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SUBJECT: May Webcast – Ethics & Standards for Tax Pros

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Ethics & Standards for Practitioners – Circular 230 Review”

WASHINGTON, DC (May 3, 2017) - Tax Talk Today®, an online series of webcasts educating tax professionals on current and critical tax issues, announced the topic for its May program, Ethics & Standards for Practitioners – Circular 230 ReviewThe Live webcast is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9, 2 – 3:50 PM ET (2 CPE Credits). 
Stephen A. Whitlock, Director, IRS Office of Professional Responsibility, Roger Harris, EA, President and C.O.O., Padgett Business Services®/SmallBizPros, Inc., and Kevin C. Huston, EA, USTCP, MBA, ChFC, CLU, President, Blue Ridge Tax Advisors, Inc. will focus on the role of both the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility and the Return Preparer Office in assuring that practitioners maintain the highest ethical standards. Panelists also will focus on ethical issues most often faced by tax practitioners, the penalties that may be imposed on practitioners, and the impact of preparer penalties on the conduct of a professional's practice. Complete program description.
The broadcast will be Archived for 12 months for viewers who are unable to watch the Live program, wish to review the material or wish to complete a QAS Self Study CPE program. Viewers can earn 2 CPEs for completing this program, and may email questions before and during the Live (Group-Internet Based) program.
Specific topics that will be discussed:

  • Return Preparers

    • Annual Filing Season Program

  • Tax Professional's Duties and Ethical Responsibilities

    • Competence

    • Due diligence

    • Client records, security and identity theft

    • Conflicts of interest

    • Solicitation of clients or business

    • Procedures to insure compliance

  • Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR)

    • OPR vs. Return Preparer Office Responsibilities

    • OPR's role in Circular 230 enforcement - “Fitness to practice”

    • Receiving referrals

    • Diligence Visits

    • Representation before OPR

    • Notice to practitioners

    • Submission of evidence

    • Sanctions

    • Hearings and appeals

  • Penalties

    • Failure to follow procedures

    • Disclosure or use of return information

    • Understatement of taxpayer's liability

    • Lack of diligence in claiming EITC

    • Aiding or abetting tax liability understatements

    • IRS procedure for applying preparer penalties

    • Best practices to avoid penalties or other disciplinary action

“With our IRS and industry experts, viewers will learn about ethical rules governing tax practitioners,” stated Lisbeth Bagnold, President & CEO of Tax Talk Today, Inc.

Viewers needing Continuing Professional Education credit can take advantage of a Tax Talk Today subscription price of $270.00 or $18.00/credit for 15 CPE credits, which includes all 7 programs.  Up to 27 CPE credits can be purchased. Tax Talk Today is an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider.
About Tax Talk Today, The Tax Show for the Tax Pro

A 7-program, 15 CPE, webcast series, designed to educate tax professionals with reliable information about complex tax issues. Tax Talk Today features roundtable discussions and real-time interaction with industry professionals, and IRS officials. Tax Talk Today collaborates with the IRS and the NAEA to provide content meeting CPE Credit requirements for CPAs, Enrolled Agents, OTRPs, attorneys, and all professionals needing CPE credits in the tax area.  Programs are available Live, Archived or Podcast. Contact Paul Lamonia at 202-559-9330 or or visit


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