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Dwyer Arena


1 certified athletic trainer

2/3 coaches with standard first aid/CPR/AED

1 MD (M/W games only)

Ambulance (M/W games only)

Equipment available

First Aid Kit

CPR Mask


OSHA equipment


Knee immobilizer

Vacuum splints



Ambulance (games only)

Injury occurs

Ambulance Present / ATC/MD present

ATC not present

Ambulance not present / ATC Present

EMT/Paramedic signaled

From stands

All coaches should have their first aid kit for all skill sessions

ATC designates coach to call 911

(phone in training room or coaches office)

EMT/ATC/MD takes proper actions

(i.e. CPR, Backboard, AED)

Coach does primary survey

Coach calls public safety (8111)

to inform ambulance was called

ATC designates a coach

to travel in ambulance

Coach/Assistant Coach call 911

(9-911 from phone in training room or coaches offices)

ATC takes proper action

(i.e. CPR, immobilize head, AED)

Ambulance transport student-athlete

Coach/Assistant Coach calls public safety x8111 to inform an ambulance has been called

A coach is designated to meet and

guide ambulance through

zamboni entrance

Coach takes action

(i.e. CPR, immobilize head, AED, etc…)

A coach is designated

to travel in ambulance

Coach designates another coach or player to meet and

guide the ambulance through the zamboni entrance

Coach designates a person to go

in ambulance with injured student-athlete

** If an ATC is not present, the AED is - between the main and auxiliary rinks located on the wall of the main lobby.


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