2015 Maryland Crab Bowl update

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2015 Maryland Crab Bowl - **UPDATE**

Maryland's Crab Bowl is their version of our Big 33.  Two years ago, they started a youth version.  This year, it has grown into multiple states and run by the Mid Atlantic Sports Foundation.  Team PA is currently conducting tryouts and putting their roster together, and Seven Sorrows will be represtented.  Our own Tim Wagner has been selected to play on the 7th grade team.  Congratulations Tim!

Click on the link to find out more about the Crab Bowl.

**Tim's 7th grade team went 2-0 on Dec. 12-13 and received a bye into the championship game being played Sunday, 12/20, at 10:30am.  TeamPA's 6th and 8th grade teams will play in the semifinals on Saturday, 12/19, and with a win, will advance to the championship games the following day.  All games are being play at McDaniels College in Westminster, MD.**

6th and 8th grade teams lost in semifinals.  7th grade team finished as runner-up.



All-Star Team

The following players were recognized at the CFA All-Star Ceremony:

All-Star Team
Jack Stewart First Team WR
William Stone First Team ILB
Tim Wagner Second Team TE
Quincy Reinnagel Second Team DL
Derek Wall Second Team OLB

Gyles Adderly Lineman of the Year runner-up

Chad Sipe Honroable Mention Defensive Player of the Year
Marquis Beasley Honorable Mention Lineman of the Year



Cribari Classic Games

The following players represented SS Football in the games:

Midgets - Tim Wagner, Quincy Reinnagel, BJ Stone, Jack Stewart, Derek Wall, Dylon Zettlemoyer

Ponies - Ayden Miller, Brandyn Davis, Tommy DeLaCruz, Ryan Souders, Gyles Adderley

Peewees - Aidan Eckley, Chad Sipe, Marquis Beasley, Jadyn Maple, Aaron Nordai


SS Cheer Team Earns 3rd Place in Halloween Parade!

Congratulations SS Cheer Team & Coaches!




Semi-Finals Playoff Results

Seven Sorrows 0

Shippensburg 36


Playoffs - Round 1

Saturday, 10/24, @ Big Spring
Seven Sorrows 0
Boiling Springs 16

Sunday, 10/25, @ West Perry

Seven Sorrows 7
Greenwood 6

Seven Sorrows 16

West Perry 36


Final Scores

WEEK 9 vs. Halifax
Peewees (5-4)
SS 34
H 0

Ponies (5-4)

SS 44
H 0

Midgets (4-5)

SS 42
H 0

WEEK 8 at Good Shepherd

Peewees (4-4)
SS 6
GS 26

Ponies (4-4)

SS 7
GS 20

Midgets (3-5)

SS 16
GS 46

WEEK 7 at Northern Lebanon

Peewees (4-3)
SS 27
NL 0

Ponies (4-3)

SS 40
NL 6

Midgets (3-4)

SS 19
NL 12

WEEK 6 vs. West Perry

Peewees (3-3)
SS 13
WP 40

Ponies (3-3)

SS 0
WP 16

Midgets (2-4)

SS 0
WP 30

WEEK 5 vs. Gettysburg

Peewees (3-2)
SS 19
G 0

Ponies (3-2)

SS 33
G 6

Midgets (2-3)

SS 28
G 47

WEEK 4 @ Shippensburg

Peewees (2-2)
SS 28
Ship 0

Ponies (2-2)

SS 13
Ship 32

Midgets (2-2)

SS wins by forfeit

WEEK 3 @ Big Spring

Peewees (1-2)
SS 7
BS 13

Ponies (2-1)

SS 7
BS 6

Midgets (1-2)

SS 14
BS 19

WEEK 2 vs. Boiling Springs

Peewees (1-1)
SS 18
BS 33

Ponies (1-1)

SS 7
BS 13 OT

Midgets (1-1)

SS 15
BS 22

WEEK 1 vs. Lower Dauphin

Peewees (1-0)
SS 27
LD 0

Ponies (1-0)

SS 46
LD 0

Midgets (1-0)

SS wins by forfeit.


A. Joseph Cribari - R.I.P.

The CFA family lost its most influential and important member the evening of August 20th with the passing of A. Joseph Cribari. We mourn the loss of a great man and leader but we celebrate in the accomplishments of a life well lived and a legacy which will endure the test of time. Joe you will be missed.

The CFA, formerly The CYO Football League (1946 – 1972), was formed at a meeting held in 1973 at St. Catherine Laboure Parish Social Hall. Joe Cribari was elected Commissioner, a position he held for 42 years.

Joe was deservingly voted into the inaugural class of the CFA Hall of fame. Despite having no children involved in the league since early after the league incorporation in 1972, he has continued to be the face of the CFA and a very active leader in giving back to the league that he has overseen for over 42 seasons. He has seen the league grow from 9 parishes in 1972 to a record 32 community and parish sponsored teams this year.

At the time Joes wife Shirley was asked for any comments that she had about his dedication to the youth of the Harrisburg region and she had this to say: "There was a lot of times when I thought this man was nuts to stay with the league so long, but when I look back over the years and realize how he has been so dedicated and has helped kids and families in trouble, I am really proud of him. The biggest thrill he gets is when one of the kids from the league moves on to High School and College and he says to me: "he was one of our kids". I know then it has been worth it.

One of the last updates Joe posted to his beloved CFA website simply described his years with the CFA. He writes " I have faced many challenges for over the last 42 years as CFA Commissioner. There are things I wish I hadn't done, things I should have done, but indeed, there are many things I'm happy to have done......It's all in a lifetime."

CFA Bylaws Update - Weight Change

The CFA recently held it's Bylaws meetings and the following weight limits were voted in for the 2015 season:

85 - Smurfs
105 - Peewees
130 - Ponies
160 - Midgets

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