Appendix 7 – Emergency Plan

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Appendix 7 Emergency Plan

Emergency plan

Contracting Business agency or trading name

Location of works

Key Contacts



Phone Numbers

Site Supervisor – Client Organisation

Site Supervisor – Contractor

Site Supervisor – Sub-Contractor

Contract Manager – Client Organisation

Contract Manager – Contractor

Office Manager – Client Organisation

Fire Warden

Emergency Services

Police Fire

Ambulance All Services

000 or 131444



112 from a mobile phone

Site First Aid Officer

Site Rules

Site rules are to be obeyed at all times. Site rules are attached to this plan.

First Aid

First aid is available on site. Refer to the attached emergency evacuation plan.

Emergency Assembly

Refer to the attached emergency evacuation plan.

Nearest Medical Facility

Name of Facility

Phone Numbers

Workplace safety inspections

Specify areas of attention

Dates of inspections

On starting

All workers are following procedures and site rules as out- lined in management plans. Apprentices and new workers are appropriately supervised

During works

Check work processes; especially lock out/tag out, exclusion zones, fall protection and other safety systems, to ensure effectiveness and compliance

On completion

Work area is returned without hazards. All circuits have been properly tested, results recorded and certificate of electrical compliance issued.

Example Emergency Evacuation Plan


In the case of an emergency/evacuation an announcement will be broadcasted through the building speaker system.

Emergency Evacuation
The emergency signal in this building is a series of beeps, which may be accompanied by a verbal message. When the beeps change tone (into a longer whooping sound), evacuation is mandatory. The floor wardens will

be the point of contact and can be identified by a red helmet. Please adhere to instructions. The emergency assembly point is the “Botanic Gardens” next

to the water fountain. Please wait here for further instructions. (Map next page).


We have two emergency exits which are marked as follows:

or The entrance to the exits are located:
Opposite the Large Open Plan Office At the End of the Back Corridor Opposite Main Entrance to the Office

The following illuminated signs will guide you to these exits:


Each Emergency Exit is secured with a Break Glass Device which in the Case of an Emergency and the door does not automatically open can be pushed this will automatically release the lock on the door and allow free access.


Emergency Phone Numbers: Police, Ambulance & Fire 000


Fire Extinguisher located opposite the Large Open Plan Office.


First-aid kit is located in the Kitchen behind the door on the wall, a further First-aid kit is located in the HR Office with John Smith our First Aid Officer - Phone 555 5555

Example Emergency Evacuation Diagram

Secondary assembly area

The garden amphitheatre Hokkaido University

Primary assembly area

The Water Fountain Botanic Garden

Client Sapporo

N5 W6-2 Chuo-ku, Sapporo Sapporo T. 055-555-5555

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