I. Thesis Statement A. Hook B. Introduction

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I.Thesis Statement



II.Apple Inc. changed the way people purchase, view and use technology.

A.Apple inc. is a company a lot of people have bought from. (Use active voice. Example: Many people purchase products from Apple Inc.)

B.People enjoy using Apple products.



3.Other Products

C.From the beginning of the formation of the corporation, Apple Inc has changed the world.

1.Creation of Apple

2.Time Line - History

3.Steve Jobs founded Apple Inc.

4.Appleā€™s first product was the Apple I

D.Apple Inc. today

1.Located in the Silicon Valley, California

2.Apple Inc. earned a considerable amount of money

3.Apple Inc Legacy

4.The future for Apple remains bright. Its obvious that people worldwide likes Apples products.


Excellent work! I just rearranged a few things.

Write complete, sentences in an active voice.

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