Wiser science: Finding References inspec for Physics and Engineering

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WISER SCIENCE: Finding References

INSPEC for Physics and Engineering

About INSPEC database
Inspec (Information System for Physics, Electronics, and Computing) is a bibliographic database of international research in the fields of science technology and engineering. The database is produced by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and supplied by FIZ Karlsruhe. It covers the following subjects:
Atomic and Molecular Physics

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Condensed Matter Physics

Control Engineering

Computers and Computing


Electrical Engineering


Electromagnetic Fields

Engineering Mathematics and Materials Science

Fluids, Plasmas and Electric Discharges


Information Technology

Magnetic and Superconducting Materials and Devices

Manufacturing and production engineering

Nuclear Physics

Numerical Analysis and Theoretical Computing

Power Systems and Applications

System and Control Theory
It also includes research published in interdisciplinary subjects such as materials science, geophysics, biomedical engineering, biophysics, and environmental science.
Inspec database contains articles published in scientific journals, conference proceedings, books, technical reports, dissertations and patents (until 1976). Content from about 4200 journals, 20000 reports and dissertations, and about 2000 conferences is indexed and added to the databases each year.

The database includes content from 1969-to date and is updated weekly.

Inspec is used by researchers to find references of published research in their subject field. The database is available via WebSPIRS interface, which allows searching by keyword, as well as browsing using subject Thesaurus and Indexes. The indexes include Classification code, Treatment codes, Chemical Substance Index, Numerical Data Index, and Astronomical Object Index. In addition to this there are also Author and Journal Title Indexes.

Tutorial on searching INSPEC database

This is a step by step guide to searching Inspec database using

Advanced Search screen. Online tutorial is located on the Introduction

page. Please take a short time to run a example search if you are

not familiar with ERL WebSPIRS 5 interface.

INSPEC Advanced Search

It is recommended that you use the Advanced Search screen

to be able to conduct a specific search on your topic using

alternative keywords, the thesaurus and indexes available.

This is an Inspec record of a journal article.

This is an Inspec record of a Conference Proceeding paper

Contact us if you want more information and advice on how to use Inspec to find reference in your subject field. You may want to book further sessions for individual or group training.

Ljilja Ristic, MScChem PG LIS MCLIP

Physical Sciences Librarian Subject Consultant

Radcliffe Science Library,


February 2007

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