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PAR 498


Deposited by the incumbent and PCC, 31 October 1961 (ACC 474), 14 July 1976 (ACC 2003), 2 November 1978 (ACC 2311), 26 October 1987 (ACC 4930), 17 August 1989 (ACC 5317), 14 December 1989 (ACC 5401), 2 June 2005 (ACC 9200), 15 July 2005 (ACC 9238), 31 October 2007 (ACC 9818)

Summary of contents


PAR498/1/1 Pre-1812 registers; 1604-1812

PAR498/1/2 Baptism registers; 1813-1975

PAR498/1/3 Marriage registers; 1813-1975

PAR498/1/4 Banns registers; 1823-1971

PAR498/1/5 Burial registers; 1813-1974

PAR498/1/5 Confirmation registers; 1935-1987

PAR498/2 Copies of registers; 1678-1979

PAR498/3 Service registers; 1887-1980

PAR498/4 Buildings; 1884-1975

PAR498/5 Institutions, inductions, licences; 1811-1965

PAR498/6 Income of the benefice; 1745-1919

PAR498/7 Other records; c1685-2003


PAR498/8 Rates; 1812-1904

PAR498/9 Accounts; 1621-1826

PAR498/10 Property; 1714-1987

PAR498/11 Other records; 1714-1963


PAR498/12 Minutes; 1855-1895


PAR498/14 Minutes; 1920-1974

PAR498/15 Accounts; 1937-2000

PAR498/16 Other records, including Carillon Cottage; 1926-2005


PAR498/21 Tithe records; 1840-1930


PAR498/24 Parish charitiers, 1670-1994


PAR498/25 Records of Wadhurst School; 1827-1892


PAR498/26 1692-1867


PAR498/28 Accounts; 1616-1617

PAR498/29 Other records; 1674-1797


PAR498/30 Rates; 1686-1822

PAR498/31 Accounts; c1700-1780

PAR498/32/1 Settlement certificates; 1672-1795

PAR498/32/2 Removal orders from parish; 1682-1795

PAR498/32/3 Removal orders to parish; 1682-1794

PAR498/32/4 Settlement examinations; 1725-1791

PAR498/33 Apprenticeship; 1681-1779

PAR498/34/1 Bastardy examinations; 1706-1792

PAR498/34/2 Warrants to arrest putative fathers; 1743-1794

PAR498/34/3 Bastardy bonds; 1694-1790

PAR498/34/4 Maintenance orders; 1719-1794

PAR498/35 Other settlement records; 1778

PAR498/36 Militia; 1769-1782

PAR498/37 Other records; 1654-c1845

Documents in PAR 498/16 which are less than 30 years old are available only with the authority of the PCC

Incumbent: registers


Early registers

PAR 498/1/1/1-6 were rebound in August 1841 at the expense of the Rev Robert Barlow Gardiner of Wadhurst

For a register of burials in woollen, 1678-1749 see PAR 498/2/1/1


PAR 498/1/1/1

General register


3r - 63v C; Mar 1604 - Apr 1629

M; Mar 1604 - Apr 1629

B; Mar 1604 - Apr 1629

1v note of grant of licences allowing the consumption of meat at a time of abstinence to Ann Dunmoll wife of John Dunmoll, gent, in her sickness, 8 Mar 1621, and to John Hatley, vicar, in his sickness, 4 Mar 1633

2r note of the presentation of the Rev John Hatley, born at Haslingfield in Cambridgeshire, MA, by Thomas Ainscombe the father and son, his institution by Thomas Nevill, dean of Canterbury, and induction by George Carleton [vicar of Mayfield], 21 Mar 1604; with an account of Carleton's future career ro c1620

18r note of the burial of Old Mother Stone, who 'was a French woman and lived 110 years'; 15 Apr 1613

48v Latin verse on the death and burial of Thomas Ballarde, esq; Feb 1624

49r note that there was a great fall of snow which lasted from January to April 1624

53v note of the burial of Thomas Edwards of London, merchant, 'who built Faircrouch and died there in the year of the great plague'; 10 Oct 1625

63v note that this register and particularly the memorandum on folio 64r was shown to John Smith, gent, at the time of his examination for the complainant in the case of the Rev John Willett v John Dunmoll in Exchequer; 26 Sep 1721

