2014 Campaign Volunteer faq what is the 2014 campaign goal?

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What is the 2014 campaign goal?

The goal is to raise $3.2 million. The 2013 goal was to raise $3.1 million with Allied Arts raising more than $3.3 million – the most raised in Allied Arts history.

Who are Campaign Co-Chairs?

Judy Love, Love’s Travel Stops, and Mike Turpen, Riggs Abney, are leading the 2014 fundraising effort.

Who is the Honorary Chair?

Governor Bill Anoatubby of the Chickasaw Nation is serving as 2014 Honorary Chair. Donors who make a personal contribution of $1,500 or more will receive an invitation to an event honoring Governor Bill Anoatubby on March 6 at the Governor’s Mansion Phillips Pavilion.

How long does the campaign last?

The campaign publicly kicks off on January 23 with the Campaign Kickoff event and ends on June 1 with the Campaign Celebration/Community Thank You Concert.

February is designated as Allied Arts Month, making it the perfect time to make donor calls and talk with friends, family, gym buddies and co-workers about the arts and the campaign.
What are volunteer responsibilities?

Volunteers raise campaign funds by helping renew the support of existing donors and secure the support of new donors. This packet contains blank pledge cards for you to use when turning in new donations to Allied Arts, as well populated pledge cards on donors you have called on in the past.

How can I get individuals involved?

If you are uncertain about the amount a person can give, simply provide information on all giving levels:

  • $5, $10 or $25 – Every gift matters and makes a difference! “A little give…is all it takes.”

  • $50 – Individuals at this level receive the OKCityCard, Allied Arts’ entertainment discount card offering great deals at more than 400 local restaurants, arts events, sporting events and retail outlets.

  • $300/$500 – For donors age 40 and younger, Catalyst is Allied Arts’ young professionals group offering networking opportunities and arts-related events, including ticket(s) to ARTini. Single membership is $300, while couple membership is $500.

  • $1,000 – Circle Club is comprised of donors who donate $1,000 or more with benefits including invitations to four exclusive events.

  • $1,500 – Donors who make a personal donation at this level also receive an invitation to the Honorary Chair Event.

How can I get a company involved?

  • Ask the company to make a corporate gift.

  • Ask the company to host Allied Arts for an employee giving campaign. Employee giving campaigns allow Allied Arts to make a presentation to employees on the value of the arts and give those employees an opportunity to donate to the campaign from their office sites. Allied Arts can tailor an employee giving campaign to a company’s needs and interests. If a company will not allow a presentation, Allied Arts can conduct an electronic campaign.

  • If the company is open to hosting an employee giving campaign, please contact Allied Arts with the business name and contact. Staff will coordinate with the company to discuss workplace campaigns further and hopefully to schedule a campaign!

How do I submit donations to Allied Arts?

You may use the pledge cards enclosed in this packet, or call the Allied Arts office with the donor information.

I have a few companies and individuals I would like to get involved with Allied Arts. How do I know if they are already engaged?

Please complete the enclosed prospect recommendation form and share with Allied Arts via fax or email. Staff will research prior involvement with Allied Arts and share that information with you.

How can I receive materials to share with prospective donors?

The materials in this packet – corporate partnership menu, Circle Club directory, OKCityCard brochure and fact sheet – can be easily made available to you. Simply contact Allied Arts staff to have the requested number of materials mailed to you, or to be available for delivery or pick-up.

Do I have a personal goal?

Each campaign volunteer does not have a certain goal, yet we recommend you set one for yourself to measure progress along the way. For instance, a volunteer could challenge himself to recruit one new Circle Club member and two new workplaces. Another volunteer could challenge herself to recruit 10 new OKCityCard donors.

I have other questions. Who do I contact?

Allied Arts staff is ready and able to provide additional information on the campaign.

Allied Arts phone number – 405-278-8944

Allied Arts address – 1015 N Broadway, 2nd Floor (Automobile Alley)

Allied Arts staff:

  • President and CEO – Deborah McAuliffe Senner (dsenner@alliedartsokc.com)

  • PR & Marketing Director – Kristy Blosch (kristy.blosch@alliedartsokc.com)

  • PR & Employee Giving Assistant – Kristen Bromley (kristen.bromley@alliedartsokc.com)

  • Campaign & Grants Director – Jennifer Bryan (jennifer.bryan@alliedartsokc.com)

  • Development Officer – Meredith Downing (meredith.downing@alliedartsokc.com)

  • Business Development & Employee Giving Manager – Clayton P. Moore (clayton.moore@alliedartsokc.com)

  • Finance Director – John Mork (john.mork@alliedartsokc.com)

  • IT Manager – Tommie Parker (tommie.parker@alliedartsokc.com)

  • Events Manager – Alden Raulston (alden.raulston@alliedartsokc.com)

  • Finance & Development Assistant – Stephanie Means (stephanie.means@alliedartsokc.com)

  • OKCityCard Coordinator & Development Assistant – Caitlin Tarasi (caitlin.tarasi@alliedartsokc.com)

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