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May 23, 2014


    1. Provide the minimum eligibility requirements for an athlete to be considered for nomination to the Team:

      1. Nationality/Passport requirements:

Athlete must be a national of the United States at the time of the first discipline team trial. Only U.S. citizens are eligible to participate to earn selection points and participate in Finals competitions.
Athlete must hold a valid U.S. passport that will not expire for six months after the conclusion of the Games.

      1. Minimum International Olympic Committee (IOC and Pan American Sport Organization (PASO) standards for participation:

Any competitor in the Olympic or Pan American Games must be a national of the country of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) or National Paralympic Committee (NPC) which is entering such competitor. For additional information regarding an athlete who is a national of two or more countries, has changed his or her nationality or acquired a new nationality, refer to the IOC Charter (Rule 42, the PASO Statutes (Article XXII, Sections 4 and 5). and the ISSF Official Statutes, Rules and Regulations.

      1. Minimum International Shooting Sport Federation (IF) and Confederation of the Americas standards for participation (if any):

Please refer to the current ISSF Official Statutes, Rules and Regulations regarding eligibility standards and requirements: http://www.issf-sports.org/theissf/rules.ashx.

      1. Other requirements (if any):

Athlete’s federation must be a member and in good standing with the ISSF and the Confederation of the Americas. Participation entry is accepted only thorough the federation’s NOC.
Athletes must be a member in good standing of USA Shooting.
Rio Games Olympic quota winners earning a berth on the 2015 Pan American Games Team will be offered a $1,000 incentive to decline their Pan Am Team position. This offer is an effort to maximize USAS Olympic quota winning potential at the 2015 Pan Am Games. The incentive payment is offered only in Pan Am events where an Olympic quota is available and still needed by USA Shooting.

    1. Tryout Events:

      1. Provide the event names, dates and locations of all trials, events and camps to be used as part of the selection process.

Rifle & Pistol

Athletes will be selected by discretionary criteria as outlined in Section 2.
A maximum of two athletes in each event may be selected to the 2015 Pan Am Team provided USA Shooting has earned Pan Am participation quotas in the event and the Pan Am Selection Committee has selected Team positions for entry in that event.

Athletes will be selected from two team selection matches (trials) each consisting of two ISSF event courses of fire and two finals. The first trial will be the Fall Selection Match scheduled November 6-16, 2014 at the Delta Resort, Tillar, AR. The second trial is the Spring Selection Match scheduled April 4-14, 2015 at a location to be determined.

      1. Provide event names, dates, locations and description of how athletes qualify for the trials, events and camps listed above in 1.2.1. (if any).

All Pan Am trials matches (team selection competitions) are open to USA Shooting members in good standing. Dates and locations previously identified above in 1.2.1.

    1. Provide a comprehensive, step-by-step description of the method that explains how athletes will go through the selection process to become Team nominees (include maximum Team size).

Pan Am federation participation for the U.S. is based upon earning competition “Quotas” at the 2014 Championship of the Americas. Quotas are awarded in each event with up to two athletes eligible to compete in each event. Individual athletes will occupy Pan Am quotas participation through the trials system or discretionary selection as identified in this procedure.

Maximum Pan American Team size is twenty-five (25) athletes. Actual size is dependent on the total number of multiple start positions earned by Team members and the number of participation quotas earned by USA Shooting.
Shotgun Selection

Each selection match will consist of two courses of fire in each event with two finals over four days for trap & skeet (75 targets day one; 50 targets w/final day two; 75 day three and 50 targets w/final day four) and doubles over two days 150 targets each with a final each day).

