Who is eligible for the NetHope Academy Intern Program?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the NetHope Academy Intern Program?
The NetHope Academy Internship Program is open to all candidates who have a background and interest in the Information Technology field. We are targeting recent or soon to be university and technical college graduates. Those without university experience who have relevant IT experience are also welcome to apply.

Do I have to be a Computer Science or Engineering student to apply?
No. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds as long as you have an interest in working in the Information Technology sector. The majority of our participants have a degree or diploma in computer science, engineering, information technology, telecommunications or a related field.

I recently graduated and am looking for a full time job. Can I apply for this program?
Yes. You will be placed in a 40 hour a week full time internship and will be expected to study a minimum of 8 additional hours per week via instructor-led courses or online resources provided by the program.

Am I guaranteed to get a job at the end of the program?
There are no guarantees offered by the NetHope Academy Internship Program, however, you will be well positioned and more highly marketable to obtain a job once you have work experience on your resume. It is possible that the organization through which you do your internship may hire you if they are happy with your job performance during the internship period and they have openings. To date, 84% of our program participants have found full time employment within 90 days of completing the program.

What if I dropped out of university or never attended university?
That is ok. You can still apply to the program if you have an interest in IT and have relevant skills/experience.

How much of my time will the NetHope Academy Intern Program take?
The program is 6 months in duration and will consist of approximately:

  • 200 hours of classroom and online training (80 hours of Boot Camp training to be held in the first two weeks) with the remaining hours to be spaced throughout the internship period

  • 40 hours of work a week for full-time interns PLUS 8 hours of study time each week throughout the program

What will I get out of the program?
You will get real world experience working in the IT field, professionally led Microsoft and Cisco training, access to online training, connections to local IT professionals, a network of global IT professionals, mentoring and good experience to put on your resume. Everyone is expected to receive the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification and the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS Windows 7) by the end of the six month program. Many interns earn additional technical certifications through their host organization. All Interns that complete program requirements will also receive a NetHope Academy certificate.

What are my chances of being accepted to the program? What type of person are you looking for?
This will depend on the number of applications we receive. We are looking for motivated people who demonstrate an interest in technology and basic computer knowledge. The ideal candidate is curious about technology and enjoys problem solving. Interns must be have excellent time management skills and able to balance their academic and personal responsibilities along with their Internship and training expectations.

What language will the training be given in?
All training will be given in English. IT professionals in Haiti, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa have said that English is the language of IT. At the same time, we recognize that not everyone will have perfect English skills so we will have staff in every class that can clarify concepts in the local language.

How do I apply to the program?
Click here to fill out an online application form. You must submit your application by the deadlines posted on www.nethopeacademy.org for your home country. Once we review your application, you may be contacted come in for an interview assessment.

How will I be notified of my status?
Be sure to check your email address you provided to find out if you have been selected to move on to the interview assessment round.

Where will my internship be located?
You will be working at a humanitarian organization or a company. Most assignments will be in a major city, but some may be in a rural area. You will be asked whether you are willing to temporarily relocate for an assignment outside of the major cities in your country (Nairobi, Kigali, Johannesburg or Port Au Prince).

Can I get an internship working in a different country?

The program builds local IT capacity by filling gaps in-country with resources from that country. Occasionally we have had some interns travel out of the country during their internship period because their host organization had offices in those locations that needed their assistance. Several of our alumni have had the opportunity to travel outside of the country for work as a part of their full time job.

What type of work will I be doing during the internship?
You will be working closely with an IT Manager/mentor that will be giving you specific directions for your daily tasks. They will likely include basic desktop support functions (i.e., installing operating systems, troubleshooting Microsoft office application, fixing printers, virus removal) and some basic network administration. If you have a particular talent or interest that you would like to gain exposure to, you should let us and your IT Manager know.

What if I am interested in the program, but just have too much going on right now?
We plan to offer this same program in the future. If now is not a good time for you, you can apply next year.

Will I get paid during my internship?

Each host organization is required to pay a stipend that at the minimum will cover your transport fees and lunch throughout the duration of your internship. There is no guarantee of an income beyond these stipends, and we encourage interns to realize that the experience they are gaining, although they not be earning as much money during this period as they would like, is setting them up to be successful in acquiring a decent paying IT job in the future.

Do I have to pay to participate in the Kenya program?

We have been able to secure enough funding for this class to offer a partial scholarship so that the interns are not paying the full fee. The interns will pay one third of the total amount (85,000KES of 255,000KES) and NetHope donors and sponsors will pay the remaining two thirds.

Why do I have to participate to pay in the Kenya program?

The fee serves two purposes. Firstly, it ensures that the NetHope Academy program in Kenya still exists and provides IT graduates invaluable vocational training and internships. In addition, by both NetHope Academy and the interns financially investing in the program, there is a mutual ‘skin in the game’ that will positively impact your success and commitment.

How can I give back to NetHope as an alumni of the program?

Many of our alumni give back to NetHope through non-financial means such as mentoring, presenting at training, supporting recruitment, networking activities and generally being ambassadors for NetHope. In addition, we are in the process of setting up an alumni fund that will help support future students participate in the program.

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