Haiti Relief – esf 15 Support Organization Situation Report # 17 1/28/10

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Haiti Relief – ESF 15 Support Organization Situation Report # 17 - 1/28/10


*Aidmatrix Foundation, Inc

Aidmatrix is working diligently with our global NGO and local partners in Haiti to connect the various response efforts to the recent earthquake.  Needs for in-kind and transportation donations are currently being assessed and will be posted to the Aidmatrix Network as they become available.  Communications and connectivity are difficult at present in Haiti as relief teams are still making their way to the area, so please continue to check back for updates or follow us on the social networks at the right.


Donate Cash

Donate In-Kind Products/Services via the Powered by ACTION portal on the Aidmatrix Network. Powered by ACTION is a group of impassioned people working with private sector and on-the-ground social initiatives to improve the lives of those in need.


If your relief organization is working in Haiti and would like to become a "Registered Recipient,” please use our contact us form.  In addition, other Aidmatrix Partners are activating their own portals for this response and we will provide updates on these efforts as they are available.

18 Jan. 2010.  Over the past few days in response to the Haiti Earthquake, two new portals have joined the Aidmatrix Network.

Airlink – http://www.aidmatrixnetwork.org/fema/States.aspx?ST=AIRLINK

Welcome to ISTAT AirLink's Haiti earthquake response project. We are dedicated to alleviating widespread suffering caused by the 7.0 earthquake that occurred near Port-au-Prince on January, 12, 2010. Through this portal, transportation donors are able to view the requirements of NGOs responding to the disaster. They can respond by making an offer to transport freight or passengers. Alternatively, any transportation donor may offer capacity they have available to be reviewed by NGOs participating in the project. Although, at the time of the humanitarian disaster in Haiti, AirLink's system was still in development, we have been able to implement an 'in development' matching program that we believe to be effective. We thank our partners for helping us quickly respond to this unfolding crisis.

CARE – http://www.aidmatrixnetwork.org/fema/States.aspx?ST=CARE

CARE has worked in Haiti since 1954, first providing relief to people affected by Hurricane Hazel. Development activities officially started in 1959. CARE operates through a central office in PetionVille, and has a programmatic structure dividing the country in two regions -- one including the northwest and the Artibonite, and the other, Port-au-Prince and Grand-Anse.

The CARE portal has needs posted.

It should also be noted that the ALAN (American Logistic Aid Network) portal is actively engaged in the relief effort. They are subscribing to needs from other portals and working with their members on transportation to Haiti.

Mike Seifert - 414-659-1905 cell - Mike_Seifert@aidmatrix.org

American Red Cross


1-19-10 - Red Cross workers are assisting the Florida Department of Children and Families with repatriation activities at airports throughout the state of Florida with most activity at Homestead, Miami International and Sanford-Orlando. Assistance includes food, water, blankets, hygiene supplies, mental health and health services.


Red Cross workers are also providing assistance to foreign nationals with food, clothing, shelter, mental health and health services.


Service is available 24/7 at sites with high activity. American Red Cross Services are available upon request 24/7 at airports across Florida.


Red Cross workers: 174


Meal Count:          2,400                                       People provided financial assistance: 0

Snack/Water:        4,500                                      Nights lodging: 4

Comfort Kits:        48                                            Total people assisted: 3,641

Cots:                       50                                            Blankets:                350

Health contacts: 7                                                 Mental Health Contacts: 48



At this time, what we need the most are financial contributions – whether by check, online or by phone. The Red Cross and other organizations leading the efforts in Haiti most need financial gifts in order to best serve the people affected. Things like clothes are not helpful right now because there is nowhere to store them, no one to sort them, and it would be difficult to transport the items to Haiti. One good way to turn clothes into cash is to have a garage sale and then donate the money to the relief efforts.

Non-United States Citizens


Publix customers may donate any amount by adding it to their grocery totals when checking out at Publix registers. Collected money will be channeled through the American Red Cross and designated specifically for the Haiti Relief & Development Fund.


International Committee of the Red Cross FamilyLinks website: http://www.icrc.org/familylinks

As a result of the earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 January 2010, thousands of persons within Haiti and abroad have lost contact with their loved ones. The aim of the Family Links website is to accelerate the process of restoring contact between separated family members.  It is managed by the ICRC, in cooperation with the tracing services of the Haitian Red Cross Society and of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies throughout the world.


At this stage, the website offers the possibility for persons in Haiti and abroad to register the names of relatives with whom they are striving to restore contact. It will progressively incorporate information offering responses to those queries.


United States Citizens

If you’re concerned about a US citizen living or traveling in Haiti, call the U.S. State Dept at 1-888-407-4747 for assistance. Otherwise keep trying loved ones via phone, social networking sites, or through a loved one outside the disaster zone.


Catholic Charities of Florida, Inc


1-22-10 - Catholic Charities agencies are involved in the Florida response to the Haitian earthquake for repatriation and temporary protected status.  Catholic Charities of Central Florida is working with DCF at central Florida entry points for repatriation (Sanford) and providing translation/interpreter services and other services.  Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami is working in South Florida and has deployed several staff to Haiti for support.  They are working with the U.S. Department of Defense to ensure a Haitian clergy presence in Haiti for pastoral care by rotating clergy in/out of Haiti.  The Archdiocese is also working on an advocacy plan to address the needs of Haitian children (orphans) at high risk.  

