Guide to the Prescription assisted Weight Loss Program

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Prescription Assisted Weight Loss

(HCG Sublingual drops)
Guide to the Prescription assisted Weight Loss Program

Your Weight Management Specialist assisting you: ……………………………………
Please be aware HCG has not been approved by the TGA to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is: no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss greater than that obtained from VLCD or that it helps to produce a more attractive or more normal distribution of fat or reduces hunger better than found with VLCD’s:
Three Goals to strive for: Weight Loss, Reset your metabolic rate & Maintain weight Loss”

The Program:
The Protocol

  • Phase 1 (loading)

  • Phase 2 (Fat Burn)

  • Phase 3 (reset)

The Menu (allowed food list)

  • Calorie Counting

Extra Information

  • Thyroid is not the answer

  • Fibre

  • Contraceptive Pill and Sublingual drops

  • Skin Care, Make Up and Sunscreen

  • Exercise and the Program

  • Protein Day

  • 2nd/3rd round of the Sublingual drops or 40 days program

  • Weight Fluctuations

  • Physically demanding jobs

  • Diabetes and The Program

Frequently Asked Questions


How to take your own measurements
The Program
The program involves a team approach to weight management.

  1. An initial consultation with our Dietician or Health practitioner will assess your current and past health, weight history and weight loss goals. This will also be an opportunity to address any emotional or social issues affecting your weight, as well as receiving instruction on how to use the program.

  2. Assessment by our medical team to ensure that any medical obstacles to weight loss are addressed. We will need to check blood levels of certain hormones and nutrients and blood pathology may be ordered and reviewed. If you have access to any past blood test results please bring these to your assessment consultation.

  3. After your assessment an individualised treatment plan will be created to manage your weight loss goals and to help ensure your road to success is not BLOCKED by any other factors.

Our bodies conserve fat for various reasons, all of which we need to address:

  • Stress: the stress hormone cortisol is one of the major modern saboteurs of health

  • Insulin resistance

  • Chemical Toxicity

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Thyroid Imbalance

  • Chronic inflammation or Auto-Immune disease

  1. Education and Reset
    After completion of your program and attaining your goal weight we provide access to ongoing support. An Emergency Plan can be activated if your weight rises to a predetermined ‘cap’, ensuring that a modest 2kg weight loss is the most you will EVER have to manage again.

  2. With your permission we will liaise with your local doctor about your involvement in the program.

Once you have had your assessment and review, you are ready to proceed to the first Phase of your weight loss plan.
There are several unique aspects to the program.

  • Most people comment on good energy levels through the fat burning phase.

  • We provide personalised support by phone, sms, email on-line via dietician consultations and monthly support groups, facilitated by one of our weight management specialists.

  • The use of a natural sublingual drop, which works with our body’s hormones to accelerate the weight loss program.

The Prescription Sublingual drops:

The sublingual drops are medically prescribed HCG. HCG hormone is naturally produced by every cell of the body in women, men and children, and decreases in abundance with age. It is a glycoprotein (a sugar and protein molecule) and is usually found in high amounts during pregnancy. The female pregnant body uses the HCG during pregnancy to release fat for her developing foetus. In men HCG can raise testosterone levels modestly by mimicking the action of another hormone known luteinising hormone (LH). This hormone effect can result in improved energy levels even during weight loss phase.

History Of HCG:

In the 1950’2 Dr A T W Simeons, a British physician designed a successful and permanent fat loss and re-sculpting program. His manual is called POUNDS AND INCHES. (Reference: 1)

Dr Simeon’s findings were endorsed by a study by Dr. Lebon published in 1961 in The Lancet. (Reference: 2 & 3)

In 1963 a double blind study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Craig et al) stated that at the 6 month review of the HCG treated group had maintained a weight loss of nearly three times the amount in the control group. More importantly they commented that the weight gain in the 40-day diet was more common in the control group and that the measures of increased metabolic rate were shown in the HCG treated group. (Reference 4)

Despite Dr Simeon’s detailed findings, other published research there has been little large scale; placebo controlled double blind studies published on the HCG protocol. The most recent was by Dr Daniel Belluscio in 2002, Argentina and he found both placebo and HCG arms lost considerable weight but a significant improvement was seen in the mental health of the HCG patients whilst in fat burning phase. (Reference 5).

