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Meeting Discussions

The meeting was opened with round the table introductions. The committee was reminded that this committee meeting is for group discussion, not formal presentations.

  • Brainstorming session to review potential mitigation actions – the team reviewed a list of potential mitigation actions that had been derived from data collected during the last two committee meetings and the functional interviews. Due to time constraints, there was little discussion on the mitigation actions. It was agreed that the actions would be forwarded to the committee for review, comment, and ranking. This list was forwarded on 10 April 2003.

  • Formally agree to the mitigation goal statement – A recommended change to the mitigation goal statement was discussed. The committee agreed on the recommended change and formally agreed to the following mitigation goal statement:

  • “The goal of this plan is to support the City of Pearland’s efforts to protect the community’s health, safety, and welfare by identifying, and increasing public awareness of, natural and man-made hazards, and mitigating risks due to those hazards without creating new problems.”

  • Review the preliminary GIS maps – the majority of the meeting was spent on this agenda item. The following maps were developed by GIS;

  • Drainage System

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Flooded Road Hazards

  • At-Risk Public Facilities/Properties

  • NFIP Policies, Claims, Repetitive Loss Properties

  • During the review, the committee made recommendations on color coding changes, legends, and missing data. This data will be provided to GIS for review and update. Overall the maps were very impressive and well received by the committee.

  • Discuss the schedule and task for the remaining plan development and public meeting requirements – the committee discussed the schedule for completion. Bill Eisen asked if we would be ready to hold a work session with the Council the second week of May. The schedule for this meeting is being finalized. It is anticipated that the next committee meeting will be the week of 17 May. An updated schedule for completion of all tasks will be provided to the committee for review in the near future.

  • Review brochure draft material – Due to time constraints, the draft public communication brochures were not reviewed. They will be provided to the committee for review at the next committee meeting.

Mitigation Planning Committee Meeting #4 (May 22, 2003)

The Committee convened to review and address the following agenda items:

  • GIS – review new material

  • Discuss/Review Interview Notes

  • Review Mitigation Action Ranking and cross check with components of the Goal Statement; discuss assignments, funding and other limitations, political/citizen acceptance

  • Review Public Info Material

  • Questionnaires and distribution

  • Handouts

  • Overview of regulations and ordinance evaluation

  • Discuss the schedule and tasks for the remaining plan development and public meeting requirements

City of Pearland Planning Committee Membership

The following members of the Committee were in attendance:




Alcala, Cindy


Cindy Alcala/COP@ci.pearland.tx.us

(281) 652-1751

Chapman, Steve

Emergency Mgmt

Steve Chapman/COP@ci.pearland.tx.us

(281) 652-1952

Gallagher, Andy

Floodplain Mgmt

Andy Gallagher/COP@ci.pearland.tx.us

(281) 652-1649

Burns, Jerry

Public Utilities

Jerry Burns/COP@ci.pearland.tx.us

(281) 652-1914

Maples, Tobin

Community Services

Tobin Maples/COP@ci.pearland.tx.us

(281) 652-1759

Mueller, Alan


Alan Mueller/COP@ci.pearland.tx.us

(281) 652-1650

Ross, Mary


Mary Ross/COP@ci.pearland.tx.us

(281) 652-1672

Mr. Bill Eisen

City Manager

Bill Eisen/COP@ci.pearland.tx.us

(281) 652-1663

Chris Kidwell


Chris Kidwell/COP@ci.pearland.tx.us

(281) 652-1622

Jeff Ward



(239) 514-1801

Rebecca Quinn



(410) 267-6968

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