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Gale, Iain

Rules of war: Jack Steel for Queen and country. 2009. Read by John Telfer, 10 hours 23 minutes. TB 17262.

Jack Steel series; book 2. Ramilles 1706 was one of the great victories of the British army. But for Captain Jack Steel, standing at the head of his Grenadiers, and receiving contradictory orders, it was hard to see Lord Marlborough’s grand stratagem. Far from the battle lines he enjoys, Jack Steel is sent undercover to identify the loyal locals who would help a few British advance troops into the besieged city – a dangerous mission made deadly by his identification by an old enemy of his and the brilliant malevolence of the renegade French pirate who is in charge of Ostende. Contains strong language. TB 17262.

Gallico, Paul

The Zoo Gang. 1971. Read by David Broomfield, 8 hours 45 minutes. TB 1676.

The members of the Zoo Gang, a formidable group which operated in occupied France during the war, now live quietly except when reunited for the occasional burst of activity in some exceptional cause. TB 1676.

Garland, Alex

The beach. 1997. Read by Daniel Philpott, 12 hours 37 minutes. TB 11615.

When Richard flies to Thailand he learns of the mysterious beach from a man who subsequently commits suicide. Teaming up with a young French couple, they set off to find it. Contains strong language. TB 11615.

Graham, Winston

Tremor. 1995. Read by Michael Lumsden, 7 hours 54 minutes. TB 10613.

Agadir, Morocco. 29th February, 1960. The earthquake lasted just long enough to destroy the Hotel Saada. Long enough to change forever the lives of its guests. Matthew Morris is escaping from a failed marriage and career. Nadine Deschamps, an actress, is searching for solitude. Jack Frazier is a criminal running from the law. Also staying are a distinguished American lawyer, and three French prostitutes. This is a novel of emotion and suspense, love and greed, wickedness and courage, and of one man's search for himself. Contains strong language. TB 10613.

Graham, Winston

Stephanie. 1992. Read by Carol Marsh, 11 hours 38 minutes. TB 9713.

Stephanie was a happy student, carefree until she discovered that her lover, Errol Colton, had a double life. Unable to ignore her knowledge, what should she do with it? The coroner did not want to bring a verdict of suicide, but was he right? James, her father, is a man of courage and will, who fights for justice at risk of his own life, and there is Nari, the young Indian, blackmailed into becoming a human carrier. The fate of these people is the subject of a tense story of the highest quality. TB 9713.

Guterson, David

East of the mountains. 1999. Read by Peter Marinker, 9 hours 56 minutes. TB 12142.

When Dr Ben Givens left his Seattle home he never intended to return. It was to be the journey past snow-covered mountains to a place of canyons, sagelands and orchards, where, on the verges of the Columbia River, Ben had entered the world and would now, take his leave of it. TB 12142.

Haggard, Henry Rider

King Solomon's mines. 1886. Read by Stephen Jack, 8 hours 50 minutes. TB 1857.

Allan Quatermain; book 1. Allan Quatermaine sets out with Sir Henry Curtis and Captain Good to find Sir Henry's brother who was believed to have gone into unexplored and savage parts of Africa in search of the lost diamond mines of the Solomon Mountains. TB 1857.

Harding, Georgina

The solitude of Thomas Cave. 2007. Read by Gareth Armstrong, 5 hours 41 minutes. TB 16601.

It is August 1616. The whaling ship Heartsease has ventured deep into the Arctic, but the crew must return home before the ice closes in. All, that is, save Thomas Cave. He makes a wager that he will remain there alone until the next season, though no man has yet been known to have survived a winter this far north. So he is left with provisions, shelter, and a journal - should he not live to tell the tale. TB 16601.

Hailey, Arthur

Airport. 1968. Read by Carol Marsh, 19 hours 1 minute. TB 749.

An exciting account of seven eventful hours at a large deficient airport during a midsummer snowstorm, of the men and women who share them, and their varied backgrounds and reactions. TB 749.

Hemingway, Ernest

To have and have not. 1994. Read by Eric Meyers, 6 hours. TB 10844.

"I don't know who made the laws, but I know there ain't no law that you got to go hungry." Harry Morgan was hard, the classic Hemingway hero. He had to be hard, rum-running, gun-running and man-running from Cuba to the Florida Keys in the Depression. He risked stray coastguard bullets and sudden double-crosses, but it was the only way he could keep his boat, keep his independence and keep his belly full. Contains violence. TB 10844.

Higgins, Jack

The last place God made. 1971. Read by Jon Cartwright, 6 hours 12 minutes. TB 8653.

Neil Mallory was a pioneer pilot of the 1930s who crashed in some of the worst jungle in the world. TB 8653.

Higgins, Jack

In the hour before midnight. Read by Stephen Rea, 5 hours 20 minutes. TB 12028.

Sicily: a sun-soaked island of golden beaches, cheap wine and dark-eyed beauties. But behind that facade of paradise there lurked a darker place, sterile and barren, where the Mafia reigned supreme and where survival was the name of the game. For Stacey Wyatt the job seemed simple enough: free the beautiful daughter of a local millionaire from the clutches of the most evil bandit in Sicily. But not only did he come face to face with the girl in question, but also with the fact that his life was at stake. TB 12028.

Hilton, James

Lost horizon. 1933. Read by Michael de Morgan, 8 hours 26 minutes. TB 845.

Following a plane crash, Conway, a British consul, his deputy, a missionary and an American financier find themselves in the enigmatic snow-capped mountains of uncharted Tibet. Here they discover a seemingly perfect hidden community where they are welcomed, the mysterious city of Shangri-La. TB 845.

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