 Fund-raising is underway throughout the state in the state’s seven Dioceses  Much of the funds for Haitian relief have/will go to Catholic Relief Services, the international disaster relief arm of the Catholic Church, which was already in operation in Haiti prior to the event, and continues in assisting with response and recovery efforts. Other Catholic-based organizations and agencies are also involved in these relief efforts, (e.g., Food for the Poor, Cross International, and several religious orders).  Marcus Hepburn - mhepburn@flacathconf.org

Marcus Hepburn - mhepburn@flacathconf.org


Christian Contractors Association, Inc


1-20-10 - We were able to load 8 pallets of medicine and medical supplies that we've been storing in our Brooksville warehouse with one of our partnering agencies called Abacus World Health.  This is an organization that we've worked with in the past by providing them free warehouse space and forklift operation. They are comprised of medical students from the University of Florida. Their contacts include local doctors, and hospitals. We were able to receive medicines from Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville. There were 10 volunteers included in this operation. Abacus has a contact on the ground to receive the product for emergency disbursement. We have received an update from LIF and Pastor Arthur Spalding at Double Harvest. Our onsite CCA volunteer, Richard, and the LIF team have been able to repair the well and generator, have acquired fuel and are actively pumping drinking water to the survivors and relief workers at Double Harvest. They have also been able to connect with some doctors through Samaritan's Purse and now have 40 doctors is my understanding, and just 2 days ago they had 1 Haitian doctor serving 400 patients. This has been a major answer to prayer. Of course, they are still in need of more food and medical supplies. They have unfortunately been doing many amputations and all that was available was a PVC saw and no anesthesia. Two more volunteers from our partnering ministry that is located a half hour south of our warehouse from the Living In Faith team are en route to Double Harvest. They will be setting up the eye clinic to replace eyeglasses as needed. One of these volunteers from the LIF team is the son of the pastor that works at Double Harvest in Croix de Bouquet.  I'm sure he is anxious to see his father and the rest of his family.   Please continue to keep all of this in your prayers. Our Florida operation in Brooksville and Living in Faith directed by Jon and Julie Brigner in Lutz are continuing to work closely together in fundraising and warehousing for future use as requests are made. We continue to pray for God's direction of involvement in this crisis on a day to day basis as He leads us.

Scott Jager - scottj@ccaministry.org - 352-799-7856

Christian Disaster Response


Procurement and Logistics
Public Relations / Media
Emergency Management Specialist
Nurses and one ( Expert on disabled )
Water Emergency Specialists
Child Psychiatrist and Post traumatic Stress Disorders Counselors
Urban Development manager
Mass Care Food/ Shelter Specialist

Please contact me ASAP if you have any of these volunteers available.

Dr. Ron Patterson
www.cdresponse.org <http://www.cdresponse.org/>
863-967-HELP (4357)

Accepting in kind donations call for items or equipment list and or see web site www.cdresponse.org

Ron Patterson - 863-967-help (4357)


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is providing the following response to this event. 

An initial airlift will be made from the U.S. to deliver immediate relief items including food, water filters, hygiene kits, tents, tarps, and other supplies. Additional support from the U.S. and locally in Haiti will be provided in the coming weeks through Church leaders in Haiti and other partner organizations.

·         Church produced food commodities from the U.S.

·         Church purchased relief supplies from the U.S.

·         In-kind supplies from the U.S.

·         Local purchase of relief supplies

·         Support with partner organizations (Food for the Poor, Red Cross, and others)

·         Transportation costs

Wayne Tracy - tracy_w@bellsouth.net  305-969-5445 office 


Church of Scientology Disaster Relief Team


 Number of People Helped: 2056

Assisted US military with unloading critical patients. Working at four “hospital sites” with critical care and in ICU. Since the earthquake we have delivered three babies. Hand-feeding, hydrating, and giving tetanus shots to patients; Keeping Doctors & Security hydrated with Kangan purified water system at several hospital sites-system also provides sterilized water for operations; assisting with providing food & water to orphanages; critical physical & spiritual assists delivered to over 876 . Delivered & set up beds at a hospital. Fed food to 1350 patients at one hospital.

Partnerships: Accepting shipments of supplies & delivering to hospital including beds and food. Last night we flew in the International Red Cross Spokesperson and the Minister of Health for the Nation of Islam along with 9 doctors and 4 tons of food and medical supplies. Since the Earthquake we have flown in over 300 medical staff and Bed-Sty Volunteer Ambulance Core; US Military- Unloading & organizing supplies; assisting with medi-vac helicopter patient transport;
Number of Locations:  Over six main locations. Several new hospital/medical sites being established at various locations.

 Delivered Goods: One delivery-800 Pounds of supplies delivered including medical supplies, food and water. One of our planes last night brought in 4 tons of ready-to-eat military rations & medical supplies, and 9 doctors.

Logistics: Central Stock Room-Organizing and handing out medical supplies.

Needs:  We're located a hospital 1 ½ hours out in a town called Lestere. It is operational in that it has electricity and running water.  There is room for 120 beds. It was built 15 years ago and has not been used ever. IT IS TOTALLY EMPTY OF MEDICAL EQUIPMENT.  There are about 70 people hovering about the hospital, not in bad shape except for one baby who is 2 months old and who had 3rd degree burns on his/her arms/legs.  We are setting this facility up for operation and need 120 beds and medical supplies.

Developing Opportunities: One of our contacts has a hospital in Milot 12 miles from Cap Haitian to the south, 75 miles away from Port Au Prince. He said they have 17 surgeons on staff from the US and Haiti waiting for patients. We are building the coordination & networking to establish this site.

We are arranging for 160 more of our volunteers to be deployed.

Flights:  Additional flights being worked on.

Washington, DC Assistance:  A team of volunteer ministers has been at the Haitian embassy since the quake offering assistance, logistics, spiritual and emotional / grief counseling Assists and partnering with the Greater Washington Haiti Relief Committee and organizing medical personnel to fly to Haiti. Another team of volunteers is assisting at a local Haitian Baptist Church in Aldelphi, Maryland offering grief counseling.


Lisa Cummins -Churches of Scientology Disaster Response - 727 692-3305


Compassion Alliance


1-17-10 – Coordinating transporting donations to Haiti. Sending 6 to 8 doctors over to Haiti, more staff will be departing over the next 2 or 3 days.  Making arrangements to send a number of containers to Haiti.  We have 25 containers of bottled water to send which adds up to about 500,000 bottles of water and also 40,000 pounds of canned vegetables.  