Whilst we know the HCG protocol will result in weight loss, the program suitability is decided in consultation with your doctor and Pharmacist.

What we do know about HCG: (Reference 6)

  • The hormone is present naturally in low levels in all humans, both male and female

  • The hormone is present in very high levels during pregnancy (over 110,000 units). This is so the developing baby has access to mothers stored food supplies.

  • HCG is used in extremely high doses in Fertility Programs (10,000 unit injections)

  • The HCG prescription sublingual drops used in the program provide a low dose of 125 units per 0.2ml twice a day - giving a total 250 units daily. For some patients 500IU daily can be used.

  • That study mentioned above support its use in weight loss programs as HCG targets fat in stored areas.

  • Compared to standard weight loss pharmaceutical stimulant appetite suppressant drugs and gastric lap banding surgery, low dose HCG sublingual has a very safe profile in humans. Allowing a stress free and comfortable weight loss program.

  • The most pure form of HCG powder is used in our compounds.

How HCG works:

The HYPOTHALAMUS is a gland in the brain, which controls hunger and body weight. One of the roles of the HCG in pregnancy is to signal the HYPOTHALAMUS to release stored fat. This fuel can be used as energy and nourishment during pregnancy, to enhance the wellbeing of mother and foetus. HCG gives the Hypothalamus a message to release reserves of long term stored fat, usually stored in our abdomen, thighs and hips, but also to a lesser degree, our arms knees, back and neck. (Reference 6)

The HCG taken in conjunction with a 500 calorie (2100 kilojoule) DIET (VLCD= Very Low Calorie diet)) liberates fat into the bloodstream (as if you had eaten a big fatty meal). This may explain why people report having little or no appetite on this protocol. The key to success relies on using the HCG drops for a minimum of 21 consecutive days whilst maintaining the VLCD (500 calories a day). If you can commit to this then read on if not please stop now and ask about our other weight loss options.
When this program is followed correctly, HCG may reset and increase the body’s METABOLSIM. (Reference 1) THIS IS THE KEY TO MAKING SURE YOUR WEIGHT WILL STAY OFF. Dr Simeons implied that overeating was the result of weight gain and not the cause, and HCG was the bank teller to the “Fat Bank” and facilitated “fat” withdrawals. (Reference 1)

The HCG Prescription Strength Sublingual Drops are only available on prescription as they contain the HCG hormone unlike the homeopathic drops available online or in a health food stores.

THE COMPOUNDING LAB prepares the sublingual drops for you with a tailored weight loss option prepared by our qualified weight management specialist. We ensure you maintain the new you.

Getting Ready
Plan when you are going to start the program. Many people make the mistake of starting before they have made the required preparations. You need to commit to at least 6 weeks to complete the program properly. Do not start the program if it will coincide with special occasions where you maybe tempted to overindulge.

Start the loading Phase on a weekday (Friday is good!) We encourage you to visit our Weight Management Specialist during this time to write out your weekly meal plan. Ssupport is available 7 days from the one our dieticians, Weight Management Specialists, and Pharmacists who will be available to answer any questions you may have. Women – if you are still menstruating, calculate your next cycle, and plan to commence the 1st day after your period finishes. (To avoid bloating & fluid retention)

What you will need:

  • Pre-Weigh or use the Weigh burn scales at Terry White Chemists Windsor to calculate %fat/% Muscle & BMI. Visit to monitor your progression and allow us to support your changes weekly.

  • Digital bathroom scales (optional but recommended) for daily checks

  • Notebook or food diary. You can down load Food diary App. It is important to keep your body measurements recorded. Weight, waist, %body fat/muscle daily or weekly. Table attached if preferred.

