7306 Autumn Crossing Way, Brentwood, tn 37027

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Luay Almamury

7306 Autumn Crossing Way, Brentwood, TN 37027

Phone #248-470-6692, luay.nashville@yahoo.com / lfalmamury42@students.tntech.edu US. Citizen

Computer Engineering
A Bachelor candidate for major computer engineering and programming language analysis possesses and technical skills necessary for engineering innovative design and applications. Solid understanding of mathematical formulation, methods and algorithms for embedded system design and Microcontroller programming using C++ or assembler language. Ability to updating and develop software and design for Microcontrollers families using sequential and digital logic design.

Tennessee Technological University (TTU), Cookeville, TN, USA

Bachelor candidate of Science in Computer Engineering / Hardware and software.

Activities: IEEE, Student Member and Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering Students Association (GECESA) Member.

Relevant Courses:

Data Structure and Algorithm s using C++: Abstract data type and fundamental data include stacks, and tree; algorithms to search, sort, and manipulate data using such structure; and introduce to runtime analysis.
Linux: Development procedure in an environment designed for system programming. Design and develop a Linux program for parsing 800 unorganized data pages and print it out in unique and organized form according to the different measurements inside the data.
System Programming: Design of system software; implement of system software package, using both C++ and assembler language to build up system server.
Microcomputer Systems: Architecture and programming of microcomputer systems and interfacing with peripheral. Using Intel HCS12 families for the final project to build up a Robot that take an infrared signal to do multifunction work according to program saved inside microcontroller Intel HCS12.
Embedded and digital system design: Hardware and software analysis and design of embedded system using finite state machine. Using microcomputer Intel HSC12 for the project to design multi- junction, multi-mode traffic light controller.
Digital Sequential Logic Design: Computer aided combinational and sequential digital logic analysis, design, and applications, utilizing both standard digital components and programmable logic devices.

Programmable Logic Controller: working on Allen Bradley RXLOGIC 5000. Using Ladder language to implement control and automation. Hardware troubleshooting and safety. Dealing with relays, thermocouple, PID, SQA.

Computer Networking: Data communications and computer networks; network models and Protocols using TCP/IP. Design TCP/IP program using C language to implement the communication between Server and Client.

Degrees Awarded:

  1. University of Technology Baghdad, Iraq

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering / Electronics Concentration graduated at 2004.

Verified and evaluated as US equivalent of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) by WES;

Ref #2191758/jw.

  1. Tennessee Technology University, Cookeville, TN

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering/ Hardware and Software Concentration Graduated in Dec. 2013.

Relevant Experience

Washington Group International, Iraq. 1/2006 - 2/2008
Job Title: Instrument and control Engineer,
Participated with prepared design calculations, drawings, studies and specifications for instrument and control system, operation. Maintenance of electric power generating (FG Wilson). Design synchronization generator and switch gear system for small power plant .transmission lines, and distribution systems and equipment, also conducted investigations, surveys, inspections, and assisted in overall project control and site supervision as required, the works include prepared the cost estimates, bill of quantities and scopes of work and submittals approval.
Swamp Diesel Performance Lavergne TN: 05/2009 07/2009
Job Title: Hardware and software tester.

  • Test and fix ECU (Engine Control Unit) for Ford truck. Changing the defected integrated circuit and test with updating the software for the ECU to increase and control the power for the engine.

  • Using soldiering iron to remove the old soldering on the Microchip. Using soldiering surface mount or surface mount through –hole to install a new part or new Microchip on the PCB

Dell, Nashville TN, 07/2012-09/2012

Job Title: Computer helpdesk Technician

Computer technical support: Respond to the customer technical problem/ issues related to software, hardware and networking. Remote access to the client computer, and start troubleshooting wirelessly.
Electrolux, Springfield, TN, 01/2014- Present

Job Title: Embedded System Engineering, Software validation and verification.

  • Perform the tasks of developing design concepts and test the systems and sub systems of electrical components

  • Perform validation electrical and software systems

  • Responsible for developing hardware and embedded firmware to handle issues of system components

  • Perform responsibilities of providing support to the project staff designing and implementing the product design.

  • Handle the task of testing fixtures and procedures for electronic applications for various systems

  • Software validation and verification.

  • Using Beagle device to read and interpreted the fault in I2C Bus.

  • Using AMI device to read and interpreted the fault in MACS Bus between electronic appliance and an external unit.

  • Investigate product failures, fatigues, software bugs, and issues related to the field.

  • Instrument equipment and manage data collection of units.

  • Provide improvement and innovation proposals.

  • Elaborate test plan schedule in order to maximize resource usage and prevent schedule conflict.

  • Support lab equipment maintenance, calibration and acquisition.

  • Work towards improving test procedures, statistical analysis, and lab resource and time optimization.


Software: C++, Assembler language, VHDL. , Perl, Allen Bradley PLC ladder RX5000.JAVA Application

Hardware: Microchip (PIC16Cxxx), Atmel AVR (ATmega64), FPGA, Freescale HCS12. Renesas RL78G13.

IDE: CodeWarrior, Quartus II(FPGA), ModelSim, Atmel studio 6.0,MPLAB IDE, IAR Embedded Workbench IDE, NetBean.


CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+.

Additional Work Experience

Security officer, US Security Association, Nashville


06/2009- 03/2013

Security officer, Secure America

, Nashville


30/2013- 01/2014

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