Convoy of Hope 



  • Convoy of Hope Base of operations is the Mission of Hope just outside of the city of Port au Prince in Titanyen, Haiti.

  • Inbound loads will be at the airport at the Mission Aviation Fellowship Hanger

  • Meals served-

  • Over 1.6 million meals distributed through the partnership of Convoy of Hope and Mission of Hope at PODs (points of distribution) through Monday January 25, 2010

  • Distribution 2 main points of distribution are Quisqueya Chapel and Cite Soleil along with utilizing 3 orphanages and other varying locations including: Cite Solei, Delmas75, Croix Des Bouquets, Cabaret, Titanyen, and others in and around Port Au Prince.

  • 10 containers shipped last week, food, drinks, snacks

  • 1 million pounds of food and supplies are in the pipeline

  • 30 Sawyer water filters installed. Training on going.

  • Go Teams- A fifth team arrived in Port Au Prince Saturday afternoon and Began assessments for Long term strategies for operations. We will continue distribution based out of Mission of Hope.

  • Water Purification-We continue to train people to maintain the Sawyer water purification systems in numerous areas including some orphanages.

  • Medical clinic- Medical teams are serving as needed.

  • Fuel- Continues to be challenging but working through it.

  • Partnership- Partnering with numerous NVOAD organizations and churches.

  • NEEDS:

FUEL- Security for GOTEAMS-Food, water, medical supplies, tents, and tarps
The Eagles Wings Foundation


1/28/10 - Total summary numbers still accurate but Petionville & Tomassin Sit Rep accidentally overwritten.

CONVOY TO NOWHERE: Following previous Ops period meetings with White and Red Falcon senior officers at their base HQ’s and the 82nd’s request for assistance in providing HA food to assist with 82nd’s ramped up HA mission, PTF focused on a very large, joint mission package for this Op.

0500 start for major mission. PTF Commander met with WFP Food Cluster Chief. Confirmed & secured major direct shipment from Cap Haitian. Went to US HAC; requested Comm’s to 82nd White Falcon Base ASAP as priority. Arranged with UN Transport team to receive 125 tons of rice, 50,000 MRE’s, and 67 tons of bulk food. Met with U -3 on security (U -3 Commander asked PTF Commander to have U – 3, PIO team create a video for UN forces’ training on PTF Lessons Learned, strategies and tactics); met with U – 9 on Planning. WFP PIO arranged press contingent to follow today’s mission to distribute 1,000,000 meal rations. Secured UN Brazil escort unit. Coordinated assemblage of tractor trailers at new WFP warehouse. Continuing efforts to secure Comm’s to White Falcon for permission to deploy to its base as a staging area for trans loading material for Op. Talked to platoon leaders from Red and Black Falcon. Mission planning. HAC never secured Comm’s to White Falcon in 3 hours. Black Falcon platoon leader confirmed by cell authorization to proceed to White Falcon - “from Brigade.”

PTF Commander and Brazil escort began convoy mission at 1030. Traveled to new WFP warehouse and arranged 5 large trucks to convoy, leaving five other trucks for a second trip. Traveled to White Falcon (one hour) with large press contingent following. Arrived at White Falcon about 1245; met with Colonel and Major. 12 PTF trucks which had been blocked from WFP warehouse re-deployed with this convoy. 82nd Command Briefing held with no invite to attend. Informed by Major that no permission ever was given to trans load at site. Instructed by White Falcon to re-deploy back to Airport base. Entire contingent now escorted by Brazil and 82nd detail convoyed back to Airport into 82nd Log area. Met with 82nd Support Company Commander. PTF Commander met with U-3 Commander at 1700 and was informed that Brazil team upset at entire day’s waste of time.

) Trans loaded about 60 tons into PTF trucks. Instructed by 82nd to trans load half of WFP food into 82nd transports. PTF team surrounded and guarded by large 82nd security team while PTF team trans loaded approximately 35 tons into 82nd vehicles without any assistance from 82nd. Instructed to then trans load for a second time from PTF trucks into more 82nd trucks. Requested immediate Comm to senior 82nd staff. Requested permission for rapid food distribution at Delmas 2 due to growing negative impact of mission with Haitian workers and large press contingent. Denied security by 82nd. Negotiated to then transport on PTF vehicles from airport to 82nd sub base at the Stadium from White Falcon J-3. J-3 heard to order security detail leader to meet 3rd company of White Falcon at the Stadium, where they would be standing by to receive our convoy to secure food drop – not distribution – at 1830 hours. Balance of large loads trans loaded by 82nd personnel into 82nd trucks as darkness fell. Informed by PTF partner at this point that a platoon leader had confided at about 1000 hours in the morning that 82nd never intended to aid in any food distribution at all throughout the day – PTF and UN detail unaware all day of this intent until 1800.

Arrived at Stadium at 1835 in the dark and denied access into stadium. Outside stadium, large lines immediately formed to receive food distribution as local community presumed a food distribution was beginning. Stadium Facility manager was unaware of food drop. Platoon leader at Stadium instructed PTF to dump their load outside stadium and it would be hand loaded into a glass foyer area visible to the outside crowd. Approximately 400 Haitians in line becoming agitated. Situation rapidly deteriorated. Decision to rapid exit with convoy made. Exited and proceed to Presidential Palace grounds. PTF Commander in rear witnessed looting of rear to trucks as convoy slowed by traffic issues. Palace 82nd informed PTF of riot at Stadium following rapid exit of food convoy. Received email from White Falcon Colonel requesting a meeting for next day to discuss future collaboration and more safe methods to distribute. Responded with message asking if he had any knowledge of what was happening to our team at that moment. Immediate cell call by White Falcon Command – first one of the day. Short Sit rep conveyed on immediate safety issues.

