Join the Republic ("the campaign") is held by asustek computer inc. ("Asus")

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Campaign rules
Join the Republic (“the campaign”) is held by ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. (“ASUS”).

  1. Campaign participation, awards, related information, privacy policy, and terms and conditions all fall under the campaign rules (“campaign rules”). Taking part in the campaign means you have accepted the campaign rules. ASUS reserves the right to modify, add or delete the campaign rules at any time.

  2. The campaign will start at 12:01 on April 13th 2016, at and end at 23:59 on April 25th 2016, Taipei time (“campaign duration”). This is a worldwide campaign.

  3. The winner will be announced on April 29th

  4. To participate in the campaign during the campaign duration and become an eligible participant (“participant”), visit the published campaign microsite, register, and supply and upload the required information.

  1. During the campaign duration, participants must express their passion for ROG by composing a short story of no more than500 words, written in English, and upload at least two supporting images, plus an optional video link (“the materials”). At least one image must be a selfie of the participant alongside their ROG gear.

  2. ASUS will select 20 most loyal fans (“winners”) based on their passion, creativity, diversity. The first 10 winners will be sponsored to attend ComputeX 2016, Taipei. The next 10 winners selected as runners-up will each win a ROG goodie-bag. The winners will be announced on the, and also on the ROG Global Facebook page (

  3. The top 10 winners fans will each receive:

    1. One round-trip flight ticket to Taipei, Taiwan

    2. 6 days/ 5 nights stay in hotel of ROG’s choice (May 28th – June 2nd)

    3. Access to exclusive activities and opportunity to meet and interact with ROG team members

  1. The next 10 winners will each win the ROG bag filled with exclusive gifts.

  1. ASUS retains the right use the materials, including all participants’ names, in perpetuity, for marketing purposes.

  2. Please note: Each winner is eligible to win only one prize.

  1. Every entrant has the chance to win one prize, to become a winner. Only one entry per participant is permitted, and multiple entries will be rejected.

  2. Please provide ASUS with correct and accurate contact information (“contact information”). You will be deemed to have forfeited your prize eligibility if you:

  1. Provide incorrect or incomplete information and ASUS is unable contact you

  2. Failed to provide ASUS with correct and complete information within seven days after the announcement of the winners.

  1. After ASUS receives the prize winners’ contact information, the prizes will be delivered to the winners within two months. ASUS will not be able to provide an exact delivery date.

  2. The warranty of the winning prizes will be based on that of the winners’ locations and places of residence, based on the contact information provided.

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