2015 Cardinals Coach

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NCAA History – For page 100, the 2015 results have been added but the leading will need to be adjusted to fit the content. For page 101, please add the 2015 Cardinals below the 2012 Cardinals (remove the NCAA logo), use the included team photo (crop similar to previous years) and use copy below.

2015 Cardinals

Coach: Dan McDonnell

Details: The 2015 baseball season was another record-setting campaign for Louisville, highlighted by a dominant debut in the Atlantic Coast Conference as well as the program’s third straight NCAA Super Regional berth. In its inaugural season in the ACC, Louisville ran through the Atlantic Division in record-setting fashion with a 25-5 mark. For the Cardinals, it was their fourth straight regular season conference championship. For the second time in school history, Louisville was tabbed as a national seed for the NCAA Championship. Named as the No. 3 national seed, the Cardinals ranked second in the nation in RPI top 50 wins with 18 (18-9 record overall) and were 12th overall in the RPI.
Directory: ftpfiles -> louisville -> Baseball -> 2016%20Louisville%20Baseball%20Media%20Guide%20Files -> Media%20Guide%20Page-by-Page%20Copy
Media%20Guide%20Page-by-Page%20Copy -> National seed for the second time
Baseball -> Leading the list of returnees for Louisville in the 2015 season is junior righthanded pitcher Kyle Funkhouser, a Second Team All-American in 2014 who set a school record for wins finishing 13-3 overall with a 1
louisville -> Consistency. It is the mark of true excellence in any endeavor
Media%20Guide%20Page-by-Page%20Copy -> Acc celebration photo: Louisville won the 2015 acc atlantic Division title
louisville -> Atlantic Coast Conference Staff
Baseball -> National seed for the second straight season, third time overall
Baseball -> Roger Williams Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach
Baseball -> Louisville notes and trends

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