Requested by 82nd to immediately leave Grounds as crowds gathered and fear of break in increased. Off loaded some food at Palace for safety. Requested and received extra security back to Airport by 82nd local platoon leader. Convoy led immediately in front of large crowd in front of Palace. Haitians running and grabbing rice off of trucks; motor bikes chasing trucks. Convoy split due to heavy smoke and dust. Rice ripped off trucks and some dropped off due to rapid exit. Re-emerged together after harrowing ride back Airport. Upon entry into compound, security detail disengaged. Began dropping balance of load; met by platoon leader upset by drop site. Completed drop. 82nd now has 100% control of entire WFP food supply meant to be distributed in this Ops cycle with no distribution at all. Exited Airport and arrived back at Base Camp at 2230 hours.

NOTE: Throughout the day’s Op, all PTF personnel reported numerous comments by many 82nd soldiers, including platoon leaders, of the strong desire to aid in immediate PTF Op Plan for the day’s mission goal.

WAREHOUSE: WFP Warehouse was very slow today (3 hours for 3 trucks). Other 12 trucks rejected as warehouse manager informed transport Lead that WFP paperwork had one line item incorrect, and he would not load anymore product until the paperwork was returned to Log base and revised.

DISTRIBUTION: Intended distribution to 40,000 for the day’s Op with almost 1,000,000 meal rations. NO food distributed at all. Mission failed.

SUMMARY: PTF personnel, security, and food distribution team safe and accounted for. Total meals distributed to date by EWF @ 2,277,000. Total food tonnage: 360+ metric tons. 125 more tons (minus what was lost/unloaded as noted above) now entirely under 82nd control. Team morale extremely low following the day’s failure.

DEMOB PLAN INITIATED: First in scheduled out with 2nd flight to follow on balance of forces.


 Feed The Children


Mission Harvest America, Inc. will begin collecting food and medical supplies for relief efforts in Haiti Wednesday in response to the Earthquake which occurred earlier today.   Dry food, bags of rice or beans, powered milk; first aid items are all needed.  No box or package type foods please due to damage in handling.  Donated materials will be placed in large fiber barrels and stage on a container for immediate shipment to Haiti. Due to the damages at Port au Prince we will ship relief supplies to St. Marc until we know Port au Prince Port is accessible and distribution can occur.  St. Marc is only 60 miles from Port au Prince. Funds are needed to cover the cost of shipping, handling and sending relief personnel to Haiti. Donations can be made over the phone with credit cards or mailed to Mission Harvest America, Inc. 69 Copeland Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204.  Call 904-356-9006 or 904-356-4819 for details.  Volunteers are needed to help sort and pack donations. 


Florida Association of Food Banks

      1. Approximately 6,500 people have come through Sanford intl. Food Bank of Central Florida will not be providing any additional product but remain on stand-by to do so if needed.

Florida Baptist Disaster Relief


Prepared over 1,500 meals for volunteers and people flying out of Ft. Pierce for the last week and will continue this week in partnership with Missionary Flights International.

Moved over 10 tons of rice from Arkansas to FL to be shipped to Port au Prince and will move another 30-40 tons over the month of February.

2 Medical teams are traveling next week.

Estimated 350 volunteer hours
The Florida Baptist Convention can offer the following in regards to repatriation efforts for Haitian earthquake efforts.


Mass Food Preparation

Temporary Child care

Haitian Translators French or French Creole


Shower/Laundry trailers with staff to man them.


Florida Conference United Methodists


The United Methodist Church and the Florida Conference in particular have a special relationship with the people of Haiti. There is a large Methodist presence in Haiti, including a United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) Office that has been in place since 2005, and regular work teams sent through United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM).

Three executives of the Board of Global Ministries were on the island on a mission-related trip when the earthquake hit. They have not been heard from since the earthquake.  Please join all United Methodists in prayer that they are safe and will be heard from soon.

As much as we all want to “do something,” it is very important that we wait and allow the relief teams to do their jobs without adding to the chaos by sending unsolicited donations or teams.  We are in constant communication with UMCOR and UMVIM as they work with the government and other responding agencies to provide relief and determine what is needed. We will coordinate our response through UMCOR and UMVIM.  For now you can:

GIVE – Give generously to UMCOR Advance Special #418325. Every dollar UMCOR receives for this Advance goes directly to help the people of Haiti. Checks can be mailed to UMCOR, PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087, dropped in your church offering plate on Sunday or you can donate online at UMCOR

PLAN – Plan to sponsor or send an UMVIM team later in the year to help rebuild. Sending teams now is not appropriate. Please visit the UMVIM website for updates on team needs: www.umvim.org 

PREPARE – Consider preparing health kits or other items that may be needed during the short-term and long-term recovery efforts and send them to Sager-Brown, the UMCOR Depot in Louisiana.  To learn more on making kits, or for other information on the United Methodist response to Haiti, visit www.umcor.org.

As we learn more, we will send additional updates which will also be posted on the conference web site.  For more information about the United Methodist response, please visit www.UMCOR.org  and www.umvim.org . You can also visit www.flumc.org for links to these sites and more information. 

Marilyn Swanson - (863) 688-5563 x 198 mswanson@flumc.org


Florida Crisis Response Team


1-25-10 - The Florida Crisis Response Team has qualified and experienced crisis responders/counselors available 24/7 to assist in any part of the state where services are needed.  Bilingual team members are available, as well as Nationally and Internationally experienced responders.  All services are provided free of charge.

Cheryl A. Ricciardi - Cheryl.Ricciardi@myfloridalegal.com


Florida Disaster Recovery Fund - Volunteer Florida Foundation


1-19-10 - On January 13, Governor Crist announced he was activating “Neighbors to the Rescue” through the Florida Disaster Recovery Fund and asked Floridians to donate responsibly to survivors of disasters, including those in Haiti.  The “Neighbors to the Rescue” through the Florida Disaster Recovery Fund is a Florida based fund that works with non-profit organizations to assist with long term recovery and unmet needs for Florida’s regional neighbors victimized by disaster.  “Neighbors to the Rescue” was created in 2005 following Hurricane Wilma.   