  • A tape measure

  • A camera for your before and after shots (optional)

  • Food scales

  • A 1l water bottle

  • Purchase the foods you will require to start that’s week diet menu

  • A calorie counter. We recommend you down load “myfittnesspal” or “Calorie king” phone apps.

THE PROTOCOL: When you are Ready?
How to take your Prescription sublingual drops:
Your HCG is delivered in sublingual drops (hold in the mouth under the tongue for at least two minutes to ensure complete absorption through the mucosa). Place 0.2ml under your tongue at breakfast and in the afternoon. The Compounding Lab at Terry White Chemists Windsor dispenses the sublingual drops in a 12 ml bottle with a finely graduated syringe to measure 0.2ml. The drops should be stored in the fridge but not frozen. Draw the 0.2ml and place under your tongue and hold for two minutes until absorbed sublingually. If you miss a dose do not panic, but do not double up the next dose . Missing an occasional dose will not interfere with the effectiveness of the program. You can use the drops before or after food.

PHASE 1: Loading Phase 2 days
The first step is to start the HCG sublingual drops and gorge for two days. It is this first 2 days using the HCG sublingual drops AND eating anything and everything you like that is critical to increase your fat stores. Important to cchoose foods with a high fat and good nutrient content. Loading with high quality foods such as eggs, salmon, nuts, full cream, cheese, milk, avocadoes, roast meat, bacon, sausages etc. is necessary. Avoid heavily processed food or fast food. This step is crucial to your successful fat burning. Those who do not load to the fullest may experience difficult hunger pains during the low calorie phase.
PHASE 2: Fat Burn 21 days
Continue with the HCG sublingual drops and commence the VLCD (very low calorie diet) of 500 calories per day. This diet plan is managed with you and our dietitian/ nutritionist at Terry White Chemists Windsor.

Take your HCG sublingual drops morning and lunch and weigh yourself each morning after going to the toilet. Record your weight, important changes in arm & thigh circumference and other body sites. Consume no more than 500 calories daily.

It is important to only eat the listed foods. Do not include anything that is not listed (see food list). From the foods that are listed, you must eat ONLY 2 meals a day e.g.

Lunch and dinner

Breakfast and Dinner

Breakfast and Lunch

You may separate the meals into sections e.g. Protein and vegetables, followed by fruit or snack 2 hours later.
Use the Calorie counter app you are comfortable with or down load the calorie counter sheets and pre-calculate each meal and day so you plan not to eat more than 500 calories. ( It is important to understand this is a LOW carbohydrate diet. Carbohydrates are high in calories so naturally they are avoided as expensive calories.

As a rule its best NOT eat any sugars or starches i.e. NO bread, pasta, muffins, cookies, pancakes, grains, rye, barley, potato, corn, soft drinks, cordial, maple syrup, ice cream, cereals, breakfast bars, corn starch, white flour, tortillas, polenta, peas, lentils, pita bread, root vegetables, popcorn, taco shells, squash, bacon, ham, prosciutto, sausages, processed cheese. If NO carbs are eaten, fats and some amounts of alcohol may be included. Even cooking with no oils, this means steaming food or frying or baking in water, herbs but no Oil.

Avoid applying any creams & or body lotions for the duration. We package up a Jar of HCG body Cream / Face cream that is Oil free. Alternatively Neutrogena make a product.

The end of your 21 days the HCG sublingual drops are stopped but continue on the 500 calories a day for 2 days, then start on the RESET PHASE.
Average weight loss: Guide ONLY

Women +0.25-0.5kg/day

Men + 0.33-0.75kg/day

  • Please remember this is variable and we will individually assist you to maximise weight loss.


If you only want to lose a few kilograms, you will need to follow the protocol through phase 2 until you reach your goal weight. At this point, you will need to increase you calorie intake to the normal levels required for your height and weight (Our Weight Management Specialist calculate your goal weight or go to but in keeping with the approved food list continue your sublingual drops and your revised calorie intake for the full 23 days of Phase 2 before moving onto Phase 3 (Reset).