64r Memorandum of the terms of the composition between the Rev John Hatley of Wadhurst and Nicholas Manser for tithes, 25 May 1625; note that this entry was shown to John Smith, gent, his wife Catherine and William Cruttall at their examinations in the case of the Rev John Willett v Thomas Dupleck, John Newington and others in the Exchequer, 10 Sep 1717

64v Note that Joan Manser, widow, gave £22 in the hands of several debtors (named, including Thomas Baker of Wadhurst, kempster, and Thomas Manser of Wadhurst, spoonmaker), to the churchwardens in trust for her own use and that of her daughter Sarah Manser on her death or the daughter reaching 21 years; 19 Apr 1619

65-66r list of people whipped, 1613-1623, 1633-1638

inside back cover: note of agreement between Thomas Apps and the Rev John Hatley concerning the rent by the parish of TA's house occupied by Thomas Luck, 'alekeeper', 1625; note of the payment of [blank] Pocock of Sevenoaks' legacy to the poor by John Pocock of Rotherfield; c1625

Mar 1604 - Apr 1629

PAR 498/1/1/2

General register


1v - 65r CMB; Mar 1629 - Mar 1653

1r Note that this register was shown to John Smith and his wife Katherine at their examinations in the case of the Rev John Willett v Thomas Dupleck, John Newington and others in Exchequer, 10 Sep 1717, and in the Rev John Willett v John Dunmoll in Exchequer, 26 Sep 1721

3v Note of the burial of John Saunder aged 105 or 112; 8 Oct 1629

8r Note that the church steeple was 'rent and blown up' in a storm, as it had been c1575 and c1595; 17 Feb 1631

33r Note of the burial of Thomas Upton `the Archimedes of Wadhurst' who was by trade a glover, joiner, carpenter, instrument maker and a curious workman for jacks, clocks, pieces of stoves and vices for glaziers; 13 Nov 1673

34v Note of a very infectious summer especially o the Downs; building of a gallery over the north aisle and another over the little chancel, by the care and labour of Alexander Callice, churchwarden; the wainscot in the great chancel was set up by Anthony Butcher and that the almshouses in the Bivelham and Week Quarters were built by Thomas Coleman and Thomas Diprose, overseers; 1638

38r note that `this year was the great sea battle near unto Dover betwixt the mighty armado of Spain riding near our coasts near Deal and the Hollanders wherein that mighty armado consisting of [blank] great ships was vanquished by the Hollanders'; a stormy winter with much shipwreck; the expedition into Scotland due to the mutinies there; 1639

42v note that the Scots entered England; 1641

46v note of the baptism of three children of Michael Luck of Lamberhurst in 1647, 1649 and 1651

59r note of five people whipped as vagrants; 6 Apr 1648

65r Note that the addition of `the appropriate parish after the names of those born outside Wadhurst but baptised there that Anabaptism might not be encouraged'; 1653

65v-66v list of paupers receiving money and clothing from the gifts of Thomas Whitfield and Susan Edwards; 1633-1638

67r note of the erection of two seats in the church, one for the use of Mr Benge's house (where the vicar lived) and the other for his servants; 29 Sep 1655

note that John Smith of Pell had enlarged the second pew for the use of the maid-servants of Pell; 29 Sep 1695

68v memorandum by the Rev John Hatley of his opposition to the the appropriation of Thomas Whitfield's legacy to abate the assessment of the taxes of the rich rather than the poor of Wadhurst, for which he suffered 'many foul words'; 1634

annual totals of baptisms and burials, 1629-1640

Mar 1629 - Mar 1653

PAR 498/1/1/3

General register


2r - 126r CMB; Mar 1653 - Apr 1797 (M to Dec 1753 only)

1r note of the price of the register, 43s 0d; note of examination by WB [William Burrell], 1782

2r Note that the entries for 1653-1656 were copied from a paper register

17r Note of the presentation and induction of John Smith of King's College, Cambridge; 29 Mar 1662

19r Note of an outbreak of smallpox; Aug 1664 - Jan 1665

20r Note of the Great Fire of London; 1666

20v Note of a raid by the Dutch and the capture of several English ships; 1667

21r Note of the peace concluded between the Dutch, Danes, French and English; 1667

