World Mental Health Day with Connecting, Pune Connecting

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World Mental Health Day with Connecting, Pune


Connecting is an organization working primarily in the area of suicide prevention and support of those who have lost someone to suicide. It also organizes programmes to support the healing of anyone interested in the wellbeing of self or others. On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Connecting is organizing a programme on Healing Methods on October 10th, Saturday, 4pm - 8pm, where different healing methods would be presented by experienced practitioners. There are no charges for attending the presentations. Anyone who is interested in the healing and wellbeing of self or others is welcome.



4pm to 8pm: Presentations




Dastur Girls School

Moledina Road


Pune 411001



Opp. West End Theatre on Moledina Road.

Opp. Dorabjee's, Next to Westside of SGS Mall

Close to M.G. Road [Arora Towers/ Barista junction/circle]


Contact: 20-26333044 (10am - 6pm)


Web page:

HELPLINE: 9922001122 (2pm - 8 pm) {For those in emotional distress or feeling suicidal}


Topics and Speakers:


Play Therapy & Family Therapy: Dr. Bhooshan Shukla [Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist]

Bach Flower Remedies : Arati Pendse [Psychologist]

Yoga for Health and Healing: Sujata Nerurkar [Yoga Consultant]

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression : C.E. Potnis [IT professional & Hypnotherapist]

Integrated Approach to Health : Dr. Bindu Gupta [Homeopath & Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist]

Therapeutic Value of Art : Susan Bullough-Khare [Art Therapist & Educationist]

Emotional Freedom Techniques : Sangeeta Bhagwat [Holistic Healer & Author]

Mind Body Analysis and Aura Photography : Dr. Sujata Vaidya [Mind Body Energy Healer]

The Role of Nutrition and Diet : Dr. Bhargavi Davar [Mental Health Activist & Peer Supporter]

Non-Violent Communication : Amanda Raine [International Trainer]

Trauma Therapies - EMDR & Somatic Experiencing : Adithy [Psychologist & Hypnotherapist]


Details about the speakers and their topics:


Adithy is a Psychologist and practices Psychotherapies and Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy. She specializes in therapies for trauma and facilitates groups for bereavement and healing. She volunteers at Connecting and other NGOs.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Somatic Experiencing:

Using the wisdom that trauma memories can be blocked in the body and neural network with images, sensations, emotions, thoughts and meanings, and that many of the current issues can be rooted in past trauma, these therapies directly target those blockages and bring effective relief.

Contact: adithy+heal@


Amanda Raine is originally from the UK and has been living in India for nearly three years.  She has extensive experience of the mental health system in the UK and in the area of addiction support and treatment. She is an International Compassionate Communication Trainer, using NVC.

Non-Violent/Compassionate Communication (NVC): is a process developed by Dr. Marshal Rosenberg to support people to identify their feelings and needs.  From this place of inner connection an individual can choose self-empowered ways to meet their needs and also communicate them to others in a way that respects all parties. NVC is used in nearly every country in the world and has proved a powerful tool to transform anger, guilt, shame and depression.



Arati Pendse is the founder director of Centre for Psychological Health under the banner of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. She is attached to a number of schools including special schools, and various NGOs. She was working with International Longevity Centre earlier. She also writes about psychological health in various publications.

Bach Flower Remedies: how they help in maintaining psychological health

Contact: 9850846801,


Dr. Bhargavi Davar is the founder of Bapu Trust, Pune, and leads various research and advocacy programs that promote non-medical alternatives to personal well being. She has written extensively on mental health policy matters in the country, especially pertaining to women.

She is a social science researcher as well as peer supporter, having gone through and recovered from mental illness herself.

The role of Nutrition and Diet in mental health: not just as a 'supplement' but as a curative at a more fundamental level.

Contact: Bapu Trust: (20)26837644, (20)26837647, 


Dr. Bhooshan Shukla is a practicing Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in Pune. He works with children of all ages and their families. Modern psychotherapy has a lot to offer to troubled families by way of cognitive and family therapies. All these therapies are based on research and scientifically proven principles.

Play therapy and family therapy:

Both these therapies focus on longstanding patterns of behaviour and communication. A change in communication pattern in a family can change the way members behave and relate to each other and solve problems. 



Dr. Bindu Y Gupta is a Consulting Homoeopath, Counsellor and an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist. She heads Academy Of Life (AOL) as Chief Operating Officer. This is a totally charitable non-profit organization that has the Vision of facilitating the journey – “From Illusion to Illumination”. Project "SWASTHI" – the Magic of Emotional Independence is a part of this initiative and has its presence in various parts of India.

Integrated Approach to Health:

Homoeopathy as one of the tools to this approach;

Understanding emotions and why and how of handling them effectively

Contact: +91 98334 02657


C.E. Potnis. MD and founder director of OCS Infotech, an IT company with presence in USA and ME. Actively pursues hypnotherapy and devotes considerable time towards creating awareness and offering therapy. 

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression:

Understanding the human mind, current issues relating to past life and why hypnotherapy.

Contact:  9850981903 


Sangeeta Bhagwat is an EFT Trainer and Practitioner, Author, Holistic healer, Facilitator and Life Coach. Through her individual sessions, workshops and books, her work has touched the lives of hundreds of people in a positive way. Her innovative combination of various knowledge streams reflects in her practice of many holistic systems viz, Meditation Techniques, Graphology, Reiki, Sai Sanjeevinis, Crystals, Space Clearing and Energy Work. Her latest book, ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’, published by Wisdom Tree, is the first book on EFT in India.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): is one of the most simple and effective methods to enhance mental and physical health, as well as implement personal development and growth.  It involves the tapping of certain acupuncture meridian points while repeating affirmations that address the challenge on hand.  EFT is being used world over to successfully address anger, fear, phobias, depression, pain as well as countless other issues.



Sujata Nerurkar is a yoga consultant - trainer from "Wellness Health Care", a holistic health care centre in Aundh, Pune.

Yoga: for

- active involvment in our health and healing

- balanced and harmonious personality development

- practical techniques to relieve stress and promote positive health



Dr. Sujata Vaidya is the Chief Coordinator, Institute if Integrative HealthCare. She has a PhD in Mind- Body/Energy Medicine, Biofield studies to assess health. She practices Drugless, Holistic, Integrative Systems of treatment

Mind Body Analysis to Detect and Treat Diseases:  

Energy fields tell a story: mental, emotional energies affect the body function and are assessable in pre-symptomatic conditions;

Simple techniques of correcting energy disturbances to avoid and overcome ailments, diseases;

Mind -Body connections

Contact: 9822311565 email:


Susan Bullough-Khare's work has evolved from arts and cross cultural education in Ireland where she also ran an organic small holding into art as therapy in India. Susan provides workshops for staff of NGOs, counselors, teachers, psychologists, social workers, company managers, etc. to give personal experience of art therapy so that participants can then assess how best they can use this form of therapy with their own clients. She also facilitates group workshops for personal growth and healing.

Therapeutic Value of Art:

Susan will share how, through her work with a variety of people, including youth, special children, parents, teachers, she has witnessed art as a vehicle for communication and healing. For many individuals, for a variety of reasons, written and spoken language can have its limitations. Susan will show examples of art work that illustrate how art has enabled people to overcome these barriers and as a result grow in confidence. The Therapeutic Value of Art can include reducing stress levels, discovering new insights into ourselves and finding some relief from overwhelming emotions.


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