Ranking of athletes will be the aggregate of their qualification scores plus points for their finish in the two finals.
The top scoring six athletes from each qualification round (125/150) earn finals berths. Athletes are awarded additional points by their finish in the finals. First place in the final earns 5 points, second place 4 points, third place 3, fourth place 2, fifth place 1 and sixth place is awarded 1 points.
The aggregate of scores earned from all four qualification courses plus finals points will determine ranking for the 2015 Pan Am Games Team selection.
Based upon a lack of score history and data since the adoption of the new finals process, the points scale for qualification and finals may be amended prior to September 30, 2014. Only the points scale for qualification and/or finals may be amended. There will be no changes to the established courses of fire. Should such an amendment be made, publication of such will be made as soon as practical.
Ties for the last team position will be broken by shooting another full round followed by miss and out if still tied.
A maximum of two athletes with the top two point totals in each event may earn berths on the on the 2015 Pan Am Team providing USA Shooting has earned qualifying Pan Am participation quotas in the event and the Pan Am Selection Committee has selected Team positions for entry in that event.

  1. DISCRETIONARY SELECTION (if applicable)

    1. Provide rationale for utilizing discretionary selection (if any):


Due to the competition schedule and Pan Am entry deadline of June 12, 2015, it is not viable to conduct a Team trial that will maximize Olympic quota potential. Therefore, Rifle and Pistol athletes will be selected based on discretionary criteria by the Pan American Games Selection Committee.
Rifle-Pistol- Shotgun

Although Pan American team size is limited to 25 athletes, it is possible to earn 30 Pan Am participation quotas through the qualifying process. If more than 25 quota spots are earned, then a discretionary committee will be necessary to determine the 25 slots where maximum potential Olympic Quota slots can be earned and the athletes that should fill those slots.

    1. List the discretionary criteria and explain how they will be used (if any):

Olympic quotas won to date prior to the Pan Am Games and Olympic event medal potential.
Committee guidelines for athlete Team selection are as follows:

  1. Performance level and consistency in national and international competition qualification rounds from 2013 to selection date;

  2. Performance level and consistency in national and international final rounds from 2013 to selection date;

  3. Commitment and training plan for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Rifle-Pistol- Shotgun
A selection committee will determine in which events relevant Pan Am participation and Team positions are selected. Guidelines for selection/reduction to 25 athletes will be to maximize winning Olympic participation quotas. Participation priority will be given to events where quotas have not been earned and Olympic medal potential is strongest.
Committee guidance is as follows:

  1. Determine Olympic Country Quota Status in each event

  2. Determine existing athletes whohave doubled after Pan Am selections

  3. Determine remaining Pan Am team slots above 25 limit

  4. Prioritize Pan Am Team berths to events in following order:

    1. Events with 0-1 earned quota, fill to max of two Pan Am Team participation slots each;

    2. Remaining Pan Am participation slots go one each to events that have already earned quotas in order of highest medal count earned by that event from the 2012 Olympic Games, 2015 World Cups and 2014 World Championships.

    3. If any Pan Am participation slots remain, they are distributed in same order until supply is exhausted.

  5. Rank two athletes in each event to account for replacement athletes

Discretionary selections will not be prejudiced by race, religion, creed, background, service affiliation, or any other factor not related to shooting performance. Likewise, no nomination will be forwarded based on favoritism, special personal considerations, family situation, or similar biases.

    1. Provide the name of the committee that will be responsible for making discretionary selections, along with a complete list of the members’ titles currently serving on the committee:

The Pan American Games Selection Committee will be composed of the National Pistol Coach, the National Shotgun Coach, the National Rifle Coach, the Director of Operations and the AAC representative.

In the event of one of the members not being available, the USAS Executive Director will fill the voided position. If the AAC is not available, the Alternate AAC will serve as the athlete representative.

      1. Specify the process that will be used to identify and handle any potential conflicts of interest involving a member of the committee.

Any member of the selection committee that has a possible conflict of interest must disclose it.  If such conflict exists, the selection committee member must recuse him/herself from committee discussions and voting.  Further, the committee member should not otherwise influence other members of the committee in the nomination process.  However, a committee member who recused him/herself, but who has relevant and necessary information with respect to athlete performance, for example a national team coach or high performance director, may, if requested by the selection committee, provide such information to the committee so long as such information is provided in a fair and unbiased manner and the committee member who declared the conflict of interest does not vote toward the final decision.


