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Whole School Curriculum Map
Autumn Term

Spring Term

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Footprints Through Time – Concept of Change

How have people’s rights and responsibilities changed over time?

Stone Age through to Iron Age

Rocks and Soils / Feeding Moving and Growing

Intro to RJS System & Blogs / Microsoft Office - Word

Drawing and Printing

Textiles / Computer design (Photoshop)

Settling In / Responsibilities

Concept of Creation (Creation stories) / Concept of Specialness (Christmas, symbols and figures (Mary, Jesus)

Percussion with Glenn – Christingle

House Games / Gymnastics – stretching and curling / Passing and Receiving / Dance Day

Je parle francais

Champions for Change – Concept of Care and Rehabilitation

How can we work together to make a difference on the lives of people around the world?

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Light and Shadow / Helping Plants Grow Well

Databases (Junior Viewpoint) / Scratch


Food Technology / Materials and Construction

Community / In someone else’s shoes

Concept of Community and Worship (Church and synagogue, artefacts, rituals and symbols)


Gymnastics- symmetry and asymmetry / Dance (Volcanoes) / Attacking and defending / Tennis

Je me presente

Invaders and Settlers – Concept of Collaboration

How does effective teamwork ensure positive outcomes?

The Romans in Britain / Locational Geography - UK

Forces / Using materials

Internet safety and research / Animation


Mechanics, materials and construction

Feelings and Relationships

Concept of Rites of Passage and Ceremony (comparison between Christianity and Judaism)

Composition Roman Invasion

House Games / Striking and Fielding – Kwick Cricket / Athletics

En famille


Temples, Tombs and Treasures - Concept of Power

How do risks and pressures we place upon each other influence our behaviour?

Ancient Egypt / Rivers

Changing Sounds / Solids, liquids and gases

Audacity / Animation



Risks and Pressures / Bullying

Concept of Freedom (Jewish festival of Passover) Concept of Light (Advent and Hanukah)

Composition / Singing for show

House Games / Dance / OAA / Gymnastics – balance / Swimming

Mon anniversaire

Our World, Our Future - Concept of Identity

How can we learn from others to create the future we dream of?

British History – Changes in Leisure and Entertainment in 20th Century / Locational Geography

Teeth and Eating / Habitats and survival

Microsoft Office - PowerPoint / Internet safety and research

Draw and Paint – Portraits (Picasso) / Artists and Architecture

Food technology – Healthy meal

Healthy Living / Identity / Media

Concept of Authority and Identify (Bible and Torah) / Concept of Resurrection (Easter story)

History of music – great composers and musicians

Street dance / Tag Rugby / Tennis / Gymnastic – rolling / Swimming

Les animaux

The Power of the Sea – Concept of Protection

How are we protected in the world we live in?

Local History Study / Local Geography Study comparison

Keeping Warm / Circuits and Conductors

Google Sketch-up (CAD) / Scratch

Digital Media

Electrical components / Materials / Construction

Keeping safe outside school / Bikeability

Concept of Teaching and Discipleship (main focus - Jesus’ teachings and followers – link with Moses in Judaism)

Percussion with Glenn – Marching band

House Games / Health Related Fitness / Swimming / Athletics

Le Monde


Window on the World – Concept of Equality

Equality – does it truly exist?

South America – place knowledge, vegetation belts and biomes

Changing state / Dissolving

Internet Research / Mircosoft Office - Word

Textiles - designers


Healthy Living – Smoking, drugs and alcohol

Concept of Faith – Roman Catholics / Concept of Prophecy – Magi

Percussion with Glenn – Samba – Carnival

House Games / Dance / OAA / Gymnastics - balance

Moi et mon ecole

The Great, The Bold and The Brave – Concept of Democracy

Does my vote count?

Ancient Greece / Modern Greece – comparison with UK

The Earth and Space / Forces and Gravity

Scratch / Movie Maker


Food Technology

Rights, Responsibilities and the law

Concept of Belief – Greek orthodoxy / Concept of Sacrifice - Lent

Composition – Holst Planet Suite

Football / Dance / Tennis / Gymnastics - flight

Les sports

Survival of the best – Concept of Resilience

How do we persevere when faced with challenging situations?

Anglo Saxons / Vikings / Locational knowledge (UK and Europe)

Lifecycles / Interdependence and Adaptation

Google Sketch-up (CAD) / Prezi

Collage – Andy Goldsworthy

Materials, Construction and Mechanics

It’s my Body (puberty) / First Aid / Bikeability

Concept of Belonging and Loyalty (Introduction to Islam – Islamic Values + 5 pillars)

Digital music composition (Audacity)

House Games / Athletics / Strike and Field (cricket)

Qu’est-ce que tu veux?


Different People, Similar Lives - Concept of Conflict

Is it right to fight?

History beyond 1066 – World War 2 and subsequent wars

Forces and Movement / Fuel for Life

Internet Research / Web safety and Creating Websites

Drawing and Painting – Propaganda Posters

Food Technology

Managing Conflict

Concept of Devotion and Prejudice - Islam / Concept of Interpretation (The Two Birth Narratives)

WW2 – Singing and Songwriting

House games / Dance Day / Hockey / Health Related Fitness

Les Vetements

In Search of Justice – Concept of Social Injustice

Is it possible to break the cycle of injustice?

Non-European Study – Africa and Benin & Locational Geography

Evolution and Inheritance

Prezi Presentations




Concept of forgiveness (Bible stories) / Concept of sacred (the bible and the Qu’ran)

African Drumming

Gymnastics –synchronisation and canon / OAA /Tennis /Netball


Gateways to the World – Concept of Enterprise

How will my rights and responsibilities change in my future?

North American Study

Changing Circuits / How we see things / Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Excel / Scratch

Printing / Digital Media – Andy Warhol

Electricals and Electronics / Computing

Sex and Relationships Education / Managing Change / Economics

Concept of Looking Forward Ramadan and Eid / Concept of journey (Pilgrimage) (Hajj)

Percussion with Glenn – show songs

House Games / Athletics / Striking and Fielding

Un pays Francophone

Key - History Geography Science Computing Art and Design Design and Technology Safe Star RE Music Physical Education Languages

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