29r Note that the steeple was struck by lightning; 2 Sep 1679

32r, v Note of the public denunciation and excommunication of Eleanor Woodgate and Sarah Moone; 6 Jul 1684, and their penance, 5 Apr 1685

34v Note of the invasion and proclamation of William of Orange and Mary as King and Queen; 1689

35r Note of the coronation; 11 Apr 1689

37r Note of the defeat of the French fleet; May 1692

37v Note of an earthquake on 8 Sep 1692, the gift by Thomas Young to the poor of Week and Cousley Wood Quarters, and the excommunication and absolution of Edward Benge, 1693

38v Note of the death of Queen Mary from St Anthony's fire, smallpox and spotted fever; 28 Dec 1694

39r Note of an attempt on the life of the King; 1696

40v Note that John Wakeford, a disbanded soldier, died from exhaustion and exposure between Lamberhurst and Wadhurst; 29 Apr 1698

49r Note of the presentation and induction of John Willett, fellow of Wadham College, Oxford; 8 Jun 1714

68v Note of the presentation and induction of Samuel Bush, fellow of Wadham College, Oxford; 22 Jul 1743

74v-75r Note by the Rev Samuel Bush concerning the change from the Julian to Gregorian calendars; Dec 1751

125v Appointment of a seat, built in the north great gallery of the church for the use of George Courthope and his family under a vestry order of 25 Jun 1721, to GC and his heirs for ever, 26 Mar 1722; payment of £2 2s by Thomas Noakes, shopkeeper, for a vault, 23 Mar 1774

126v Note of the gift of plate to the church by Mrs Katherine and Mrs Ann Smith, daughters of Mr John Smith of Pell, 1722; note concerning a seat for the use of Squire Hutton's Cousleywood House occupied by Richard Wood, Dec 1729; note that the parish paid £10 10s to the Rev Bush for breaking an agreement not to assess him for the poor rate, 31 Jul 1747

127r Note concerning the appropriation of a pew for Thomas Saunders of Little Pell and for Little Butts; 1715-1722

127v Note concerning the appropriation of church seats for Mr Benge's house in Couslywood Street and the owners of Chidinghurst; 13 Mar 1715

128v List of the licences to eat meat granted by the Rev James Wilcock; Mar 1661

Mar 1653 - Apr 1797

PAR 498/1/1/4

Register of marriages and banns


1-46 M and Banns

Apr 1754 - Oct 1791

PAR 498/1/1/5

Register of marriages and banns


1-60 M; Jan 1792 - Dec 1812

1-48 Banns; Oct 1791 - Aug 1810

Oct 1791 - Dec 1812

PAR 498/1/1/6

Register of baptisms and burials


1v-128v CB; Jul 1797 - Dec 1812

120r Note concerning the placing of two stoves in the church and the prevalence of cholera in England; 1849

