You asked the President! During the spring semester President Núñez visited with the residents in each of the first year residence halls. During those visits you were engaged in great dialogue and asked many excellent questions

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You asked the President!
During the spring semester President Núñez visited with the residents in each of the first year residence halls. During those visits you were engaged in great dialogue and asked many excellent questions. As promised, here are the questions you asked and the University’s answers.
Grades are not being posted on Blackboard so we are not able to keep track of grades. This leads to a lot of students not getting necessary feedback, how can this be addressed?

Faculty members are not required to post grades on Blackboard. They should, however, provide students with feedback by way of comments or grades on papers, quizzes, exams and other assignments that are described on the course syllabus. If a student feels that a faculty member does not provide sufficient or timely feedback, he/she should first speak to the instructor and then to the department chairperson if there is still concern.

Blackboard is not being utilized by many professors. How can this be addressed?

This year there was a change in the way that Blackboard was administered. For a few months this change resulted in some instability and unreliability. Faculty members may have been concerned about this and stopped using Blackboard. The program’s reliability and stability have improved in the last month and faculty are likely to resume using it in the future. Eastern’s Center for Instructional Technology provides training, support and workshops for faculty to encourage them to use Blackboard but ultimately it is up to the faculty member to determine if using it will promote student learning their courses.

Please explain our Nursing program?
Information about Eastern’s nursing program is available here:
Eastern Connecticut State University offers strong science programs and coursework that, together with the liberal arts emphasis of all Eastern programs, constitute ideal preparation for a future career in nursing. While Eastern doesn’t offer a specific nursing major or degree, we do offer special collaborative options with Southern Connecticut State University and the University of Connecticut to pursue a post baccalaureate nursing program.

A limited number of reserved seats are available each year for Eastern graduates in the accelerated nursing programs at SCSU and UConn. Specific prerequisites and requirements must be met for each program in order to qualify for these reserved seats:

Southern Connecticut State University’s Accelerated Career Entry (ACE) into Nursing Program

The ACE Program is an accelerated BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program for individuals who have already completed their bachelor degrees in a non-nursing field and who wish to enter the nursing profession. This full-time program allows qualified individuals to complete their undergraduate nursing coursework and BSN degree requirements in 12 consecutive months. Graduates are then eligible to take the national RN licensure exam. A new program begins in August of each year at the New Haven campus of SCSU.

University of Connecticut Certificate Entry into Nursing (CEIN BS) Program

The CEIN/BS Program is designed for those with a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing area wishing to enter the nursing profession. Qualified individuals are able to complete this full-time program in 12 months and be awarded a B.S. degree in nursing, which makes them eligible to take the national RN licensure exam. Students in this program also receive a post-baccalaureate certificate that reflects completion of 9 graduate credits and allows transition to the graduate nursing programs at UConn. New programs begin in January of each year and are offered at four UConn campuses: Groton, Stamford, Storrs and Waterbury.

Please explain our new Health Professions Major?
Note: This major has not yet been approved. If the approval process is completed in time it will be available as a major in fall 2014.
Health Sciences majors will complete 120 credits, 49-59 of them for the Health Sciences major. Forty additional credits are required for course work that includes pre-requisites and the Liberal Arts Core. The curriculum allows for 19-31 credits of student selected electives to fulfill the 120 credits for graduation. In the first two years, Health Science students will develop a sound knowledge of core principles in biology, with the appropriate supporting courses in chemistry, math, health and physical education and psychology.  Upper-level classes will offer a more focused emphasis on health-related and physiologically-based topics. Each student will select a concentration in Public Health, Pre-Nursing or Pre-Physical Therapy.  Demonstrated competence in the laboratory will be evaluated by practical, hands-on exams and faculty assessment of skill proficiency.  Students will demonstrate their ability to use appropriate equipment and familiarity with the standard array of lab techniques.  All students will take HSC 438 Current Topics in Health Sciences Seminar. 

This course provides students with the capstone experience in writing and scientific communication skills, and meets Eastern’s LAC Tier III requirement

How can we get the shuttle app on all windows phones?

The two primary mobile platforms are Apple and Droid.  For Windows phones, your best bet is to use the website.