Phase 2: Fat Burn Days Planned

Day 3 to 23

  • Commence the day with lemon juice in a glass of warm water to promote digestion (not recommended if have stomach ulcer) or Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Continue with the HCG sublingual. 0.2ml morning & afternoon

  • Commence the very low calorie diet (VLD) of 500 calories per day.

  • Remember that an extra 1500 to 2000 calories are provided from fat stores daily

  • Consult our dietitian for hunger tips

It is important to only eat the listed foods or discuss alternatives with our pharmacist, Weight Management Specialist or dietician

From the foods that are listed, you must eat only 2 main meals a day, for example Lunch and Dinner OR Breakfast and Dinner. For the third meal of the day fruit and breadstick or rice crackers may be eaten. Any of the hot beverages on the list may be consumed at breakfast and again at any time during the day. For white tea and coffee drinkers a MAXIMUM of one tablespoon (20mls) of milk per day is allowed.
Spend approximately 200-250 calories on each of the main meals
Phase 3: RESET 21 days
Start Phase 3 two days after stopping your Sublingual drops (day 21). So in total you have been on HCG for 23 days. You stop the HCG but continue the low calorie diet. The Reset phase is the most important phase of the program.
This is the time when the HYPOTHALAMUS resets your metabolism to your new weight. If you do not allow this phase, you may easily regain the weight in the future.

During phase 3, you can increase your calories and foods, gradually reintroducing certain foods. Increase your calorie intake to between 1200 – 1500 calories. Important guidelines apply as follows:

  • Weigh yourself daily, first thing in the morning after emptying your bladder. Try to be consistent with your time of day & record.

  • You MUST remain with 0.9kg of your last weight.

  • If you gain over 0.9kg you have to do a protein day (refer to Steak day)

  • It is extremely important to maintain enough protein in this phase (100-130g up to 3xday)

  • You can now eat many types of vegetables, protein, fruits, seeds, healthy oils, butter and coconut oil.

Avoid introducing too many foods at once; try introducing foods one at a time, to determine if a certain food causes weight gain. Introduce lean protein, fruit and vegetables initially and then gradually introduce additional foods – dairy, nuts, so that you can identify any negative response to particular foods.

In Phase 3 (Reset), if you are having trouble stabilising your weight – decrease your fats a little by reducing cheeses and oils etc., and increase your protein and vegetables. If you tend to experience fluid fluctuations or retention – increase your fluid intake and salt intake.

Mygene is an excellent genetic test to establish what food groups you are more genetically sensitive to and it is now a good time to know your body and teach what food groups you best tolerate. A dietitian offers this test at Terry White Chemists My gene clinic and gives you confidence with your weight management program is optimal for your own individualized heath and weight management.

Menstruating women

In menstruating women the best time to start HCG is immediately after your period. Try not to use your HCG SUBLINGUAL during your menstrual cycle. During phase 1 & 2 (loading & VLCD), if you start menstruating, continue on the program (i.e. 500 calories per day), but do NOT use the HCG sublingual drops. Restart the drops only when you have finished your period. You will then have to add on the number of days that you were off the drops to the end of your 21 days before moving on to Phase 3. This may extend your program for 4 or 5 days.

If you experience hunger without the sublingual drops use green tea or water with 2-3 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar to curb your appetite. If you are really hungry, increase your calories with more protein to about 800 calories, or contact our weight management specialist or pharmacist for advice.

Weight-loss in Vegetarians is less than non-vegetarians. However if its necessary increase to 3 eggs a week and more milk & cheese each day.

Help & Support
We are here to help you. This is not a gimmicky weight loss program without any effort on your part, nor is it a quick fix approach that causes you to gain all the weight back and more after you have finished the weight loss program. We have information especially for diabetics and vegetarians, for long-term weight loss and repetitive protocols.
We recommend a loss of 7-10 kg maximum at any one time on the 23day program, then a Reset phase to establish your new metabolism at your new weight, followed by a 2nd or 3rd round of the program if required.
Everyone is different, facing various challenges. We do not want anyone to feel alone or different. Our dieticians/nutritionists and pharmacists are here to answer all your concerns 7 days a week.
The patients who lose the most amount of weight are those who enrol in the 4 week weight loss assisted program rather than HCG drops alone. The In-store weight loss program has had over 50 people graduate in 6 months with an average weight loss of 7kg over 4 weeks upto an amazing 14kg.