120v - 122r Memoranda of collections for various charities; 1819-1847

Jul 1797 - Dec 1812

Baptism registers


PAR 498/1/2/1

Baptism register

Jan 1813 - May 1838

PAR 498/1/2/2

Baptism register

May 1838 - Oct 1879

PAR 498/1/2/3

Baptism register

Oct 1879 - Jan 1898

PAR 498/1/2/4

Baptism register

Jan 1898 - Jul 1936

PAR 498/1/2/5

Baptism register

Jul 1936 - Feb 1975

Marriage registers


PAR 498/1/3/1

Marriage register

Jun 1813 - Jun 1837

PAR 498/1/3/2

Marriage register

Jul 1837 - Jun 1867

PAR 498/1/3/3

Marriage register

Jun 1867 - Oct 1899

PAR 498/1/3/4

Marriage register

Oct 1899 - Apr 1915

PAR 498/1/3/5

Marriage register

Apr 1915 - Apr 1930

PAR 498/1/3/6

Marriage register

Jun 1930 - Mar 1945

PAR 498/1/3/7

Marriage register

Apr 1945 - Apr 1958

PAR 498/1/3/8

Marriage register

Jun 1958 - Mar 1975

PAR 498/1/3/9

Marriage register

Apr 1975 - Jul 1989

Banns registers


PAR 498/1/4/1

Banns register

Dec 1823 - Jun 1834

PAR 498/1/4/2

Banns register

Missing on transfer


PAR 498/1/4/3

Banns register

Jun 1849 - Aug 1863

PAR 498/1/4/4

Banns register

Sep 1863 - May 1879

PAR 498/1/4/5

Banns register

Missing on transfer


PAR 498/1/4/6

Banns register

Jun 1894 - Nov 1907

PAR 498/1/4/7

Banns register

Nov 1907 - Apr 1935

PAR 498/1/4/8

Banns register

May 1935 - Aug 1959

PAR 498/1/4/9

Banns register

Sep 1959 - Mar 1971

Burial registers


PAR 498/1/5/1

Burial register

Jan 1813 - Oct 1852

PAR 498/1/5/2

Burial register

Oct 1852 - Oct 1890

PAR 498/1/5/3

Burial register

Oct 1890 - Jul 1932

PAR 498/1/5/4

Burial register

Jul 1932 - Dec 1950

PAR 498/1/5/5

Burial register

Dec 1950 - Feb 1974

Confirmation registers


PAR 498/1/6/1

Confirmation register

Mar 1935 - Feb 1965

PAR 498/1/6/2

Confirmation register

Nov 1965 - Mar 1987

Incumbent: papers relating to registers


Registers of burials in woollen


PAR 498/2/1/1

Register of burials in woollen, re-used for accounts

burials in woollen, Aug 1678 - Mar 1749

accounts of sacrament money with distribution lists, 1784-1826

in reverse: Sunday School accounts, 1789-1825

at end: note of confirmation of 600 people at Wadhurst, 29 Jul 1817; accounts of money collected on briefs, 1787-1794

For other sacrament-money lists, see PAR 498/9/2, 29/4


Marriage licences


PAR 498/2/2/1

Marriage licence

Paul Tult of Wadhurst, bachelor and Ellis Gunter of Wadhurst, widow

Formerly listed as PAR 498/5/3/1

28 Dec 1752

PAR 498/2/2/2

Marriage licence

Alexander Andrew Flockhart of Hong Kong and Juliet Lorna Parker of Lamberhurst, Kent

Formerly listed as PAR 498/5/3/2

20 Feb 1979

Service registers


Service registers: parish church


PAR 498/3/1/1

Service register

Oct 1887 - Sep 1894

PAR 498/3/1/2

Service register

Oct 1894 - Aug 1900

PAR 498/3/1/3

Service register

Sep 1900 - Jul 1905

PAR 498/3/1/4

Service register

Aug 1905 - Nov 1909

PAR 498/3/1/5

Service register

Missing on transfer


PAR 498/3/1/6

Service register

Dec 1911 - Jul 1915

PAR 498/3/1/7

Service register

Aug 1915 - Apr 1920

PAR 498/3/1/8

Service register

Apr 1920 - Dec 1925

PAR 498/3/1/9

Service register

Jan 1926 - Feb 1931

PAR 498/3/1/10

Service register

Feb 1931 - Jul 1938

PAR 498/3/1/11

Service register

Aug 1938 - Dec 1946

PAR 498/3/1/12

Service register

Dec 1946 - Nov 1951

PAR 498/3/1/13

Service register

Dec 1951 - Jul 1961

PAR 498/3/1/14

Service register

Jul 1961 - Mar 1972

PAR 498/3/1/15

Service register

Apr 1972 - Sep 1980

PAR 498/3/1/16

Service register

Sep 1980 - May 1988

PAR 498/3/1/17

Service register

Jun 1988 - Feb 2000

Service registers: Mission church, Faircrouch

The mission church originated as a small iron church removed from the grounds of Wick House and re-erected at Faircrouch in 1898. The site for the church was given by E Symes, esq and services were held there by the vicar of Wadhurst.


PAR 498/3/2/1

Service register

Apr 1908 - Jan 1937

PAR 498/3/2/2

Service register

to May 1951; also includes services at Cousley Wood School, Wadhurst, Jan 1938 - Dec 1954; services at Cousley Wood Church, Wadhurst, Jan 1955 - Jan 1962

Jan 1937 - Jan 1962

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