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At Wholelife Wellness Inc., we will do everything we can to ensure your weigh loss program is carried out safely.

These policies have been installed in order to help you achieve a greater level of success in safely reaching and maintaining your weight loss goal, to maintain the integrity of Ideal Protein’s Weight Loss Method and to help our office run most efficiently.
Starting the Program

  • Ideal Protein makes it mandatory for people to complete a Health Profile and undergo an initial appointment with one of our certified Ideal Protein coaches before beginning the program in order to ensure it is safe for them to do so. A Medical Doctor’s note may be required for some conditions before we can begin.


  • Weekly 15-minute weigh-ins are mandatory. If you are unable to make it in one week, you will need to contact your coach that week via Skype, phone, text or email.

  • Bringing your Daily Journal filled out each week to your appointment is mandatory.

  • When in Phase 4, you are welcome to weigh-in weekly for the first month and then on a monthly or quarterly basis. You are also welcome to use the foods as supplements to maintain your new weight.

  • Weekly reoccurring appointments are available for your convenience.

  • Our office requires 4 hours notice to change or cancel your appointment time, and 24 hours notice is appreciated. Providing Wholelife Wellness with inadequate notice to change an appointment time will be considered a no-show. If you are a no-show 2 times you may be taken off reoccurring appointments and be required to book on a weekly basis. If you are a no-show 3 times, Wholelife Wellness reserves the right to remove you from the program.


  • A maximum of 5 boxes of food may be purchased each week while on the program with a minimum of 3 boxes per week to sustain you on the program.

  • Using other protein bars/drinks that are not Ideal Protein products will result in being removed from the program.

  • For your own safety, you must purchase and use Ideal Proteins Multi-Vitamins, Cal-mag, Potassium, and Omega 3. Not doing so will result in being removed from the program.

Medical Conditions

  • Please inform your coach if you develop any medical conditions or become pregnant while on the program so we can safely get you off the program. There are some medical conditions that even with the consent of a MD, Ideal Protein does not allow a person on the program for safety reasons.


  • Once you have reached your weight loss goal or are ready to come off the program, it is very important to properly “phase out” in order for your body to healthily adapt to Phase 4 (Maintenance). It takes 2 weeks on each of Phases 2 and 3 to properly phase out. Please communicate your weight loss goals (or change of goals) to your coach so we can best assist you in transitioning off the program safely.

  • If you have finished or discontinued Ideal Protein and you would like to re-start the program at a later date there will be a $49 re-start fee.

  • If we have not seen your for 3 consecutive calendar weeks while on Phases 1-3 or IP we will assume you have removed yourself from the program.


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