    1. Prior to acceptance of nominations by the USOC, USA Shooting has jurisdiction over potential nominees.

An athlete who is to be nominated to the Team by the USA Shooting may be removed as a nominee for any of the following reasons, as determined by the USA Shooting:

      1. Voluntary withdrawal. Athlete must submit a written letter to the USA Shooting CEO/Executive Director.

      2. Injury or illness as certified by a physician (or medical staff) approved by the USA Shooting. If an athlete refuses verification of his/her illness or injury by a physician (or medical staff) approved by USA Shooting, his/her injury will be assumed to be disabling and he/she may be removed.

      3. Violation of the USA Shooting’s Code of Conduct (Attachment A).

An athlete who is removed from the Team pursuant to this provision has the right to a hearing per USA Shooting’s Bylaws Article XXII Opportunity to Compete – Grievance Procedures and the USOC’s Bylaws, Section 9.

    1. Once an athlete nomination is accepted by the USOC, the USOC has jurisdiction over the Team, at which time, in addition to any applicable USA Shooting Code of Conduct, the USOC’s Code of Conduct and Grievance Procedures apply. The USOC’s Code of Conduct and Grievance Procedures can be found at:


    1. An athlete may be removed as a nominee to the Team or from the Team for an adjudicated violation of IOC, PASO, IPC, WADA, IF, USADA and/or USOC anti-doping protocol, policies and procedures, as applicable.


    1. Describe the selection and approval process for determining replacement athlete(s) should a vacancy occur:

      1. prior to submission of Entries by Name to the Local Organizing Committee, including any applicable group or committee:

The replacement athlete (s) for shotgun will be the athlete with the next highest points total from the selection process as outlined in Section 1.3. Rifle/Pistol replacements will be chosen in accordance with the discretionary procedures outlined in section 2.

after submission of Entries by Name to the Local Organizing Committee, including any applicable group or committee:

The replacement athlete (s) for shotgun will be the athlete with the next highest points total from the selection process as outlined in Section 1.3. Rifle/Pistol replacements will be chosen in accordance with the discretionary procedures outlined in section 2. If however, a Team vacancy occurs within ten days of the opening Games ceremony, no replacement will be named. The event position may be filled by the Team member with the highest applicable event finish from the Pan Am trials process as outlined in Section 1.3 and 2.


USA Shooting will retain the approved Selection Procedures and all supporting documents, including scouting or evaluation forms, etc., and data from the selection process for six months past the date of the Closing Ceremony of the Games.


In addition to the USOC Code of Conduct, the following documents are required to be signed by an athlete as a condition of nomination to the Pan American Games and are included as attachments:
USA Shooting Code of Conduct – Attachment A


The USOC approved Selection Procedures (complete and unaltered) will be posted/published by USA Shooting in the following locations:

    1. USA Shooting Web site:

These procedures will be posted as soon as possible, but not more than five business days following notice of approval by the USOC.

    1. Other:

The USA Shooting publication, USA Shooting News, in the edition following approval of the selection procedures by the USOC.


The Nomination of Athletes form, including replacements, will be announced to all athletes and submitted to the USOC on or before:
Shotgun Team - June 12, 2015

Rifle & Pistol Teams - June 12, 2015


Specify the location, schedule and duration of mandatory training and/or competition:
There will be no mandatory training or competitions before the Pan Am Games.


Athletes must adhere to all IOC, IPC, PASO, WADA, IF, USADA and USOC anti-doping protocols, policies and procedures, as applicable. This includes participation in Out-of-Competition Testing as required by the IOC, IPC, PASO, WADA, IF, USADA and USOC Rules, as applicable.