There is no Wi-Fi anywhere in the residence halls except the common areas, when will this be resolved?

The goal is to have Wi-Fi throughout the residence halls by the start of the fall semester.  The University has a 1.2m project underway to install Wi-Fi in all dorm rooms.

We often get disconnected and have to re-log in to Wi-Fi on our phones. How will this be addressed?
The Wi-Fi project will have a large number of access points to use, creating a more robust network that should curtail dropped connections.
Registration process on e-web is very slow, what is the plan?
The Applications Group has installed a number of load balancers to allow students greater access and authentication to the registration process. This was tested with the seniors this spring and will be released to all students for the remainder of spring registration process. 
The shuttle app goes offline and does not have estimated times for route stops, what can be done?
There are no set times for the shuttle, since a number of students on campus have special needs and may require the shuttle to detour from the prescribed route.  In the fall, one of the shuttles had a transmitter problem that took several weeks to diagnose and replace.  Since then, we have seen better performance from the system.
Cannot use e-print from Mac laptops, can that be corrected?
There is a new Mac e-print driver on the student portal; the previous one was not properly configured.  If you need assistance loading the driver, please stop by the 5th floor of the Science Building. 

Can we get software programs for some majors made accessible on school computers or subsidize costs for students (i.e. Creative Cloud for visual arts majors)?
MS Office and Forefront security essentials are free with your tuition payment and can be obtained in Webb 410 or via student portal.  Creative Cloud is subsidized at a rate of 20.00 per month (your cost) for 12 months, a substantial discount over the cost of purchasing the program. 
Some Ethernet ports not working, how do we address this?

Contact the with the hall name, room number and jack number.  A cellphone is necessary to coordinate the repair. 

Why is there a lag on the computer work orders?

There is limited staff in the repair section of the University ITS function causing a short delay in responding to work orders. 

Can club football be converted into a D3 sport?

The simple answer is that it could, but the more realistic answer is that the University is not in a position to do so. The NCAA requires that football programs have the necessary practice, playing, storage and locker room facilities to support the program further that it has on staff a minimum number of coaches and medical trainers to support it. If Eastern were to move in this direction it would cost the University millions of dollars that it would then have to pass on to students in the form of fees. Additionally it would upset the Title IX balance of male and female athletic in the Athletic Department putting us in violation. As a result, we believe adding football as a varsity sport to be prohibitive.

Can we have car service to pick up people from parties? Can we have general car service (for students to be dropped off and picked up with a radius of the campus)?

The University does not have the resources to provide car service for students. We do have the campus shuttle which extends it service to off-campus locations such at the Wal-Mart plaza and the Eastbrook Mall. Student Government Association runs a Saturday Shuttle to the Buckland Mall in Manchester.

Can we use the SGA shuttles to go to overnight trips out of state (i.e. clubs)?

The University runs a seven day a week shuttle service on campus with limited off campus service. The SGA does not have a shuttle service except weekend trips to the Buckland Mall in Manchester. SGA has vans that clubs and organizations can sign out for official travel overnight and out of State.

Can you add more FAQS about roommate on housing website?

Yes we can and ask that you provide suggestions for the questions that would be most helpful. Please provide them to the director of housing in the Housing Office located in the Wood Support Service Center.

Students are not notified about new roommate when they get one. Can we be notified in advance?

Yes, but there are times when there is a vacancy and it is filled the same day if occurs or the very next day. We will ask the Housing staff to be mindful of this suggestion. Please remember you will not be able to approve who the new roommate may be.

There are very little hours for open gym in the Sports Center. How can we get more time?
This is a real problem for us and there is no easy answer. We need another gymnasium and with only one we have to schedule it for academic classes, varsity sports, and intramural activities before we consider open gym time. We continue to try new options, but we are limited to do much better.

Can we have a Smith Machine in the Sports Center Weight room?
We recently replaced all of the equipment in the Sports Center and made a decision not to include a Smith Machine because it takes up too much space. Every lifting exercise one can don on the Smith Machine and be accomplished on other apparatus in the facility.
Can we get new cheerleading mats for the downstairs in the Sports Center?
Yes, they have been ordered.
Can we get free weights gym to replace the old ones that are in the Sports Center? Can we have free weights in the Student Center fitness gym?
We recently did so for the Sports Center, but will not do so for the Student Center as it is a non-free weight fitness center.
The text app for the laundry machine needs is not accurate, can it be improved?