Floridians and neighbors across the country can contribute to “Neighbors to the Rescue” by going to www.FLADisasterRecoveryFund.org – or by calling 1-800-825-3786.


About the fund:  The Florida Disaster Recovery Fund, formerly the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund, was initiated during the 2004 hurricane season to assist with the unmet and long-term recovery needs of survivors. The fund is managed by the nonprofit Volunteer Florida Foundation and fueled entirely by private sector donations, with grants made to long-term recovery organizations.  For more information about the Volunteer Florida Foundation please visit www.volunteerfloridafoundation.org.

Amy.bradbury  amy.bradbury@vfffund.org


Florida Goodwill Association


1/21/10 - Goodwill has been telling those who want to donate clothing and other material items to wait and during this period make monetary donations to the Red Cross or other organizations that are well known or that the donor knows are legitimate and have the capability of helping the Haiti situation. Goodwill will be willing and able to provide for clothing or conversions of material donations to cash in the future if called upon.

Kathy Broyard - fla.pdan@pcusa.org  
Florida Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Network (FLAPDAN)


1-28-10 - Presbyterian (PCUSA) Response is being handled by our national Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) office. A Mission Co-worker for PDA is on the ground in Haiti working on assessment with LWF/ACT Alliance. We have a National Response Team member who has been deployed as a Military Chaplain with his Emergency Rescue/Recovery team. PDA has sent funds to help provide  emergency relief to the affected people and is working in coordinated efforts with our international and ecumenical partners, Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance and Church World Service (CWS)..


Lutheran Services Florida


Providing assistance to the repatriation process in Sanford and Tampa areas

Our response will come from the National Lutheran Church Bodies.



Missionary Flights International - http://www.missionaryflights.org/

1-23-10 - MFI, NASCAR, US Army Reserve Convoy, Orange Growers...could you have a more diverse group of organizations? And yet these are exactly what God has put together to get aid to Haiti. So here is what they are doing this weekend:

NASCAR:  Sunday night on the "Speed" channel there is an hour long kick-off for the race season. A media crew spent all Friday filming at MFI for a feature to be aired on the kick-off with NASCAR encouraging other teams to participate in helping MFI. The Joe Gibbs Racing Team has already jumped on board and has sent their Saab 2000 airplane to MFI. It arrived on Saturday and will make its first flight on Sunday. The Hendricks planes are away for the weekend but will be back on Monday, and all three Saabs will fly M-F, transporting 100 passengers per day down to Haiti. The thousands of pounds of their supplies will go down on the DC-3s. Tens of thousands of pounds of donated relief supplies are being sent down on a chartered DC-4 and a chartered DC-6.

US Army Reserve out of Orlando sent a 26-truck convoy that arrived Saturday night. They will load up 160 pallets of relief supplies and 270,000 MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) and then on Monday they will truck them down to Miami Opa Locka where the military will fly them to Haiti. Where is MFI holding all these supplies?

www.MissionaryFlights.org <http://www.missionaryflights.org/>   In light of the Sunday night publicity, NASCAR suggested that MFI upgrade their web server for a second time because they anticipate that the website will get 500,000 hits Sunday. Remember we have gone from an average of 50 per day up to 5,000 per day after the earthquake and now to possibly 500,000! You can still donate on-line and see photos and video footage in "Up to the Minute."

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and MFI have always worked closely together in Haiti. It is MAF's ramp and hanger that make it possible for MFI to land in Haiti without getting on the wait list for ramp space. Supplies arriving at MAF's hanger are met by relief organizations that take them and get them to the people. The network of people that MFI has partnered with for years is making it possible for the distribution to actually happen. I want to make sure you understand...the relief supplies that are brought to MFI are getting into the hands of the people that need them.

Missionary Flights International is a private non-profit mission aviation service to Christian missions serving in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.  Established in 1964, MFI provides professional on-going air support to affiliated missions that work in these island nations.  Our full-service aviation ministry is a lifeline to the mission community as they strive to meet the needs of the poverty stricken people throughout the Caribbean, and share the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  Based in Florida



Night Runners is currently planning to ship a mobile medical unit equipped with examining tables and supplies to Haiti via the Dominican Republic.  In the process of requesting financial assistance for shipping, purchasing 2 generators and batteries that will go with the mobile medical unit.  If there is any assistance that anyone can provide please contact Rev. Gilbert at:  561-719-7882 or 352-418-1146.  E-mail:  crisishelp@nightrunners.net


Link for the News Channel 9 report on NR Haiti Outreach: http://www.baynews9.com/content/36/2010/1/17/571271.html


Samaritan’s Purse - 


1-28-10 - Several official estimates indicate that the number of dead could rise well above 150,000, and our team reports that those who survived the earthquake are living in extremely desperate conditions. Everyone is sleeping outside, many of them on the streets without any shelter at all. Hunger is a serious problem, and some people are eating “clay cookies,” – a mixture of dirt, grass, and water. Communication with the DART is difficult because of the damage to cell towers and other infrastructure. Our team reports that the military is now “pouring into the country

Samaritan’s Purse immediately mobilized the Incident Management Team (IMT). Our efforts-to-date include:

  • The helicopter and two pilots arrived at the SP compound yesterday. The team received one delivery of 450 gallons of fuel for the helicopter late last night, and another 2,000 gallons are expected to arrive from the Dominican Republic Saturday.

  • Team members delivered food to our church partner in Cite Soleil for distribution to families in the area. This area has some 200,000 people living in what our team described as “about four square miles.”

  • Today, a heavy equipment operator and our medical director will be assessing how we can restore a church clinic in Cite Soleil. Our goal is to make this facility operational as quickly as possible.

