Banana Phone and the Taco Shop By: Paige Leff and Lucas Conklin Moral

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Banana Phone and the Taco Shop

By: Paige Leff and Lucas Conklin

Moral: Practice digital citizenship


  1. Dug the Pug - Taco Shop Owner

  2. Nara the Narwhal - Customer 1

  3. Ugine the Unicorn - Customer 2

  4. Chris the Cheetah - Customer 3

  5. Melvin the Monkey - Banana Phone Seller

  6. Narrator - Narrator

Narrator: A long time ago in a place far, far away, there was a taco shop with a story of dismay. You see it all started on a bright, bright day, where the sun was gleaming and the kids were out to play… (5 second pause) Um
Everyone but the Narrator: Why did you stop?! You know we have a story to tell.
Narrator: I can’t think of a rhyme.
Dug: Well, why are you rhyming in the first place? Just continue without rhyming...
Narrator: As we were saying, on this particular day, Dug --who would just happen to be a pug-- was having a sale for 50% off on everything in his taco shop. Now, you would think this would attract his usual customers, and it did. The first of these was Nara the Narwhal. She was a shy type and always would come in with a new book.
Nara: (she approaches Dug) Can I have a taco salad please?
Dug: Okay, that will be $2.99. (Nara and Dug continue to purchase the food)
Narrator:  The next customer to walk in was Ugine the Unicorn. He is always caught up with the latest trends, so most people would consider him the COOL one. (Nara sits down at a table)
Ugine: Yo, wadup fam! I will have a bean burrito with extra cheese please, bruh.
Dug: Okay, one bean burrito with extra cheese coming right up… bruh (Ugine sits down at a table)
Narrator: Last to come in was Chris the Cheetah. He is always moving so fast, that sometimes he isn’t aware of his surroundings.
Chris: I want french fries.
Dug: Chris, we don’t…”
Chris: I want french fries and a burger!
Dug: You know, this is a taco shop. We don’t sell burgers and fries.
Chris: Then I will settle for a taco.
Narrator: As Dug the Pug watched his customers enjoying their food, little did he know that this day would change his life. You see, the next person to come in was a bit unusual. He was a monkey named Melvin and he only seemed like he was going to cause some trouble.
Melvin: Come one, come all! Get the new Banana Phone! There are so many things you can do with it.
Dug: Hmm, sounds interesting! Tell me more.”
Melvin: There are all sorts of things you can do with it, like play games or talk to people through the internet…” (long pause as Melvin stares into the sky)
Dug: Well sure, I guess I will buy one.
Melvin: Okay, here you go.(laughs evilly)
Narrator: Later that night, Dug decided to test out his new Banana Phone. He played games, listened to music, and watched videos. But then he found one app… the app to change them all…TWEETER!
Dug: Ooh, What’s this Tweeter all about? WOW! I can say whatever I want and it won’t affect me because it's over the internet. Let’s say some things,(Dug starts to type on his phone) “Why is Nara the Narwhal so shy? I mean she never talks to anyone and nobody likes her”.
Narrator: The next day business was the same, or at least Dug thought so. Most of his usual customers came to the taco shop, but one was missing….Nara the Narwhal. On this day, Nara didn’t show up like she always did, but Dug didn’t notice because he was busy on his banana phone again.
Dug: Wow, Tweeter is so cool! My last post got two likes. I should say some more things. (Dug starts to type again) “What is up with Ugine the Unicorn? I mean he always acts like he is so cool, but in reality he is annoying! He should just stop trying to be so trendy”.
Narrator: Little did Dug know, Ugine also owned a banana phone and he read the post on the Tweeter. And just like the day before, Dug did not notice the absence of Ugine or Nara in his absurd phone usage. After Dug got home from the taco shop he decided to post again.
Dug: (starts typing on phone & reads aloud) Let’s check out my Tweeter account. Wow! 70 likes on my last post! Hmm… let me post again. “Don’t get me started on Chris the Cheetah, he’s such an idiot. The other day he comes into my shop and asks for a burger and fries… like what?! Who does that?!” Oops character limit just let me take out some words…. and there we go. (reads through post one more time out loud to make sure he is satisfied with the product) “Don’t get me started on Chrs, he’s such idot. The other day he comes into me shop and asks fo burger and frie… like wat?! Who be doin that?!”
Narrator: As you can imagine, with all his mean tweets, Dug was rapidly losing customers. The next day, Dug noticed that there was no one in his shop.
Dug: Where is everyone? Where are all my customers?!
Narrator: This continued for another month, until Dug had to pay the rent for his business. He had to take out loan and put up a sign on his shop’s door that said: Closed Until Further Notice As he sadly closed up his taco shop, out of the corner of his eye he saw Nara, Ugine, and Chris talking at a smoothie bar. He decided to go talk to them. (Dug walks over to the smoothie bar)
Dug: Hey, guys! What’s up?
Ugine: What do you want?
Nara: (sad and sniffly voice) He is probably just here to say something mean about us.
Chris: (enthusiastic, then confused)Yah for the burrito army! Wait…what were we talking about again?
Ugine: We be talking about Dug.
Dug: No, I’m here to say I am sorry for everything that I have done to you. I got carried away and I thought having followers on Tweeter would make me more special. But now I realize…. that fried chicken is way better than friends!(laughs) I’m just messing with you, but seriously friends are way better than some random people on the internet.
Ugine: Apology accepted. Now are you gonna get that shop started back up or what? I really need some chimichangas right now.
Narrator: The moral of this story is…
Dug: Don’t trust monkeys named Melvin.
Narrator: Actually the moral of this story is practice digital citizenship.

Everyone: The end.

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