The following committee/group (include names and titles) was responsible for creating these Selection Procedures:

National Shotgun Coach

National Pistol Coach

National Rifle Coach

Director of Operations

AAC Representative

Rifle Athlete Representative

Pistol Athlete Representative

Shotgun Athlete Representative

Executive Director


The USA Shooting Bylaws and Grievance Procedures can be found at:



These procedures are based on IOC, IPC, PASO, as applicable, and/or ISSF Statutes Rules and Regulations as presently known and understood. Any change in the selection procedures caused by a change in IOC, IPC, PASO, as applicable, and/or ISSF rules and regulations will be distributed to the affected athletes immediately. The selection criteria are based on the latest information available to USA Shooting. However, the selections are always subject to unforeseen, intervening circumstances, and realistically may not have accounted for every possible contingency.

If any force of nature, or force majeure, should cause the altercation or cancellation of any of the selection events listed in this document, these selection procedures will be revised, pursuant to their resubmission to the USOC.


Athletes who have questions regarding their opportunity to compete that are not answered by USA Shooting may contact the USOC Athlete Ombudsman, John W. Ruger, by:

  • Telephone at (719) 866-5000

  • Toll-free telephone at (888) ATHLETE (1-888-284-5383)

  • E-mail at john.ruger@usoc.org

  • http://www.teamusa.org/For-Athletes/Athlete-Ombudsman.aspx


I certify that I have read and understand the standards/criteria set by our IF and/or CF (PAG/PPAG only) and incorporated those standards/criteria into our Selection Procedures. I further certify that the information provided herein regarding Athlete Selection Procedures represents the method approved by USA Shooting.


Print Name



NGB/CEO/Executive Director

Robert K. Mitchell


Nat. Team Coach, Head Coach, or

Nat. Program Director

David A. Johnson


USOC Athletes’ Advisory Council Representative*

Mary Weeks


* If the USOC AAC Representative has delegated authority to the Alternate AAC Representative to sign the Selection Procedures, attach a letter from the AAC Representative indicating the reason he/she has delegated authority.

* Signature by the Athlete Representative constitutes that he/she has read and understands the Selection Procedures. If the Athlete Representative reads and does not agree with the Athlete Selection Procedures being submitted by USA Shooting, he/she may submit those reasons in writing to his/her Sport Performance Team.
* If, for some reason, a sport does not have an elected USOC AAC Representative, the NGB/HPMO must designate an athlete from that sport to review and sign the Selection Procedures.



Section I: General Code of Conduct for all Participants
This constitutes the Code of Conduct (Code) of USA Shooting (USAS), a Colorado non-profit corporation designated by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as the National Governing Body (NGB) for the Olympic sport of shooting in the United States of America. Sections I and II apply to all participants in any USAS event, while Sections III, IV, and the Team Member agreement apply only to members of USA Shooting Teams.


    1. The vision of USAS is to be a leader in Olympic and Paralympic sports. The mission of USAS includes preparing athletes to win Olympic and Paralympic medals, promoting the shooting sports, and governing the conduct of International shooting in the USA. USAS accomplishes these objectives by fielding teams of world-class athletes; by training, and supporting all members to achieve sustained success in all levels of shooting competition; and by helping athletes develop to their athletic and personal potential.

    1. This Code has been established to help USAS and its members bring honor and integrity to our sport and our country. This Code is intended to enhance and enable the overall experience of being a member of USAS. Members who have questions concerning any of these rules should contact the USAS Director of Operations or Executive Director/CEO.

    1. In no event shall USAS deny or threaten to deny an athlete, coach, official, or administrator the opportunity to participate in a protected competition (or to attempt to qualify to participate in a protected competition) without notice and a fair opportunity to be heard in accordance with the requirements of the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act, the USOC Bylaws and/or the grievance procedures of USAS, which shall include the right to a hearing before a Grievance Hearing Panel that includes athletes, as described in the USAS Bylaws Article XXII, Grievance Procedures – Opportunity to Compete.


This Code applies to all members of USA Shooting participating in USAS events and activities. USA Shooting members should become familiar with the rules and standards of this Code.

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