The application is intended to indicate if the machine is on and in use but is not intended to identify if the clothing has been removed and the machine is ready for the next customer.

The washing machines in Winthrop Hall are old and do not work well, can they be replaced?

The machines did require maintenance however notification to the company had not been made. Reminders have been provided to the RA Staff on reporting procedures as well as posting by the machines.

Can you fumigate the water bugs in the Winthrop Hall showers?

Once notification was made to Facilities the problem was addressed. RAs’ reminded to notify Facilities of problems

The cleaning is unacceptable in the Winthrop, what can be done?

One notification was made to Facilities the problem was addressed. Custodial supervisor reminded to review this area.

Can you provide free breakfast for Winthrop students like burr hall has for their students?

We are not considering adding to the existing program. Burr Hall is in the program due to the distance from Hurley Hall

We need better snow removal and ice removal on campus?

Our Facilities personnel have done a remarkable job to keep our campus open when other universities were unable to open.

It is possible at various times during snow conditions the walkways and roads will be covered with snow while they work to clear other areas.

Can Hurley close later for people who get out of class late?

We extended the hours this year and currently are operating within times that work for the majority of our students. To extend the hours for a limited number of students would impact the pricing of the entire meal plan.

Are there plans for another parking garage?
Our master plan includes an additional parking garage but that will be several year into the future.
The road down from Constitution heading toward Prospect St. is all ripped up; will this be fixed or repaved?
We will be constructing a new sidewalk and additional lighting in this area. Our plans including taking control of the road from the town and we will repave at that time.
Will another dining hall be built?
The school is conducting a feasibility study on current and future expectations of Hurley Hall
Freshmen should not have to pay for an unlimited swipes meal plan; it is more expensive and (some people) find it excessive, what can be done?
Meal plans are created by the school and are reviewed on a yearly basis. 
Can Chartwells/Hurley offered healthier food options and produce?
All of our menus at Hurley Hall are designed in a webtrition recipe program reviewed by certified nutritionists.  We offer an enormous amount of healthy food option all the dining stations
Why can we only take 1 piece of fruit and the fruit at Hurley sometimes is completely rotten and un-edible. Why?
We ask that you take one piece of fruit at a time simply because we see a large amount of uneaten hand fruit being returned on the trays.  You are more than welcome to come back as many times as you want throughout your meal time.  Are hand fruit is local from a farm in Ashford.  If you have a piece of fruit that is not edible please see a manager or an associate and they would be glad to get you a new one from the cooler in the kitchen.

The quality of the food in Hurley fluctuates based on who is working; some of the employees do not care and they have extremely poor attitudes.  This is shown in the food for the day?

Could you be more specific about which staff and what meals and stations you are referring to?  We strive to be consistent with all our staff and menus.

Chartwells staff does not respond to emails, can they be better at it?
My staff tries to respond to all emails within 24-48.  I apologize if this has not been the case and will review with my management staff.
Workers at Hurley have been heard using the “N” word? How will this be addressed?
This in unacceptable and we have already conducted a training meeting with the staff and this should not happen again.  If it does please see a manager right away.  We have a zero tolerance for any abusive talk in the workplace.
If we have unlimited swipes, why won’t Hurley let us take a to-go after we eat a meal?
The To Go plan is clearly stated in the contract as a missed meal option.  The assumption is you are missing a meal and will be taking it to go and eating shortly after and not storing it for long periods of time.  We are one of the only schools in all of New England that even allows food to go from the board operation.   
(Rumor going around) that Hurley will only allow people to swipe in 3 times a day, even with an unlimited swipe meal plan, is that True?
This is not true.  Unlimited is unlimited.  Card Services can confirm this as they set up the meal plan limits in the blackboard system.
Why can’t we get to-go boxes before 11 AM?
It is a financial decision that affects the cost of the meal plans/ Chartwells actually extended to the weekend and will look into extending the morning options in future meal plan meetings. You can fill out a missed meal form and have a breakfast to go made for you if you are having problems making it to breakfast due to athletics, classes or internship programs.
Shuttle app question: Doesn’t tell you when it’s coming?