  • We hired 10 local men to put together kits for distribution to 1,000 families in Cite Soleil. They started working yesterday – cutting 20-foot pieces of shelter plastic and bundling it with blankets, a hygiene kit, and a jerry can.

  • Two large international health kits have arrived at the SP compound. Each of these kits has medicine and equipment to care for 30,000 people for one month. The team is planning to use these to equip the clinic in Cite Soleil as soon as we are able to restore the facility.

  • One DART member is driving to the Dominican Republic today to purchase more food and fuel.

  • Team members are planning to distribute shelter kits and blankets to 500 families in Grand Goave today.

  • Our doctors at the Baptist Haiti Mission report that they are still seeing patients with broken bones. These people have been walking around for two weeks without treatment.

  • Soldiers from the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne will be travelling with our team this morning to the dock where the barge is expected to arrive Friday. The army has offered to help with our unloading any way they can.

  • We have 81 team members on the ground – 21 medical.

  • We have purchased 23 hand-held, two-way radios in Denmark that will be flying from there today. They are expected to arrive at our Forward Operating Base in the Dominican Republic on Thursday. The United Nations has radio towers across the country and will program our radios to operate on their system.

  • Our team has installed a total of eight large community water filtration systems. They are located throughout our targeted working area as follows:

        • 3 – Makeshift Displacement Camp on a University Campus in Carrefour

        • 1 – Baptist Haiti Mission

        • 2 – Seminary in Port-Au-Prince

        • 1 – Christian Mission in Leogane

        • 1 – National Wesleyan Church Headquarters in Petit Goave

  • A barge loaded with heavy equipment and relief supplies left Ft. Pierce, Florida, at 6:15pm on Jan. 25. We were not able to fit all of the cargo we originally planned, and the Incident Management Team is working on a plan to transport the rest of the equipment as well as additional supplies. The equipment and supplies loaded include:

        • 3 Vans

        • 1 Pickup Truck

        • 2 Skid Steer Loaders

        • 2 Excavators

        • 1 Bulldozer

        • 2 Dump Trucks

        • 2 Flatbed Trucks

        • 4,224 Hygiene Kits

        • 2,260 Rolls of Plastic for Temporary Shelters

        • Assorted Medical Supplies, Including Wheelchairs and Crutches

  • We have set up a base of operations in Petit Goave. This city is five miles from the epicenter of the earthquake. We have water engineers and program managers there.

  • Relief items that have been distributed to date include:

        • 889 Hygiene Kits

        • 480 Solar Flashlights

        • 1,421 Blankets

        • 617 Shelter Kits

        • 102 Water Purification Kits

        • 550 Pounds of Food to Orphanages

Food deliveries have consisted of cornmeal, rice, beans, pasta, and cooking oil.


    That people would get the help they need as quickly as possible.

  • For our team’s physical, mental, and emotional welfare as they face many challenges through the days.

  • For wisdom in determining the most effective response to this disaster.

Donations: Go to www.samaritanspurse.org or call (828) 262-1980

Tommy Belisario - (904) 239-8602 cell -  tbelisario@samaritan.org -               


The Salvation Army


1-28-10 - For the latest updates on The Salvation Army’s response to this disaster, please visit http://blog.salvationarmyusa.org/, http://twitter.com/salvationarmyus and http://www.facebook.com/SalvationArmyUSA.

  • Team members in PaP accepted a shipment of 18 pallets of food and 4 pallets of bottled water sent over from the logistics team in Miami. The 18 pallets of food represent over 213,000 meals.

  • Food sufficient for 11,000 meals was given to support a group of Haitian technicians who are working to restore the communication system in Haiti. Lack of good communication remains one of the significant challenges that continue to hamper the effective coordination of relief efforts.

  • Over 100 preschoolers attended classes again today.

  • Approximately 250 patients received medical attention from doctors at The Salvation Army compound.

  • Arrangements to facilitate a food and water distribution in Petit Goave were finalized in preparation for what is believed to be the first major delivery of relief aid that will reach earthquake survivors in this coastal community.

  • Salvation Army personnel continued to network with other agencies to coordinate essential services for the thousands of families we are standing alongside of in Port-au-Prince.

  • Team members in Haiti continue to be supported by logistics managers and many hundreds of volunteers as food and other critically needed supplies are purchased, repackaged, and then shipped to the warehousing facility in Miami to be readied for final shipment to Haiti and ultimately distributed to families who have been displaced and rendered homeless by the earthquake. This is truly a massive effort that must be managed throughout the entire process in order to ensure that an uninterrupted supply of relief goods are available to the people of Haiti while the country’s infrastructure is rebuilt and normal supply chains are reestablished.

o For more information about The Salvation Army’s activity responding to the disaster in Haiti, please visit http://www.salvationarmyhaiti.org/ or their Facebook pages at http://bit.ly/8AAgWs , http://bit.ly/6T7KHa, and http://bit.ly/6e9aUs.

o Donors can text the word HAITI to 52000 to donate $10 to The Salvation Army’s relief efforts via their phone bill. It is important for donors to confirm their donation with the word, “yes.”

o Monetary donations can also be made through:

o www.salvationarmyusa.org and via PayPal

o 1-800-SAL-ARMY

o The Salvation Army World Service Office
International Disaster Relief Fund

PO Box 630728

Baltimore, MD 21263-0728

*Please note that your donation is for Haiti Earthquake relief*

o Even before donations are processed, The Salvation Army is committing and spending money on relief efforts in Haiti. Donations are critical now and also help ensure that the long-term needs of the Haitian people are met
Additional Information


