A new Partnership Has Sprouted at West Manor… West Manor Welcomes The Greenhouse Foundation!

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A New Partnership Has Sprouted at West Manor… West Manor Welcomes The Greenhouse Foundation!

West Manor is truly excited about our new partnership with, Ms. Sherdonna Alexander and Cee Lo Green, Co-Founders of the Greenhouse Foundation. The GreenHouse Foundation, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, that was founded to provide education and financial resources to support schools in their activities to educate and encourage school aged children to adopt green living practices. Siblings Shedonna and Cee Lo believe that through education and hands on classroom and outdoor learning activities, children will embrace the benefits of adopting a “green” lifestyle so that they can positively impact the sustainability of our resources, communities, and environment. The Greenhouse Foundation currently supports school gardens and green initiatives at four South West Atlanta schools, South Atlanta Christian Academy, Benjamin E. Mays, Beecher Hills Elementary and yours truly, West Manor Elementary!

West Manor’s Third Grade Teacher, Ms. Cathy Carter heads up West Manor’s Garden Club. Recently she and twelve of the Garden Club Member attended the groundbreaking ceremony and greenhouse dedication in honor of Ms. Alexander and Mr. Green’s mother and grandmother at South Atlanta Christian Academy. Atlanta Mayor Kaseem Reed, and Chief of the Atlanta Fire Department Kelvin Cochran were also in attendance.

Ms. Carter said that “the garden club meets once a week. Over the past year the students have planted and harvested sweet potatoes, kale, collard greens, squash, cucumbers, onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes. They are excited about the many hands-on learning opportunities that await them in the garden, and are eager to work with our Greenhouse Foundation Partners. The students are currently working hard toward their goal of earning a greenhouse for our school. “

Contact Ms. Carter at cathcarter@atlanta.k12.ga.us to learn more about how you and your child can

Become involved in garden club.

To learn more about Greehouse

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