If you touch one of the shuttle stops on the app it will give you an estimated time of arrival. For your added safety and convenience, the University Police Department provides a shuttle bus service for the University community. Designated shuttle stops are conveniently located around campus.

Shuttle bus hours are posted at each residential hall, the Student Center and the Police Department lobby.

Shuttles travel a specific route for the maximum convenience of all riders. Two of the shuttle buses are equipped with a lift for the physically impaired. Please call the Police Department at (860) 465-5310 to make arrangements for this service.

Designated campus shuttle bus stops: (in order)

    • 1.     Heat Plant/Webb Hall/North Campus

    • 2.     Parking Garage

    • 3.     Facilities

    • 4.     Athletic Complex

    • 5.     Occum Hall

    • 6.     Sport and Student Centers

    • 7.     South Residential Village

    • 8.     Noble Hall

    • 9.     Shafer/Burr Hall (High Street Side)

    • 10.  Knight House

    • 11.  Winthrop Hall

Why there aren’t 2 shuttles running at the same time? It’s a staffing problem

We lost a driver several weeks ago due to an injury and have not been able to find a replacement.  Unfortunately he will not be back until the end of the month.  There are two shuttle operating in the morning but we have had to cut down to one driver after 12:00 p.m. 

We be able to get more food down the hill when inclement weather happens?

Not at this time. The goal is to get Hurley and the Student Center open and the safety of getting the employees to campus to open up the facilities is the concern. 

Students should be able to swipe in and get To Go box at same time, why not?

The To Go plan is clearly stated in the contract as a missed meal option.  The assumption is you are missing a meal and will be taking it to go and eating shortly after and not storing it for long periods of time.  We are one of the only schools in all of New England that even allows food to go from the board operation

You can’t finish your meal and personnel yell at students that take boxes away, what are the options?

Not sure what the exact question is.  Mangers should not be yelling at you ever.  Please see me if this is the case

What about the 2% tuition increase? How much money is this going to cost?
Tuition and fees for an undergraduate in state commuting student will increase by $184 in FY 2015.

Why Hurley Hall is closed 2 to 5 on the weekends?

This has been the standard for weekend hour but can be reviewed for future negotiations.

Can we extend Hurly hours?

We just extended Hurley Hall hours from 7:30 to 8:00pm Monday –Thursday for this year.   

Why can’t students bring water bottles in Hurley?

It is a board of health issue.  Cross contamination of sports bottle on the fountain machines can spread bacteria.  This has been an issue in other schools with the spread of bacterial meningitis

Why can’t I take a to-go cup from Hurley to get coffee in the morning?

We will look into a Hurley Coffee togo program for the future.

Why isn’t lunch offered on the weekend?

Brunch is offered on weekends which offers lunch and breakfast at the same time.  Most student wake up later on weekends and enjoy this option rather than breakfast ending earlier.

Going trayless? Why not!

We are looking into going trayless and are striving to get their soon.    

What can Eastern do about the flies in Hurley?

The plants were not be properly maintained this semester and the company is addressing the issue and should already be better.  There were a number of dead plants that have been removed.

Can we having the library café open 24 hours?

The demand for a 24 hour facility does not match the financial impact it would have on cost of the overall meal program to our students.

Why are there a lot of delayed times for shuttle?

If a shuttle is delayed on its route there could be several factors. Personal Relief for the driver, scheduled 15 minute break, ADA Transportation, or   Vehicle Maintenance Issue including getting gas.
Directory: housing -> files
housing -> Contents Introduction
housing -> List of all roads included in the additional licensing area
housing -> Question One
housing -> Romania’s answers to the Questionnaire addressed by the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, and on the right to non-discrimination in this context
housing -> Executive Summary ap-05 Executive Summary 24 cfr 91. 200
housing -> Background Legal/institutional framework
housing -> Georgia Department of Community Affairs 60 Executive Park South ne
housing -> Basile Baumann Prost Cole & Associates, Inc. Public/Private Development Advisors
housing -> Contact: Dexter Chambers, City Council Communications Director: 404-330-6309/392-0159
files -> This booklet was designed to assist members of the Jefferson community in the search for off-campus housing

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