalent self-aware entity, time does not exist in the subjective sense only in probable future anthropic-space/time-states.
10) To determine requires a linear-time dependent environment. To determine requires the assumption of a "forecast" of events or "states" into the future by an observing entity. A forecast is the prediction of a series of state-surfaces linearly in time and to determine is to accurately predict these state-surfaces through the knowledge of pre-determined laws, and algorithms. To say future states or indeterminate implies that the laws contain "principles of uncertainty" or probability dimensions which, by definition, infer indeterminate future-states. In total, this is the Wave Function of The Universe (W) as defined by Quantum Physics and Cosmology. This uncertainty gives rise to novelty (Whyte) and maximizes Being/Time.
11) Total determinism would require the total collapse of the Wavefunction (W) in our Universe or the Minimization of this Universe's Absolute Gestalt (zero novelty). This would probably begin the collapse of this Universe into the "Big Crunch" (Hawking) for the start of a new Universe and a New Day.
12) The question of determinism and randomness follow the paradigm of CHAOS theory (Gleick): 1) Determinism in the attractors and Universal Fractal dimensions 2) and randomness and probability in the time domain (W). Therefore, as far as the basic process of maximizing the awareness of the Absolute Gestalt, it is both deterministic and random at once.
Controlled or nor controlled?

The same dice show two faces.

Not Controlled or Controlled,

Both are a grievous error. 11
"Observe the lilies of the field.

They toil neither do they weep.

But even Solomon in all his glory

cannot surpass one of them." (Jesus)

1    "Other" refers to all other possible dimensions (physical or metaphysical). The number can be infinite.

2    Hagelin, John S., PH.D, Restructuring Physics from its Foundation in Light of Maharishi's Vedic Science (MIU: THP-89/48, 1989)

3    Hawking, Stephen, A Brief History of Time, (Bantam Books, Page 136, 1988). The No Boundary Condition simply means there is no singularities in space-time or a beginning to the Universe. "It would just BE"

4    I read the term Being/Time in a book about Zen many years ago. I cannot remember the name or author of the book.

5    L.L.Whyte, Next Development Man, 1948

6     Fromm, Eric; Suzuki, D.T.; DeMartino, R, Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis (Grove Press: 1960), 145.

7    Maharishi's Transcendental Consciousness; D.T. Suzuki's "Absolute Subjectivity" (note 6 above)

8    Other sensors includes the Chakra Paradigm (John E. Nelson M.D., Healing the Split, Transpersonal Psychology)

9    Barrow, John D., Theories of Everything, The Quest for Ultimate Explanation (1991)

10    Gleick, James, CHAOS (Penguin Books, 1987)

11    Reps, Paul, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones (Doubleday)

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