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Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana’s Biography
Santana is a world known guitarist. But what all has he done? Well, it all started on July 20th, 1947 when Carlos Santana was born in ‘Autlan’ de Navarro, Mexico. His birth name was ‘Devadip’ Carlos Santana. (Santana)

He was born into a family with a musical background; he developed a love for music at a very early age. He learned to play the violin at age five. Several years later his family moved to Tijuana, and Carlos began his long-life relationship with the guitar. “He was fascinated with guitar heroes such as John lee Hooker, T. Bone Walker, and B.B. King”. (Santana)

In 1961, Carlos made the jump across the border and moved from Mexico to San Francisco, California. After being convinced by his family to stay in San Francisco, he graduated from Mission High School. “At this time some of his favorite bands are Muddy Waters, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and the Grateful Dead”. (Santana)

Towards the end of 1966, Tom Frazier wanted to form a new rock band. So he joined with Santana, Mike ‘Carabello’, Rod Harper, Gus Rodriguez, and Gregg ‘Rolie’ to form the Santana Blues Band. The group became very popular through the years. After a while they dropped the Blues Band part of the name and simply became known as Santana. “At this time the band consisted of Carlos, ‘Rolie’, David Brown, Bob ‘Doc’ Livingston, and Marcus Malone”. (Wikipidia)

In 1966, they released their first album Spellbinder. Later in 1970 they released their second album ‘Abraxas’. It sold over 4 million copies. Then in 1973 Santana married Deborah King. Also in 1973, Carlos recorded an album Together Love. “Then came along Amigos an album released in 1976”. (Rockhall)

Around the 80’s people lost interest in that taste of music. But he released Freedom in 1986. My opinion of Santana is he is a great guitarist and he will become a major figure in guitar history. “He has had so many albums it’s hard to count. But, even though people don’t talk about him much today, we still listen to him”. (Wikipidia.)

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