1. They sell candy skulls. It is very quiet in the cemeteries on the day of the dead

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I. Cierto o Falso: Answer C for cierto (true) o F for falso (false)

_____ 1. They sell candy skulls.

_____ 2. It is very quiet in the cemeteries on the day of the dead.

_____ 3. Skeletons are a symbol of life after death.

_____ 4. November 1st honors the deceased adults.

_____ 5. Mexicans make sand sculptures to honor the dead.

_____ 6. People buy and eat candy eggs for this holiday.

_____ 7. Copal is burnt during the celebration.

_____ 8. Lanterns light the way for the dead.

_____ 9. People sing and dance in the cemetery.

_____ 10. This is a very sad time for Mexicans.

II. Multiple Choice: Escoje la respuesta correcta

_____ 11. The movie takes place in what place in México?

A. Playa del Carmen B. Oaxaca C. Mexico City D. Brazil

_____ 12. Mole is made from what ingredients according to the movie?

A. peanuts and soda B. chocolate and peanuts C. chocolate and chile

_____ 13. What day is celebrated on November 1st ?

A. día de los santos B. día de los muertos C. day of preparation

_____ 14. When is el Dia de los Muertos celebrated?

A. October 31st B. November 1st C. November 2nd

_____ 15. What is the name of the incense burned?

A. canela B. copal C. nopal D. pino

_____ 16. Which word does not belong:

A. cempoalxóchitl B. marigold C. ofrenda D. flor

_____ 17. What holds the offering to the dead?

A. ofrenda B. skeleton C. panteón D. vela

_____ 18. What does ‘vela’ mean?

A. grasshopper B. altar C. sugar skull D. candle

_____19. Where would you find a ‘tumba’?

A. en el mercado B. en el panteón C. en la fiesta D. en la casa

_____ 20. What is used to light the path for the dead?

A. lanterns B. calacas C. mole D. velas

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