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Strategy for forming the HITLab Singapore (Phase 2)

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Strategy for forming the HITLab Singapore (Phase 2)

Based upon the successful completion of Phase 1 and approval by IDA of the plan for Phase 2, Phase 2 will then commence. Specifically, in Phase 2 we propose to accomplish the following:

  1. At the beginning of phase 2 the HITLabSG will have an official opening to coincide with the first meeting of the Virtual Worlds Consortium in Singapore. The research operation will take on the official name of HITLabSG as part of the brand licensing from the HITLabUS and the members of the Virtual Worlds Consortium in Singapore will have reciprocal membership in the HITLabUS and HITLabNZ consortia, and other consortia to follow (e.g. Australia). The license fee for the HITLab brand and associated deliverables will be discussed in the development of the proposal for phase 2.

  2. Based upon the project proposal for Phase 2, HITLabSG, HITLabNZ and HITLabUS will begin collaborative development as appropriate. It is anticipated that this first project will address the need to build a testbed for exploring real time virtual collaboration techniques that in term will serve as a platform for continuing research in telecommunications for the partners.

  3. Develop a comprehensive research agenda addressing the digital exchange and convergence and the development of new technologies in viable domains of new interfaces, new media and creative tools and that address the current generation of interface problems stated earlier in this proposal. Additionally, we will fuse Creative industries and Information and Communications Technologies such that they will be at the centre of research and commercialisation effort of the HITLabSG.

  4. Secure industrial and government funding of projects.

  5. As appropriate organise participants in the HITLabSG from the Institutions of Higher Learning in Singapore.

  6. Transition technologies by licensing IP to existing companies and starting new companies.

  7. Exchange students and faculty with US and NZ (see later paragraphs).

  8. Continue with all stake holders the organizational growth toward a HITLab Asia Pacific and HITLab Institute in Singapore as described in paragraphs 5.2, 5.4.

4.3 Proposed Schedule for Phase 1 and 2
Table 3 shows the proposed schedule for Phase 1.

Table 3: Proposed Schedule for Phases 1 and 2



Target Date


Upon agreement from HIT Lab US, final confirmation of the model with NUS

Aug 03


Upon agreement of the proposal framework, HIT Lab US and NUS Mixed Reality Lab will submit revised proposal to IDA

End Sept 03


IDA’s final evaluation for project funding amount

End Oct 03


Potential MOU between NUS, HIT Lab, IDA

End Oct 03


IDA to prepare legal documents on the terms and conditions for the establishment of the Entity by the 3 parties.

Nov 03


IDA to facilitate the set up of the Entity (target Nov).

Nov 03


Phase 1 of project commences

Dec 03


Formation of Board of Directors

Jan 04


Hold first Board meeting

Feb 04


Hire senior manager

Mar 04


Organize and recruit industry members of Virtual World Consortium in Singapore

Mar 04-continuing


Virtual Worlds Consortium meeting in Seattle (demonstrate HITLabSG technology from project and hold HITLabSG Board meeting)

Jul 04


Deliver Phase 1 project and plan for Phase 2

Aug 04


Commence Phase 2

Sep 04


HITLab Singapore official opening

Oct 04


Virtual Worlds Consortium meeting in Singapore

Oct 04


Virtual Worlds Consortium meeting in New Zealand

Feb 05


Begin organization of HITLab Asia Pacific (Phase 3)

Feb 05

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