You also have access to email support from our clinic –

We understand that this is a serious program, for SERIOUS people who will commit themselves to weight loss and conduct themselves with the effort required to reverse the fat blockages within them.

Tools to use

  • Program outline (this booklet)

  • A food Diary & Measurement Sheet

  • Individual Supplement recommendations. Outlined below

  • Food list

  • Support group information

  • Recommended Reading Dr Simeons manuscript “POUNDS AND INCHES” is available at:

  • A calorie counter tool – OR My Fitness Pal – Smart Phone application)

  • HCG Cook Gourmet Cookbook from TW Windsor

Supporting Products Recommended:

  • Probiotic daily essential: We recommend Ultrabiotic Capsules

  • TCL-Vitamin D (2000 IU daily or 25000 IU week) & Calcium (1200mg day)

  • TCL-HCG Liver support

  • TCL- Multi B vitamins ( for energy): 1 breakfast & 1 afternoon

  • TCL-Magnesium Glycinate 500mg : 2 capsules three times a day

  • Digestive Enzymes: I capsule after each meal

  • Chromium for sugar cravings

  • Fibre supplements. (25 g day) E.g. Psyllium husks for regularity

  • Slim Pasta & noodles sold at Terry White Chemists Windsor for calorie free food options (Mushroom Extract)

Menu Options:

Cup of white tea or coffee – 20 ml milk (skim)

½ Apple 40 Calories

3 medium strawberries 12 Calories

Total 65 calories

5 large prawns 75 Calories

½ Apple 40 Calories

Green salad 100 grams 5 Calories

Drizzle of lemon juice

1 med tomato (150gr) 30 Calories

½ cup cucumber 14 Calories

Breadstick (Grissini) crumbled over salad 40 Calories

Total: 204 Cal

Grilled chicken breast 100gr 165 Calories

Asparagus, fresh, steamed 4 spears 12 Calories

Broccoli ½ cup steamed 24 Calories

Grilled tomato (150g) 30 Calories

Total: 231 Cal

1-cup herbal tea

Total daily calories: 500 calories

Protein & Meat examples:

Lean red meat (mince needs to have 7% or less fat)

Steamed or grilled Fish or Chicken

Tinned Tuna (in water not OIL)

Tofu, Prawns & Crab meat

One whole egg plus 3 egg whites (once a week only because fat content) A handy tip is the amount of protein the size of your palm (thick & width) is about 200g for women & 250g for men. Always trim the fat of meat and don’t cook it in oil. “Steam, Grill, Roast & Raw”. Try to alternate each meal choice of protein.

Vegetables: Avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes. Green leafy ones are recommended for fiber & nutritional support. Try to have one vegetable type each meal with two servings a day. Generally there is no limit on amount use your judgment. Examples: asparagus (6 spears), Bok Choy, cabbage, celery, spinach, kale, lettuce, tomato, broccoli, onions.

Examples are asparagus (6 spears), Bok Choy, cabbage, celery, spinach, kale, lettuce, tomato, broccoli, onions, radish, cucumber and fennel.

Fruits: 1 Apple, 1 Orange, Strawberries (6), Grapefruit (1/2 only) per serve
Remember NO Oils: Oils are to be avoided in dressings & cooking. Salad and vegetable dressings are lemon juice base with pepper and spices encouraged for flavor. Seasoning meat with apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and fresh herbs is encouraged.

NO Carbohydrates: To be avoided all together except for healthy snack of not more than 2 pieces of either Grissini breadstick or Melba toast.

NO Butter, margarine

NO Diary (except 20ml in tea, coffee a day)

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