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illiam R. (Bill) Lange

Present Organization

ATP Compliance and Safety Solutions

Current Position

Vice President

General Background

With over 40 years of airline and aviation leadership experience, His career has included senior corporate officer responsibilities for planning, operations control, maintenance and technical operations, flight operations, training, and safety & regulatory compliance for major and regional airlines, including Pan Am, World Airways and Atlantic Coast Airlines/Independence Air. Between his Pan Am and World airline assignments, he spent four years as EVP and COO of Jetstream Aircraft, Inc., the US-based regional airliner sales and service arm of British Aerospace, PLC. Most recently, Bill served as VP Safety & Compliance for Compass Airlines, leading the initial ATOS certification Compass and being the central force in establishing its industry-leading safety and regulatory compliance culture.

In his 19 years at Pan Am, Bill held positions as Manager of Economic Analysis, Director of Regulatory Planning, Director of Route Planning, System Director of Scheduling, System Director of Operations Control, VP of Planning, and President and COO of Pan Am Express, Pan Am’s wholly-owned regional carrier. In three years at World Airways, he was EVP Operations and EVP Strategy & Corporate Planning. During his six years at Atlantic Coast Airlines/Independence Air, Bill held positions as SVP Technical Operations, SVP Maintenance & Operations, SVP Operations Resources, and SVP Safety, Compliance & Security.

With undergraduate and graduate degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Bill has long been active in Industry and Government forums aimed at ensuring that continuous improvements are made to aviation safety and in regulatory compliance. Included among such involvements have been: membership in the FAA Safety Management Focus Group; active participation in a number of FAA Safety Management System (SMS) forums; membership on the airline operations subcommittee of the FAA SMS ARC; membership on the FAA First Officer Qualifications ARC as a representative of the Regional Airline Association (RAA); writer/editor of the RAA comments submitted to the docket for the FAA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Flightcrew Member Duty and Rest Requirements; and leadership involvement on behalf of the RAA in recent Industry Fatigue Risk Management Plan Forums.

Professional Experience

Throughout both his long airline industry career and his current consulting practice, Bill has very effectively developed himself to be a recognized bridge between the technologies and processes entailed in aviation and aviation safety and the business and regulatory aspects leading to safe and economically successful airline operations. In each of his professional positions and consulting assignments, he has been brought in as both a “problem identifier/solver” and a “change agent/manager”, having been specifically selected to determine the blockages preventing success, develop and implement solutions to those blockages, and educate and sell the organization’s leaders and employees alike on how their embracing those solutions will lead to success. The Safety and Regulatory Compliance Cultures of Compass Airlines and, before that, of Independence Air are testaments to Bill’s ability to establish high standards, to develop and implement the tools and processes that will meet those high standards, to educate management and employees alike in how they can and why they should achieve those standards, and to share the credit with them and the collective excitement when they do.

Operating Systems/Tools Programming Languages/



ATP-CASS Professional Services

Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System

FAA W-BAT (Web-Based Application Tool) Safety Data Collection Tool


Professional Memberships


  • S.B. Aeronautics & Astronautics, MIT

  • S.M. Aeronautics & Astronautics, MIT

  • Engineer of Aeronautics & Astronautics, MIT


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