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Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading program aimed at motivating students to read more and to better comprehend what they are reading. AR does not replace the instructional reading program or 100 Book Challenge Program and is not used as a means of grading; it is purely supplemental. Students can log AR books for 100 Book Challenge as long as the books are on the students’ reading level or just below. With the AR software, both student and teacher receive immediate, individualized constructive feedback to direct ongoing reading practice.

The AR program works in three easy steps:

  1. The student reads a book on his or her reading level. These books are marked with red stickers in the library.

  2. The student takes a multiple-choice quiz on the computer to check for comprehension. The quizzes are on all computers in the classrooms, computer labs, and library.

  3. The program grades the quiz and awards the student points.

Currently, we have over 3,130 quizzes, most of which match books in the library. There are over 9,250 books in the library, so we hope to add many more quizzes in the next few years to match the number of books we have. All points will be cleared off at the end of the school year.

The levels for points for 2009-2010 are:
K-5 10 15

1ST GRADE 15 20

2ND GRADE 20 25

3RD GRADE 25 35

4TH GRADE 35 45
All students who reach the GOLD LEVEL for their grade will get a Treat Bag!

Students who reach the PLATINUM LEVEL for their grade level will get a Treat Bag and an Accelerated Reader T-shirt! Every student that participates in AR will receive a small prize.

Check out our school’s web site under the media center page to get a complete list of our AR books. Please encourage your child to read and to look for the red sticker AR books in our library.

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Download 5.85 Kb.

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