Miami-Dade County

1-27-10 - Donation Efforts - www.miamidade.gov/oem/haiti.asp

● The EOC continues to catalogue donations and deployable assets from both County and non-County agencies/organizations. The list of donation sites and partners continues to grow daily, and can be found on the website, by contacting 311, and by contacting the participating municipalities. Additionally, the County has partnered with Food for the Poor and “Project Medishare and the Miami Heat,” to provide transportation and distribution in Haiti of the donated goods. The Lightspeed Warehouse, being managed by GSA with MDFR and United Way volunteers, opened on January 18th to begin the sorting and packaging of donated goods for delivery and distribution to Haiti. To date, the warehouse has received:

Commodity - Number of Pallets Commodity - Number of Pallets

Water 79 Toiletries 4

Nonperishable food 55 Medical Supplies 3

Baby Items 7

Totals will remain static on weekends

Haiti Information Centers:

● The Edison Little River Neighborhood Center (150 NW 79th St), managed by the Department of Human Services (DHS), began providing internet access to social networking and news sites, phone lines with long distance service to Haiti (provided by Comcast), crisis/grief counselors, and bulletin boards for providing both information and the posting of missing relative’s pictures as of January 14th. The Center is open from 0800–1800, daily. The center can be reached at: 305-795-1552, 1553, 1554, and 1555.

The Haitian American Senior Center (5080 Biscayne Blvd), managed by MDC DHS, began providing internet access to social networking and news sites, and phone lines with long distance service to Haiti (provided by AT&T) as of January 21st. The Center is open from 0800–1800, daily.

o The two DHS managed centers have served a total of 508 clients; 51 today.

o Donated phone cards will be available for those individuals who are unable to leave their homes

The Minor League Club House (1601 SE 28th Ave, Homestead), in partnership with the cities of Homestead and Florida City, began providing internet access to social networking and news sites, and phone lines with long distance service to Haiti (provided by AT&T) as of January 21st. The Center is open from 0900–1800, daily.

Agape Flights -  http://www.agapeflights.com/

Based in Venice, Fla. And plans to send a relief plane at 6:30 a.m. Thursday, according to volunteer JoAnn Irwin.


The organization services 400 U.S. missionaries throughout the Caribbean, including dozens in Haiti, with weekly flights.  Hotline phone # - 941-584-8078 or 488-0990

American Muslims for Emergency & Relief (AMER)


1-21-10 - AMER so far collected all sort of goods for the Haitian people such as cloths, food, medicines, water and other products.


Contact: Br. Sofian Zakkout - phone: 305-898-9314 www.amerelief.com

Angel Flight Southeast

1-17-10 - Angel Flight Southeast is interested in providing transport for some of our support agencies.   

Church World Service

1-27-10 - Church World Service long has provided assistance to the Haitian population in the United States through its Miami office. That office has begun to help Haitians with their applications for Temporary Protected Status. 

Miami staff attorney Nancy Denis has gone on a Creole-language radio program twice to share information about TPS with the south Florida Haitian community, and is responding to invitations to speak to churches and community groups about TPS.  In addition, her office has prepared informational materials in both English and Creole. 

Denis and her staff led a free TPS informational clinic on Saturday (January 23) at Shalom Community Church in North Miami, and (by appointment with the main CWS-Miami office in Doral) are helping Haitians file for TPS. 

CWS-Miami  is setting up a 10 a.m. daily (Monday through Friday) information session on TPS for Haitians at the Doral office, and will continue weekly TPS information/legal clinics at Shalom Community Church (Fridays 9 a.m. to noon).

CWS-Miami web site - www.churchworldservice.org/site/PageServer?pagename=action_miami_main - has information in both English and Creole for Haitians wanting to know more about TPS/apply.

In addition to the above, the Church World Service-administered Religious Services Program is responding continuously to the particular pastoral needs of Haitian immigrants held in the Krome Service Processing Center in Miami, Florida.

Evangelical Free Church (EFC) Crisis Response:

 1/24/10 – Our medical team has been on the ground in Haiti for the last 4 days and we are partnering with other non-profits and Haiti affiliates.  We continue to recruit and organize more medical and other volunteer teams.  Still collecting and organizing needed supplies as well.  For more info, visit:  efcacrisisresponse.blogspot.com

Contact: Mark.lewis@efca.org Contact: Mary Held 608-567-8582 cell




1-18-10 - FAVACA is a private not for profit organization formed in 1982 by Florida Governor (now former U.S. Senator) Bob Graham and has statutory authority under Section 288.0251 Florida Statutes. Since its inception, FAVACA has supported over 350 volunteer projects to Haiti providing 530 technical experts and training 8,000 individuals.  Due to the impact of natural disasters, FAVACA focuses special attention on disaster preparedness and mitigation.


We have reestablished contact with our staff on the ground and are planning emergency medical focused volunteer travel.  We are urging firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and professionals with post traumatic stress counseling to volunteer their skills and time to help with the relief efforts in Haiti. Register HERE or email us at favaca@favaca.org.


FAVACA is accepting donations solely for the relief effort which can be made by visiting our secure DONATE site.


Contact: (850) 410-3100 and favaca@favaca.org


Food for the Poor https://secure3.convio.net/ffp/site/Donation2?df_id=6280&6280.donation=form1


Food For The Poor is the largest international relief agency in the United States according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy and had maintained fundraising and administrative costs of less than 4% of its expenses; more than 96% of all donations go directly to programs that help the poor.  They are based in Coconut Creek, FL


Global Haiti Initiative – www.haiti-initiative.com


Note – projects in schools and orphanages

HOPE AACR (animal assisted crisis response)


1-20-10 - HOPE AACR (animal assisted crisis response) has two teams in Florida, actually quite close to the Orlando Sanford International Airport. Both teams are experienced with children and hospital settings; and, of course, well trained in psychological first aid. Requests for these teams (and additional teams from the Southeast Region) should be sent to this email address.

