Chapter III infrastructure Roads and Bridges

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The loan of 300 million US $ has been approved by ADB Board on 14.04.2016.

Rehabilitation and Up gradation of Roads aided by World Bank (WB)

GoUP has negotiations with World Bank for financial assistance for Improvement of State Highways for 400 million US $. The loan will be utilised for Strengthening and Widening of State Highways and construction of a major bridges at Sharda River.

Following roads are under consideration of Loan negotiation with World Bank:-

Name of Road

Length (Km)



Garutha-Chirgaon Road (SH-42)



Hamipur-Rath Road (SH-42)



Gola-Shahjahanpur Road (93)



Badayun-Bilsi Road (SH-51)




Upgradation & Maintenance of Rath-Garutha Section of SH-12 (Missing Link)



Construction of Sharda Bridge


(approach road 6 Km and Bridge 5 Km)


Panipat-Khatima Road (Shamli-Muzaffarnagar Section)


Indo-Nepal Border Road

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Government of India has approved project for construction of Roads along Indo-Nepal Border passing through seven Districts namely Pilibhit, Lakhimpur Kheri, Bahraich, Shrawasti, Balrampur, Siddharth Nagar and Mahrajganj of 640 km length at a cost of Rs 1621.00 crores. After Detailed survey 28 DPRs length 574 km and cost Rs 3100 crores have been framed and sent to MHA, GoI. Out of these 28 DPRs GoI has accorded sanction on 12 DPRs for length of 257 km and cost Rs 756 crores. While for remaining 16 DPRs of length 324.04 kms., it is instructed by MHA to get the Forest clearance first then resubmit the DPRs so that sanction may be accorded. Forest clearance of the same is under process.

Out of the sanctioned 12 DPRs, agreements have been framed for 12 works, which are under progress. The land acquisition is under progress.

For construction of Indo-Nepal Border road a provision of Rs. 200 crore is being proposed for construction work and Rs 220 crore for land acquisition in the budget of 2016-17 of GoUP.


Power is the engine of growth of any developing economy. Consumption of electrical energy is a universally accepted indicator of progress in the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors, as also of the well being of the people of the State. No major economic activity can be sustained without adequate and reliable supply of power. It plays a critical role in employment generation, regional development and poverty eradication. With rapid social, economic and industrial development of the state the demand for electricity is increasing at an average rate of about 12% per annum. In order to keep the on going pace of development, the State has recognized the need for generation capacity augmentation, strengthening and augmentation of transmission and distribution network. Prevention of theft of electricity, reduction in system distribution losses and Energy conservation will also help in reducing the load/demand on the distribution system and help in providing quality supply of electricity to consumers. Presently Uttar Pradesh is facing a peak shortfall of 2000-2500 MW. As per Eighteenth EPS, the peak demand for Uttar Pradesh by the end of 12th Plan is estimated at around 23081 MW.

Expected Demand & Availability

The demand of power in the State of Uttar Pradesh is expected to increase significantly in the years to come and to meet the augmented generation capacity objective and ensure availability of 650 Kwh. per capita by the end of 2017, the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh has encouraged Private Participation in the Power Sector.

Details of Demand &  Availability






Peak Load  (As per 18th EPS)






Estimated Available peak load  






To meet the demand and achieve said consumption as envisaged in Energy Policy, 2009, the State has taken steps to add nearly 16000 MW new generation capacity during the XII Plan period. Currently power generation capacity is 18547 MW.

Targets Achieved During XI Plan:


Commissioning of Parichcha 210MW Unit No.4

Renovation of 100MW(Obra)& 60MW(Harduaganj)

Addition of 546MW Co-generation Capacity.

Commissioning of Ist Unit of Harduagant Extn.250MW

Anpara'C' Power Station (2x600MW) Commissioned in Private sector.

Rosa Thermal Power Station (2x300MW) and Rosa Thermal Extension (2x300MW) Commissioned in Private sector.

Bajaj Hindustan Sugar Mill (7x45MW) Commissioned in Private sector.


The work of laying ABC as per XI plan target was completed.

To prevent theft of electricity double metering of  all Industrial including Ice factories& Cold Storage consumers having load more than 25KVA have been done.

1, 35,572 No. PTW were energised during tha plan period.

Under the schenme of Dr.Ambedkar Gram Sabha Vikas Yojna 11647 grams and 12830 majras were made saturated during the Plan period.

3809.12 ckt. KM 33KV lines were erected during the plan period

725 new 33KV sub-stations were commissioned and augumentation of 1024 No. 33KV sub-stations were carried out during the Plan period.


Following lines and Sub-Stations were commossioned during the Plan period:

765KV line:            1.90 ckt. KM.

220 KV Line:          1155.767 ckt. KM.

132 KV Line:           2688.8 ckt. KM.

765 KV new S/S:      01 No./1000MVA

220KV new S/S:       19 No./3540MVA

132KV new S/S:       62 No./2100MVA

Augumentation of 400 KV sub-station:  07 No./1005MVA

Augumentation of 220 KV sub-station:  54 No./3790MVA

Augumentation of 132 KV sub-station:  261 No./6204MVA
Steps taken for reducing losses in Power Sector

U.P. Power Corporation Ltd. has taken following steps to reduce the losses of Power Sector:-

Control of large thefts through raids, disconnection and FIRs.

