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ICON Cloud Solutions

ICON Cloud Solution’s roots are within the voice industry specializing in multi-network voice applications and deployments. Our engineers have developed voice application software which has been deployed worldwide. ICON has developed customized applications for several vertical industries including: education, airlines, government, broadcasting, utilities and health care. We have assisted deploying tens of thousands of voice solutions throughout North America.

“Powered by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise”

The cloud hosted solution being proposed runs on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise hardware infrastructure. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is a worldwide leader in both voice and data networks. Because their product expertise includes both voice and data they have successfully engineered solutions that are “best of class” in enabling voice over IP networks.

Security & Environmental Monitoring - SARA Cloud

SARA Cloud is a hosted offering that supports security and environmental monitoring, alerting, and reporting applications helping you prevent business disruptions. It is powered by Status Solutions’ Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA) and ensures that critical data is harnessed and routed automatically to the right people so they can deal with an unfolding situation in the right way.

When a triggering event occurs, SARA converts random alarms into real-time, detailed alerts for delivery to predefined communication end points including PC’s, business telephones, mobile telephones, digital wall boards, paging systems, 2-way radios, etc. Voice alerts to business and mobile telephones are achieved via SIP integration. SARA is Windows Server 2012 based and includes the capability to support POP 3 e-mail, browser access, as well as text-to-speech capability for alert delivery.

SARA Wireless Infrastructure & Device Integration

SARA can interface with a 902-928 MHZ wireless infrastructure and support a wide variety of security and environmental wireless sensors for any type of environment. The wireless infrastructure consists of network coordinator, wireless interface license, repeaters, serial to IP converter and the wireless sensors needed to fulfill the application.

The wireless monitoring devices (i.e. transceivers, transmitters, repeaters) operate in the 902 to 928 MHz frequency band. To provide extended range for larger installations, wireless repeaters are available. In order to provide maximum reliability and interference immunity, all wireless sensors (transmitters and repeaters) use a spread spectrum, frequency-hopping mesh network, which, upon alarm activation, sends redundant messages across a bandwidth that is at least 10 MHz wide with auto healing networking. The transmitters and repeaters can be programmed for check-in messages to include alarm and battery condition status.

Multiple sensor options are available for integration to the wireless infrastructure:

- Universal Transmitter that supports a normally open or normally closed input

- Single and double-button panic pendants

- Pull stations

- Door and window activity monitors

- High and low temperature and humidity sensors

- Water detection sensor

- Passive infrared motion detector

- Smoke detector

- Glass break detector

- Cigarette buster/flame sensor

SARA Cloud Architecture

SARA is a universal notification tool and software rules-based engine that is designed to monitor alarming events occurring within a variety of environments and provide a common method for managing the delivery of alerts. Each triggering event is logged in the system’s database and retained for reporting purposes. The persistent connection available from the IP network allows integrated alarm monitoring and alerting and links many devices into a common system.

Monitored devices shall include mobile duress transmitters, pull stations/cords, door/window monitors, smoke alarms, moisture/temperature sensors, alarm relays, motion detectors, as well as a wide variety of other devices. The system can integrate third party alarming systems already in place such as fire panels and security systems.

SARA can deliver text to a variety of media, including any type of digital signage. The system supports a video text interface that allows alarm details to be viewed immediately via monitors and kiosks. The alert messages can also be delivered in a text-to-speech format via the use of selected devices. The system software provides both real-time and historical reporting on the status of every designated device. Historical reporting can be used to identify problem areas.

Alerts are delivered to a wide array of communications technologies, including mobile smartphones, wired and wireless PBX telephones, cellular telephones, pagers, 2-way radios, PA systems and PC workstations.

Customer Site Requirements for SARA

  • High-speed broadband access (with persistent signal), including a static IP address

  • 110V receptacles for repeaters if applicable

  • Available port output from any third party alarming system integration

  • Ethernet connection to IP network for serial IP converters

  • Accessible connection to contacts/relays

  • IP and SIP telephony connections for server

  • Site contact for location and naming of all sensors and training coordination

Proposed Solution Overview

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Proposed Configuration Pricing

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NOTE: The term of the initial service agreement is thirty-six months

SARA Cloud Warranty & Limitation of Liability

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