I will then forward the request immediately to the Southeast Regional Director, Deborah Hatherley for final approval

Barbara Grodin - 407.257.0238 - floridahopeaacr@cfl.rr.com


Hope for Haiti - http://www.hopeforhaiti.com/


JoAnne Kuehner, president of the Naples-based nonprofit Hope for Haiti, which has a staff of eight Americans and Haitians in Les Cayes, a southwestern port city, said her organization sent a bus to Port-au-Prince carrying two doctors and three nonmedical personnel.

Phone: (239) 434-7183 Fax: (239) 434-2839


Hope to Haiti – www.hopetohaiti.com


Note - Most High Ministries – Based in Tallahassee Executive Director Scott Bonnell, sends teams every 6 to 8 weeks to provide missions.  Accepting donations


Lake And Sumter Emergency Recovery (LASER)  

1-22-10 – Lake County Schools: Kids Helping Kids for Haiti

In collaboration with Lake and Sumter Emergency Recovery (LASER), Lake County Schools is sponsoring Kids Helping Kids for Haiti that will be raising funds for meals to be delivered to children in Haiti beginning next week. With a goal of delivering 45,000 meals to children in Haiti, students are being asked to donate 25 cents at school. If each child donates a quarter, we will raise $10,000.00 for 45,000 meals that will be packaged at the LASER office in Eustis next Thursday, Friday and Saturday. These meals will then be delivered by LASER to an airplane in Ft. Lauderdale that will fly them directly to Port-au-Prince and the village of Jacmel. School volunteers and students will also be participating in the assembly of the meals with LASER. With the mission of Lake County Schools to provide skills necessary to succeed, service learning, helping others is important to all of our children of Lake County.

Contact:  Michael Tart, Michael@laserfl.com , (352) 483-1029

Lake And Sumter Emergency Recovery, Inc. (LASER) 27 E. Pinehurst Blvd. Suite B, Eustis, FL 32726


 Love A Child, Inc


1-20-10 -Love A Child (813-621-7263) in Riverview Florida.  They are accepting donations and have transportation in and out of the Dominican Republic for Haiti where they have operated for years.


Today Love A Child, Inc., one of the largest humanitarian relief organizations in Haiti, is at the forefront of caring for the thousands of injured as a result of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated the country two days ago. Love A Child’s support office is located in Riverview, FL.

Located in Fond Parisien about seven miles from the Dominican Republic border and 40 miles southeast of Port au Prince, Love A Child was started 30 years ago by Bobby and Sherry Burnette. They reside in the Love A Child orphanage.  The Burnettes are posting updates on their website – www.loveachild.com.


Love a Child is a 501(c)3 non-profit Humanitarian Organization and also an NGO (non-government organization.)  Love A Child is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ecfa.com) which requires the highest standards of financial accountability for non-profits.


Monetary gifts to support relief efforts may be made on the site or by calling the Love A Child office in Riverview at 813-621-7263.  We are also available as a drop of center at our location.  Please see the attached Press Release and Supplies list.

 Please contact Sandra Smith, Executive Director or Mercedes Essmann at 813-621-7263.


Neighbors 4 Neighbors regarding Haiti 

1-20-10 - Here are some of the things we are doing at Neighbors 4 Neighbors regarding Haiti:

... collecting monetary donations online and by check.  Also through all Bank Atlantic locations throughout Florida

...working with CBS4/MY33 web and news to solicit money

...hosting call in phone banks during the 5 to 6:30pm newscasts on CBS4 to raise money and awareness.  Volunteers are from America's Relief Team

...feeding information to our media partner, CBS4/MY33 news and web

...raising money through facebook, twitter and others

...building coalition with local faith and relief organizations to se what resources can be shared for refugees 

following todays call, I reached out to Lacey Hoover and the Herbert W Hoover Foundaiton.  She is donating $10,000 for bears.  We are already working with ARC and DCF to receive and probably will purchase today.


We have full support of CBS4/MY33 and they are promoting our effort heavily.  to date, we have raised approximately $90,000 through the BankAtlantic partnership and our phone banks.

Lynne Cameron - CAMEROL@wfor.cbs.com  - www.neighbors4neighbors.org


Project Haiti – www.projhaiti.org


Project Medishare – http://projectmedishare.org


Note – 501 c3 in State that is dedicated to sharing its human and technical resources with its Haitian partners in quest to achieve quality healthcare and development services for all

Has units on the ground


Switchboard of Miami – 305-358-HELP


Note – Providing crisis counseling to South Florida’s Haitian Community


United Relief Force Foundation


The United Relief Force Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created to provide humanitarian, emergency, and disaster relief to Caribbean countries that experience natural as well as man-made disasters.  Although this organization is fairly new, we would like to help the earthquake victims in Haiti in anyway possible. Some of our members were born in Haiti and have family and friends that still live there.  The United Relief Force Foundation will further provide help such as translating, knowledge of the area, how to get around, and also any other humanitarian aid for this emergency response.  If you have any further questions, or if you need any help while in Haiti, please feel free to contact us at this email or the organization email: info@unitedreliefforcefoundation.org or at 407-925-8830.

The situation in Haiti is still dire, people are getting more and more desperate, and aid is not getting to the person fast enough, which in turn is causing people to take matters in their own hands. Although, security has improved, the country is still subject to crime, such as looting, kidnapping, etc. Aid workers, who are coming to help, should remain alert and aware of their surroundings because of the lack of infrastructure, the likely outbreak of disease, and the closure of most tourism facilities and hotels.

When you arrive in Haiti please be aware of the following things:

1. Possessions
3. Housing
4. Keeping track of aid workers
Guy Chevalier - g-joseph@hotmail.com


World Harvest Mission Outreach - http://worldharvestmissionsoutreach.org/?page_id=82


Because thousands of people especially children keep dying in Haiti from waterborne disease, World Harvest Missions has been working on a new clean water project to give the people of Haiti the ability to have CLEAN DRINKINGWATER for approx 7 PENNIES a day. You Can Be Part of History and Help Eliminate Water Borne Disease in Haiti.$25 will give clean water for 1 year.

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