Introduction of automated meter reading in high load consumers

Control of Katiya connection (unauthorized hooking) by installing ABC conductors.

Use of HVDS system in new electrification in rural areas

Separation of rural feeders.

Double metering.

Changing the mechanical meters with electronic meters.

Hand held billing

Granting of rural franchisee for revenue collection.

Implementation of input based franchisee.

For collection of payment of electricity bills Online Payment of Gateway has already been launched.

Impact of Reforms

After the reforms T&D loses  have been reduced from 40% to 29%

Collection efficiency has improved up to 92%


Thermal Generation

The demand of electricity is increasing continuously. In order to minimise the gap between the demand and availability of electricity and to ensure better productivity of agricultural, industrial and other fields, U.P. Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam has envisaged installation of new Thermal Power Projects and R&M (Renovation & Modernization) of old generating stations and extension of its existing Power Stations.

The details of installed capacity (de-rated) of thermal power stations under UPRVUNL on 30.11.2014 are as follows:-

Sl. No.


De-rated Installed Capacity in MW

(as on 31.03.2016)



1288 (=2x50+2x94+5x200)



210 (=2x105)



1140 (=2x110+2x210+2x250)



665 (=1x60+1x105+2x250)



1630 (=3x210+2x500)



During the 12th Plan (2012-17), UPRVUNL has planned to install new units/ Thermal   Power Projects as detailed below:-

Name of Thermal power  project

Capacity in MW

Whether Spilled over from 11th Plan

Construction proposed to start in 12th Plan




1x250 MW Harduaganj TPP

250 MW



2x250 MW Parichha TPP

500 MW



2x500 MW Anpara-D Thermal Power project

1000 MW



1x660 MW Harduaganj Thermal Power project

660 MW



2x660 MW Obra ‘C’ Thermal Power project

1320 MW



1x660 MW Panki Thermal Power project

660 MW



2x660 MW Kachhana Thermal Power project

1320 MW



2x660 MW Jawaharpur Thermal Power project

1320 MW


Total of A

7030 MW




Meja Thermal Power project(in joint venture with NTPC) (2x660 MW)

1320 MW



Thermal Power project in joint venture with NLC (3x660MW)

1980 MW


Total of B

3300 MW

Total (A+B)

10330 MW


There has been rising demand of power during the last decade but due to various reasons its production has not been raised to meet out the demand. As per the prescribed norms, installed capacity of Hydro Power Stations in Uttar Pradesh is very low compared to thermal power installed capacity. Consequent upon the creation of new state of Uttaranchal in the year 2000, major portion of the installed hydro generation capacity and the hydro power potential are now located in Uttaranchal while Uttar Pradesh is left with limited possibilities of hydro power potential available only on canals and Dam toes. At the beginning of 12th plan, the present installed hydro generating capacity in the state under UPJVNL is 526.7 MW.

Electricity generated from the above Hydro Power Stations is presently being transmitted to U.P. Power Corporation Ltd. for distribution.

As proposed in 12th Five Year Plan, Renovation & Modernization(R&M) work of reservoir based Rihand(300 MW), Obra(99 MW) & Matatila(30.6 MW) hydro power stations will continue as such these will provide fresh lease of useful life to plant and machineries alongwith better and modern technology resulting in better efficiency.

For R&M activities of projects in 12th Five Year Plan, proposal has already been sent to U.P. Govt. No plan outlay(Under Plan) has been proposed, however under Outside Plan Outlay, Rs. 300.00 lacs for Rihand, Rs. 100.00 lacs for Obra(H) & Rs. 100.00 lacs for Matatila has been proposed from Internal Resources.

Based on RLA Study for Renovation & Modernization of these 65-70 years old U.G.C. projects (Nirgazini- 5.0 MW, Chittaura-3.0 MW, Salawa-3.0 MW & Bhola-2.7 MW), Nigam had decided to construct new power house of higher capacity at adjoining sites.

In addition to this, as per Govt. policy, after identification, U.P. Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd. has processed to establish following 10 new Small Hydro Electric Projects under the aegis of PPP mode.

5 No. SHPs (Ramganga – 3.2 MW, Madho I – 3.75 MW, Madho II – 2.5 MW, Dunda – 3.5 MW and Bandraun – 14.0 MW) have been allotted to private developer after selection on the basis of competitive tariff based bidding.

Rebidding process of 04 Nos. projects (Khairi – 3.75 MW, Shahjahanpur Nahil – 2.5 MW, Karmnasa – 2.0 MW and Sharda Sagar – 1.5 MW) is under process. However, the Malakpur Rehri – 4.0 MW is not found technically feasible.

