A postdoctoral Scholar Position in Parallel Computing

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A postdoctoral Scholar Position in Parallel Computing
We are currently accepting applications for a postdoctoral position (initial appointment for one year with possibility of renewal) in the Department of Computer Science at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona to work in the Parallel Processing and Distributed Systems Group (PPDS).
Your areas of interest should comprise:

  • Application development and runtime environments for multi-core parallel architectures.

  • Programming languages and methods for multiprocessor architectures.

  • Program analysis and optimizations for parallel systems.

As a member of the PPDS research group, you will work on new techniques and tools that will be used to efficiently run scientific applications on future supercomputers within the framework of the Supercomputing and e-Science Spanish project Consolider –Ingenio 2010.

You will participate in the writing of papers and represent the group at meetings and conferences.

Overview of the project
PPDS is one of the institutes participating in the Supercomputing and e-Science Spanish project Consolider –Ingenio 2010. The main goal of this project is to facilitate the advance of science by conducting research in supercomputing technologies that will be used in the future for the optimized execution of scientific applications. The Consolider program defines five "Grand Challenge" problems that will require sustained Petaflop performance ratios (1016 floating point operations per second) in 2010, 25 times the power offered at the moment by the most powerful supercomputer of the world and 100 times more than the present MareNostrum. The "Grand Challenges" are defined in the scopes of life sciences, earth sciences, astrophysics, engineering and material sciences.
The Consolider proposal is coordinated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and will consolidate the research know-how of 21 Spanish research groups. In particular, PPDS research is mainly focused on the level of system software for efficient parallelism exploitation (tools, compilers and programming models that facilitate the programming and optimization of the applications).
Doctorate in Computer Science, Mathematics or Electrical Engineering.
Minimum 3 years UNIX/Linux use and programming, with some experience in the following areas:

(1) distributed and parallel computing

(2) performace analysis and profiling tools

(3) scientific computing

You should have extensive experience with C and C++ and some experience working on a large software system.

You should have a strong mathematical background suitable for the challenges associated with problems arising from modern scientific computing (e.g. simulation of partial differential equations of theoretical physics, 3D Fast Fourier Transform, etc.).

You must have good oral and written communication skills.

Approximately 25.000 € gross.

Applications should include a cover letter, Curriculum Vitae and two confidential reference letters. Please send all documentation to:

Prof. Dr. Ana Ripoll Aracil

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Edifici A

Campus de la UAB

08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)

Barcelona- Spain

Email: ana.ripoll@uab.es
Applications will be accepted from October 6th to December 30th 2008 or until the position is filled.
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