Transmission Works

At present U.P.Power system has the transmission network to cater to about 10000 MW power. The details of transmission network are given below:

Existing Transmission Network


Lines(Ckt.) (as on 31-3-2015)

Sub-stations (No./MVA) (as on 31-3-2015)

800 KV



400 KV



220 KV



132 KV



33 KV



At the end of 12th Plan 2012-17, U.P.Power transmission system has to be expanded to cater to total power to meet the evacuation requirement of 30000 MW of power .Accordingly transmission development plan has been framed. The projects of 765 KV & 400 KV project have also been identified and projects of 220 KV & 132 KV are also being developed.

UPPTCL intends to construct the 03 nos. 765 KV & 09 nos. 400 KV substations along with associated lines under PPP for evacuation of power from upcoming thermal power stations. All the transmission works proposed in private sector have been divided in to two packages of about Rs.5294.05 crores & Rs. 4876.36 crores (Total Rs. 10000 crores). Package 1 has been awarded to M/s. Isolux & Package 2 awarded to M/s. Cobra.

  1. Normal Development Works

Due to increase in demand of electricity some of the substations /lines are    overloaded.To meet the increasing demand it is essential to increase the capacity of the substations and to create new substations and lines.

II. Power Evacuation Works during XI Plan carried forward in XII Plan

Rosa TPS Stage-II(2X300) MW

Anpara’D’(2X500) MW

Srinagar HEP(4X82.5) MW

Bara(3X660) MW, Karchana(2X660) MW and Meja(2X660) MW:-

Paricha Extn.(2X250) MW:-

III.    Power Evacuation works duing XII Plan

  1. Jawaharpur TPS (3x660) MW:-

765 KV SC Jawaharpur-Agra (UP)line. (120 Km.)

LILO of 765 KV SC Mainpuri- Gr. Noida line (approved in XI Plan) at Jawaharpur (2x10 Km.)

765/400/220 KV with (2x1000 MVA, 765/400KV  & 2x500 MVA, 400/220 KV) ICTs at Jawaharpur

LILO of both circuits of 400 KV DC Mainpuri (765 KV)-Aligarh(400 KV) line (approved in XI Plan) at Jawaharpur (2x2x15 Kms.)

LILO of 400 KV SC Panki-Muradnagar line (existing) at Jawaharpur (2x15 Kms.)

LILO of 220 KV SC Mainpuri(PG)-Etah line (existing) at Jawaharpur(2x5 Kms.)

LILO of 220 KV SC Mainpuri-Harduaganj line (existing) at Jawaharpur (2x5 Kms.)

220 KV DC Jawaharpur-Etah (New S/s) line (2x20 Km.)

  1. Bhognipur TPS I (2x660) MW:-

765 KV SC Bhognipur I-Orai(PGCIL) line.(50 Km.)

765 KV SC Bhognipur I-Bhognipur II Interconnector line (1.5 Km.)

765 KV SC Bhognipur I-Jawahapur line. (180 Km.)

  1. Bhognipur TPS II (2x660) MW:-

765 KV SC Bhognipur II-Ghatampur line. (35 Km.)

  1. Lalitpur TPS (3x660) MW:-

765 KV SC Lalitpur-Bhognipur I  line.(200 Km.)

765 KV SC Lalitpur-Agra (UP)  line. (470 Km.)

765 KV SC Agra(UP)-Agra(PG) line. (50 Km.)

765/220 KV with (2x 300 MVA) ICT at Lalitpur switchyard.

220 KV DC Jhansi-Lalitpur-Lalitpur switchyard line. (2x90 Km.)

  1. Sandila TPS (2x660) MW:-

LILO of Ghatampur-Hapur line (proposed under Ghatampur TPS Evacuation)at Sandila (2x40 Kms.)

765 /400 KV with  ( 2x1000 MVA) ICT at Sandila.

400 KV SC Sandila-Farukhabad line. (100 Km.)

400 KV DC Sandila-Lucknow (Hardoi Road) line. (2x50 Km.)

f-  Ghatampur TPS (3x660) MW:-

765 KV SC Ghatampur-Hapur line (470 Km.).

765/400 KV and 400/132 KV with ICTs (2x1000) MVA and (3x200) MVA respectively at Ghatampur.

400 KV DC Ghatampur – Kanpur (PG) line. (2x30 Km.)

g-    Meja- II TPS (2x660) MW:-

(In addition to approved integrated evacuation system of Bara TPS (3x660)MW, Karchana TPS (2x660) MW and   Meja TPS-I (2x660) MW described in XI Plan works)

765 KV SC Meja-II-Ghatampur line. (235 Km).

765/400 KV with (2x1000) MVA ICT at Meja-II Switchyard .

LILO of one circuit of 765 KV Bara-Mainpuri line (already approved in XI Plan) at Unnao.

Distribution Works


Preparation of Base-line data for the project area covering Consumer Indexing, GIS Mapping, Metering of Distribution Transformers and Feeders, and Automatic Data Logging for all Distribution Transformers and Feeders and SCADA/DMS system (only in the project area having more than 4 lacs population and annual input energy of the order of 350 MU)

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